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Using make up to me is always a new way to express my self every day so amazing packaging means a lot to me to START with.

The products are pulverised for the flawless finish and the range for all skin tones is immense for any mood occasion or style.

Customer services are amazing, next day delivery, its all animal friendly which means a lot to most of us these days yet some major companies still aren't ethical.

The leading You Tubers love this product and I love how they use it. They rate it so highly so not only do Motives by Loren Ridinger & Motives by LaLa come with bang on trend products the techniques ans styles are also ahead of their time due to the you tube supporters and followers they have.

Motives cosmetics is still so new to the UK its pretty much still an underground secret but its about to be unleashed with informative sessions currently going on all around the UK it literally means any lady can step out in style and confidence knowing shes ...more

Being a makeup artist, I always need to have the best available for my clients, but at a good price for myself. Since starring to incorporate Motives into my kit three years ago, I now use nothing else. The quality is extremely high, but it is incredibly affordable. I even decided to have the benefit of selling it to customers and creating extra income for myself, since they always asked where to get it. With the custom blend system, I can also create any shade face products I want, so everyone is always perfectly matched. High pigmentation, long lasting, beautifully blended, I've used Motives on everyone from makeovers to photoshoots to runway. Ice used a lot of others higher on this list, and trust me, Motives blows them away in most cases, and affordability knocks the rest out.

Motives Cosmetics is a professional award-winning makeup line that any makeup artists can be proud to have in their palette! With highly pigmented colors and custom foundations that is cruelty free and actually healing for the skin; Motives is created for the Runway yet gentle enough for the everyday woman! It is perfect for stage, photoshoots and has a Celebrity following from Vegas Nay to Lala Anthony who partnered with Motives Cosmetics to capture the Latina and African American skin tones. As a Professional Makeup Artists, I LOVE working with Motives Cosmetics as my clients love it for the soothing texture and long lasting wear! No other brand provides not only the high quality makeup but ongoing training to me and my team! And since we are a product brokerage company, we don't manufacture these products, we find the best that is out there and cut a deal with their manufacturer to create a superior formulation at the lowest price! And so, I can offer the highest quality at truly ...more

I absolutely love that Motives Cosmetics is high-end, award-winning quality, but at very affordable pricing. We are getting a much higher quality product for the price we are paying, which means tremendous value for the customer. I especially love the custom blend mineral foundation, that comes in liquid and powder form. The foundation is mixed by a certified Motives Beauty Advisor. They can customize the colour, finish, coverage, as well as add in skin care and SPF to protect the skin. No other cosmetics company offers this kind of customization. I don't need to go anywhere else because Motives Cosmetics offers a complete high-end line. I'm also in love with the skin care! It has completely transformed my skin!

All I have to say is CUSTOM BLEND FOUNDATION. As a woman of color, I tried just about every beauty line on this list! However, the foundations were always too light. too dry or too oily. I could never find a foundation that matched my skin tone. Then I was introduced to Motives Cosmetics. The custom blend consultant made the perfect recipe for my skin which included mattifier to fight against my oily skin and other botanicals to treat my skin while I am wearing my foundation. No one can even tell I have it on, they just think my skin looks fabulous. The best part is that my skin improved each time I wear the foundation because of all of the wonderful and natural ingredients included in my custom blend foundation!

I am a makeup artist and I have used various products from the most expensive to every over the counter brand. But when I opened my business I chose Motives Cosmetics by Loren Ridinger for many reasons. It has over 1,000,000 followers on social media, celebrity driven, quality for a great price and my clients love it! It is constantly adding new products to their line and it carries all shades. All skin types... La La Anthony has designed a line for darker skin. High pigmented shadows, long wearing foundations and powders, but their Custom Blend Foundations are the best. Clients love it and that means repeat, repeat, repeat business. So many makeup artists are behind this line!

Motives Cosmetics is the only makeup line that I can use with my sensitive skin. With Custom makeup I say ADIOS to trying to match the makeup to my skin. Whats best is the fact that I can buy an eye shadow and it looks like what I see on my skin. Ever buy that perfect color just to find out the pigment is so low that it looks clear on your skin. Yea I will never buy another brand. Oh and also my skin looks better and I do not break out! That was huge because one day of sleeping in my makeup with other brands meant 3 weeks of trying to clear my skin. With this makeup I can sleep in all the time and it is like it conditions my skin even more! GO MOTIVES!

