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101 Breezare V 1 Comment
102 Kevyn Aucoin
103 Belle Cosmetics
104 Lime Crime V 1 Comment
105 Ahava
106 Love Thy Makeup
107 Madina
108 Zuii Organic

Amazing Organic Flora Makeup

109 Skin Liqueur Cosmetics
110 Isomers Shophq
111 Malika

I love this company and its products. My favourite product is the 4d mascara and this is why.

My eyelashes always went perfect, no matter what mascara I used. As I have gotten older I have found that the lashes on my right eye have thinned out and some have become shorter (left lashes still fine) and finding a mascara to help sort this problem out has been a nightmare over the years. I must have spent a fortune trying to find a mascara that would coat both sets of lashes equally. It got to the point where I didn't even bother wearing mascara any more. Then I was introduced to Malika Cosmetics and the 4d mascara. Ok, so I was skeptical about this product, as I had tried so many in the past but decided to give it ago. I applied to both sets of lashes, first using the small end brush for lower lashes and then applied to my top lashes using the larger end and when I looked in the mirror, I actually stood there for a few minutes just staring as I was amazed and seriously couldn't ...more

Love this company and all it's products but my favourite has to be star wave glitter lips. Lots of different colours to choose from and lasts ages. My daughters (5&9) both wear them when there participating in their dance comps and love that they can apply them themselves.

I love these products. The nails are fantastic - so easy to use and lovely designs. The makeup is amazing...I love the design of the gelux eye brow gel, lip tint and eye liner bottles with the brush included as they look such high quality and the product backs up this look. My favourite product by far is the O WOW brush. This brush is as soft as feathers on your face. It can be used for foundation, blusher, powder, concealer and fits into all the awkward to get into parts of the face. It leaves a flawless airbrushed result. Malika is super.

Absolutely love Malika all the products are 100% genuine. The matt tint and the star wave really do last 12 hrs (or longer if you forget to wash your make up after a night out) the gelux eyeliner glides on giving you lots of options on how to wear it also the BB Compact foundation is brilliant just a tiny amount gives you full coverage even works as a primer and moisturiser x

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112 Deborah

I just love all the products and wouldn't use another company for any of my make-up


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113 Jessi Howell Cosmetics

A huge range of color cosmetics made for pros and loved by all! Great prices, excellent range and sold on line or at the Reef Hotel Casino Cairns Queensland Australia - 19781961

114 Beautycounter

I'm incredibly sensitive to cosmetics. This brand has the best products! My favorite concealer of all times. Great cream blushes and matte bronzer. Foundation is light weight and beautiful. Only eyeliner that I can wear without an itchy eye reaction. The lipsticks are so moisturizing and treat your lips while providing beautiful color. Love it all!

Finally a cosmetics company you can trust! Committed to 100% products for everyone, Beautycounter is founded in the principle of safety and transparency. Sadly, many cosmetic companies claim to be safe, non-toxic or natural and it's just not true. With no FDA oversight (or any government oversight for that matter), manufacturers are on their own to regulate ingredients, testing and ensure consumer safety. A law restricting ingredients has not been passed since 1938 and over 80,000 ingredients have been introduced into the market since WWII, most of which have never been tested for safety. And Beautycounter is on a mission to change that. Add that Beautycounter has the highest performing products with a celebrity makeup artist Christy Colemen at the cosmetics helm, it's no surprise celebrities love Beautycounter. And an award-winning line up that everyone can afford! Love love love!

I love the concealer and dew skin tinted moisturizer! It's wonderful coverage while still being light and not cakey! Plus, these products contain no toxic chemicals that a lot of others do - you're missing out if you're not using these!

Amazing company that truly puts its customers first. Leading the charge in demanding more regulation in the beauty industry to provide safer, better products.

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115 Amore Pacific

Very smooth, well made base on high technology
I can feel the differences. Love it!

116 You Cosmetics
117 Pupa

Good mascara, totally reccomend it

118 Balam Fashions

This is a new brand in fashion industry. They deal all cosmetics and imitations jewelery.

119 Madara Cosmetics

A really great Latvian Organic Cosmetic Brand! I have used some of their hair and body care products, especially the moisturising ones and have been very satisfied. Would advise especially for dry and sensitive skin types.

120 Spa at Home

I love spa at home products. It's affordable and something for everyone. My daughter is 13 years old and she uses facial cleansers and most of the Mii make, love the coverage she gets with the base face minerals. I also use the Mii and cleansing products wouldn't be without it now.

I love Spa at Home products. My skin has improved a lot since using their products. I have sensitive skin and I have no problem with the face products or body lotions either. The products are affordable for most budgets. Hostesses get pretty good freebies for holding a party.

Spa at home is an relatively new spa company. Selling the very best in affordable skincare and beautiful mineral Mii cosmetics. I fell in love with Mii when I was first introduced to it 4 years ago, thanks to spa at home.

Great products, reasonably priced and smell divine. Mii mineral make up is amazing

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