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81 Zomiah Cosmetics

Zomiah Cosmetics has excellent makeup and very reasonably priced. Their eye shadow collection is extensive. I put it on and lasts throughout the day. I'm a devoted fan for the past 2 years. - MOrPho19

82 Lush

Amazing products! All natural face masks. Friendly people at stores worldwide! I absolutely love this place! It has face washes, masks, toners, and crimes. Soaps lotions lip glosses, and so so so much more... I don't know what I'de do without their amazing products



love lush!

83 Bayonelle
84 Gosh

Danish and fantastic a must for color and quality

Fab lipsticks

85 Liceko
86 Wet N Wild
87 Covergirl

It's very mild and it can be use everyday.. It's affordable and good also for sensitive skin..

This is the best high quality make up line

I don't know why but I feel so confident wearing it. Lol. Maybe its tje name. Besides, ELLEN DEGENERES ( I watch her show eveeeryday) and SOFIA VERGARA (So funny too) are Covergirls.

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88 Belita & Vitex

In this product use from nano technology

The second brand in Europe

It can make a professional beauty for all members of your family.

The sunscreen and Burdak products are one of the best in the world

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89 Kiko Makeup

Amazing products and totally affordable love love love. I was always hooked on expensive brands which made me get spots. Since using these products my skin looks fresh and shine free. Their lip gloss pencils are amazing soft and non waxy feel lasts forever.

Just discovered this brand as opened a branch nearby. Love the 3d cream and foundation - skin has never felt and looked so good. 10/10 to the staff too - excellent customer service

90 Lakme

Very nice product

Products of lakme is really effective, always my choice is lakme. Lakme products givs you no harm

Very effective and good in using...

Best product with amazing result more natural,highly recommended

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91 Almay
92 Kiehl’s
93 L'Erbolario
94 Bodyography
95 BSC Cosmetic

Skin care and make up product all are good. If you have brown or black complexion BSc Expert White can help you.

96 Karaja
97 Aveda

Aveda is the only 100% wind powered company. Absolutely no animal by product or testing. Paraben free among many other harmful chemicals. All ingredients are organically and sustainably sourced. Try actually have their sourcing stories on their website. Better than all of that, the product actually works. Their make up line is not huge but I love if because I can mix different eye/ lip colors to make the most intense gorgeous colors. It is also very versatile, ie. I use my eyeshadows as lip color, my blush as eye color etc. they have no liquid liner due to the chemicals you need to produce such products but they have something called transformer. It makes dust from an eye color liquid therefore usable as a liquid liner. It's also a great primer. I recommend this product to everyone! Along with their hair care products. By far the most amazing I've used.

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98 Poofy Organics

One of the few truly toxin free companies! Great children products.

Best skin care and cosmetics ever! Natural, beautiful, lovely coverage and long lasting!

Makeup that is as pure as you can get! No harsh chemicals! Awesome coverage!

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99 Artdeco

Super cool! I just tried its ceramic plated nail polish! Its just amazing! The colour pallete, the quality, the style everything is just super amazing! Must try!

100 Mash Premiere

The best cosmetics company

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