After being a long time user of cosmetics you find in department stores, I was introduced to Motives Cosmetics and I will never go back to using anything else. The quality of Motives Cosmetics far outshines that of its competitors. Do you want a fully customized liquid and powder foundations to match your skin tone PERFECTLY? What about a custom blush, lip stain, lip gloss, and eye shadow? Motives allows for complete customization at such a reasonable price! Motives has been developed to match any skin tone and be sensitive enough for any skin type. It stole my heart the minute I started using the products and I will never go back to the "one size fits all" makeup lines. Why not get the quality you're paying for?

As a forty something year old, I started to see fine lines appearing but they are more noticeable when I applied any form of foundation or powered make-up. So I opted from wearing make-up although I spent hundreds of dollars in make-up products. What a waste! But then I was introduced to Motives make-up products and I was instantly impressed. The Motives Perfecting Face Primer and the Invisi-Line are miracle workers in blending in the foundation evenly and hiding my fine lines. I am also a woman of African Descent who has difficulty finding the right shade of foundation for my dark brown complexion. Thank goodness for Motives Mineral Custom Blend Foundation! The right shade of foundation was blended to perfection for my complexion. Motives make-up products provides me with the right touch at an affordable price!

The ONLY line of cosmetics that's offers custom blend liquid and mineral powder by a trained custom blend advisor! Quality standards meet or exceed the top competitors. Chanel quality for less than the MAC Price. Used by the top celebrity makeup artists in the fashion industry. Featured in cosmopolitan, vogue, Marie Claire etc

Benefits of business opportunities world wide. Become a beauty advisor for motives in your area, build your business and start earning residual income!

Motives Cosmetics is high quality and just the best in my opinion. I LOVE the fact that you can customize foundations, lip stains etc that fits every tone, shade, and colour skin. It it literally the best product on the market. I love that the company will remove a product from it's line if it doesn't meet the highest standards in quality. Love that they listen to their customers too. Recently, an accomplished photographer said, "I love this make-up, it works so well on camera." You can just imagine my smile knowing that I have the best!

I'm Chinese, tried so many other foundations and eyeshadows but in the last 3years, nothing beats Motives system... Fantastic product with beautiful packaging, backed up with world famous makeup bloggers who review the product to amazing effect, a fun and energetic 1.3million followers on Instagram AND last but not least, a beautiful creator in Loren Ridinger, who connects with her followers, men & women on every level! The brand is awesome because of her personal ethos and application! Superb, light and weightless texture and finish on all products. Great pigmentation and long lasting wear without migrating color, creasing or drying... Just all-day hydration, confidence, no retouching! A setting spray which holds everything in place (10 Years Younger) that J-Lo wears too, can't be bad! Love Motives for LaLa mineral lipstick and lip glosses - all colors to die for! I could go on, but all in all a great package that exceeds all my expectations on every level. Just so refreshing to have ...more - MotivesLondon

I really think that motives cosmetics is really good, because their so many reasons why you should like it. First, that I believe that this product is not made from oil or other type of bad things for your face. This product is made from water based. That means that it is based on natural look. Most products are not from water based or from natural look. I believe that most products are from oil or it has chemicals in it, and for motives cosmetics they don't have any oil or chemicals in it. Second of all, I bought altagina once, to make my acne go away, and later, a couple of days later. The towel I used was smelling so bad, it smelled like the chemical they had put in it, to make the acne useful. Then, later I got introduced to this product, well actually it was the face kit, where it helps you have less acne, and now I use it right now, and my towel doesn't smell, because like I had told you that this product has no chemicals in it, at all. That's why I really like motives ...more

In my opinion as a professional, Motives is the #1 Cosmetics Line in the industry, available to professionals and consumers! Their products are second to none. With custom blend liquid & mineral powder foundation, concealer, blush, and lip stains to match individual "DNA" skin care requirements, they work to enhance your beauty and nourish and balance your skin! Motives is high quality product at affordable prices! Celebrity endorsements like LaLa Anthony, Jennifer Lopez, ever Longoria and the Kardashians to name a few, speaks volumes for Motives and to be #1 in social media over every other cosmetic line what more needs to be said?

The best product I've ever used. I've tried many other brands of makeup but nothing else ever came close to giving me such a beautiful natural look (plus I can make it more dramatic if I want with all their great products). It also protects my skin from breaking out because the ingredients are so good for your skin. I love that it can match any skin tone and any skin type.

I'm a male and don't wear make up but I'm a make-up consultant. I am so amazed at how woman love Motives. I have customers that love the top brands and would never ever buy anything else, once they try Motives they love it and quickly change their mind and drop what they have and buy nothing but Motives. The custom blend is such a game changer because "nobody" else has a totally customizable foundation and it's "all" mineral product. Both the liquid and the powder. My wife, would isn't a make-up woman, loves it and is now wearing make-up because she says it lasts all day and it is so light she forgets she is even wearing it. She loves the 10 Years Younger spray because of all the compliments she gets. She was asked if she got plastic surgery once because she looks younger.

