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201 The Powder Room Cosmetics
202 Bernard Cassiere-Paris V 1 Comment
203 Philosophy

I must say this definitely perplexes me! Philosophy Purity Made Simple face cleanser is 1 of the best on the jarket, honestly! Their Hope moisturizers and Miracle Worker line are great as well! The lovely body washes with so many choices when it comes to scent are top notch! Try them as Christmas gifts, your recipients will be thrilled! The Grace line of fragrances are beautiful, and if you like scents that don't scream, you won't be disappointed. The best place to get great prices and package deals is QVC.

The best cleanser I have ever used. The moisturizer works like a dream. The shower/shampoo gel is perfect. All the scents work together.

204 Ava Anderson Non Toxic

Ava Anderson started her company in 2009 with a mission to teach others what can not be learned on the back of a bottle: how to read labels and avoid toxic ingredients linked to health problems. Upset that trusted companies ingredient lists changed and learning that this often happens when companies are bought by bigger companies, Ava, who is now 21, decided the only way to recommend the safest products in the market was to do it herself, put her name on product, so she could always trust what she recommended to others.

Though the company is so much more than cosmetics, the bb cream, powder foundation (without minerals--no nanos here! ), blush, lipsticks, glosses, eye liner and mascara perform as well as high end products but without harmful chemicals or heavy prices. Instead only organic and the safest ingredients with no compromises are used. The company grew by 400% last year. It's clear to see why. My favorite BB cream is ivory, and favorite lipstick is pink berry. ...more

Nothing is better than knowing the products you use are NOT loaded with toxic ingredients. Ava Anderson is 100% translucent with their ingredients, you won't find any "fragrances" or "perfumes" listed to hide potential toxins.

So many companies claim to be natural or naturally based, looking at the ingredients tells a different story. This is how I found Ava Anderson Non Toxic. They are what they say they are.

205 AlluredBeauti

With top companies like Adrien Arpel Flori Roberts InterFace Gale Hayman Patti Labelle and Color Me Beautiful to name o few, this site has something for everyone. From accessories to cosmetics, handbags to fragrances and more is your online portal to a more beautiful more confident you!

206 Aristry
207 LA Colors

Their polishes are nice $1 and their some of the blushes are ok for $1 at dollar tree

208 Juice Beauty
209 PriyanaMD

I think this is a new company because I just found out about them. HylaSilk is by far the best HA Primer/Serum that I have ever used. I notice a difference in my skin immediately! My skin soaks it up and it is so lightweight! Their eye cream VersaLift is probably the best product they have. I want to put it on my entire face! Definitely noticed very quickly, maybe 2 weeks, reduction in wrinkles, dark circles and overall smoother skin. It feels amazing when you put it on! I am hooked and I am branching out now to try more products. I started recently on their face wash. It feels like I had a $100 treatment with an aesthetician after one wash tight, clean and very smooth. I'm in love!

210 Maple Holistics

Maple Holistics is an independent cosmetic company that uses all natural products. They work in the USA because they are not big like other cosmetic companies. - Pole

I also like this company - Great

211 Just For Redheads
212 FM Group Cosmetics

Fm is by far the best cosmetic company out there! I've been using the products for 3 years would never go back to anything else. My skin is much better, my make up looks great, my perfumes last a lot longer and smell nicer and even my home and pets smell nicer using the home products! What more could you ask for? Oh yes a great income I get from being a team leader and recommending the products to others

Very good cosmetic products. Very good smell and quality of perfumes. SIMPLY THE BEST...

A fantastic company to work for, they really do look after their distributors, our team support is amazing and the products are high quality, yet affordable for all to buy.. My face has never looked better... Mineral makeup no nasty chemicals, so no skin issues... Fragrances are great and last all day long!

Absolutely fabulous makeup - the eyeliner stays where you put it, the phenomenal mascara makes your lashes look so long and thick... my favourite products of all time. Thank you FM

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213 Callas Cosmetics
214 Jafra Cosmetics

No one else has Royal Jelly like we do! JAFRA has very high quality products, a rich commission program for consultants and wonderful women in this company! I would NEVER give up my JAFRA! :-D This year will mark 17 years using and LOVING these products. My skin looks and feels great and I have seen a lot of personal growth as well over that time.

Skin care products are fantastic, keep our skin smooth and looks younger

Royal Jelly has helped my skin for over 30 years. I'm asked often why my face doesn't winkles as others my age. Thank you Jafra! Jafra has awesome products that care for you from head to toe. It's wonderful to have products available for men, children and babies. Jafra helps customers with products for the entire family.

Jafra has the best skin care products and it is all natural made with Herbs and botanicals.. Best companywhile working.
make money, earn trips, meet people and make friends that last for years. Never had so much fun in

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215 Nichido

I like this products very affordable and long lasting

I like this product... Long wearing

216 Nivea

Great moisturizers that actually work at a great price

Very good cosmetics should be in top 10

Their lip balms are very moisterizing as well as their lotions.

Very Standard and familiar!

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217 C. O. Bigelow

The mentha shine lip gloss os amazing it makes your lips feel refreshed and new I haven't tried other products but I hope there as good as the ones I have

218 Colorbar

Beautiful products and reasonable price...

219 Jovees
220 Soft Touch

Good result and reasonable price

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