I adore Motives Cosmetics and LOVE there skin care line even more. I had been going to the dermatologist since I was 10 years of age (now 31) until was introduced to the skin care analysis via Motives. The results of my analysis led me to one of there wonderful skin care lines (Lumiere De Vie) and it dramatically changed my skin and self-confidence. The skin care line brightened my skin tone, faded the dark spots and changed the texture of my skin. Even my dermatologist was surprised. As a result of this, I now use the Motive Cosmetics to enhance my beauty as opposed to cover up my insecurities. I LOVE the skin that I am in thanks to Motives Cosmetics!

Superior quality to MAC and Bobbie Brown. So much more affordable and you get cash back buying them. As soon as you touch the product you can't wait to use it. There is also the cosmetic support they offer, with their tutorials and instagram walking you step by step how to apply the product as demonstrated by top makeup artist in the industry. There's a reason the Kardashian clan, ever longoria, Lala Anthony, and Jennifer Lopez turn to this makeup line for their signature looks. I wouldn't wear any other cosmetic, I love MOTIVES, my skin loves MOTIVES, and my wallet loves MOTIVES. I buy it at and wouldn't buy anything else.

Motives has revolutionised makeup with not only its products created by makeup artists but also through its range of looks. Makeup that doesn't 'sit on the skin' but blends in effortlessly with an almost airbrushed finish. Incredible value for money as well compared to other brands at times even the lesser known ones.

I absolutely love Motives cosmetics for its quality and price. Like many women, I've tried countless brands and I feel like I have finally found a brand suitable for me. The custom blend foundation works wonders for me. I have extremely sensitive skin and am prone to breakouts. I hit the gym after work everyday without taking my makeup off. The foundation is so light and pure that I don't feel like I am clogging all my pores even as I sweat. I also love the luxe precision liquid eyeliner. Helps my eyes look on point!

I used to wear MAC and Bobbi Brown exclusively until I was introduced to Motives Cosmetics. In my opinion, the Motives cosmetics is highly pigmented, excellent quality and more reasonable in terms of price as compared to other brands. In addition to this, I earn cash back via the Motives site every time I purchase my make up. Once I get $10 or more, Motives sends me a check or I can use the money to buy more make up. What's better than being able to recycle my money?

I love the custom liquid foundation! It is tailor made just for my skins needs and the perfect color. The consultant mixed my foundation after I filled out the foundation survey. That is where she started with my formula I wanted a matte foundation with very full coverage, I didn't want to add sunblock but probably will in my next formula. She got the color just perfect by mixing a base shade and adding yellow blue and green toners because that is what was needed for my foundation to match my skin. She had all of these colorful bottles with colors like purple, yellow, green, blue, pink and a bunch more I can't recall. She said that all of these toners are used to match her clients skin perfectly. I also have combination skin and she added moisturizing and oil controlling botanics. I chose to do the anti-aging botanical as well.

Motives Cosmetics are the most innovated and most highest quality beauty and skincare products in the cosmetic industry!
I love the Custom Blend Mineral liquid foundation, powders, bronzers, and blushes. Uniquely formulated for every shade of today's modern woman created by your own personal Motives Cosmetic Consultant.
Motives Cosmetics has the greatest selection of full line cosmetics available. Always the newest and up-to-date colors in fashion, Mineral eye shadows, mascaras, eye liners, and lipsticks.
Skincare is an added plus. Motives Cosmetics has wonderful skin cleansers, toners, skin conditioners, and complete line of anti-aging products.
What more do you need? Motives Cosmetics has it all. Online ordering, too. Delivered to your door.
Check it out!
You won't be disappointed. I love Motives Cosmetics. I won't use anything else.

Love, Love, love the whole Motives cosmetics and skincare lines. The custom blend foundations and mineral powders are out of this world. Reasonably priced, customized just for you and makes your complexion flawless. Lip colors are icing on the cake. Skincare line is beyond expectations. This comes from someone who has spent thousands in cleaners, moisturizers etc from other companies to try to find the fountain of youth. Guess what I found it with the skincare lines from Motives and not only is it reasonable priced, I also earn $ Cashback on every purchase through I promise you that you won't regret a Motives purchase!

Motives Cosmetics is awesome! I've used so many products from different lines and I've picked and chose the ones I really like from each one. Motives offers everything you want and need, the pigment is amazing and the quality is top notch! Motives also offers customizable foundations, both mineral and liquid form. You can customize for each and every one of your clients! Simply amazing! So much to offer, once you try the products you won't look back! Red Carpet quality at an affordable price!