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121 Careline Cosmetics

For teenage and affordable. Good also in all skin type.

122 Tyra Beauty

Tyra beauty lives up to its product. I have tried the oops liner, mascara and me engage a brow (which I never did before purchasing this product)... I have also tried the blush in a stick, smokey eye pallet, contouring and highlighting (still working on that)... And everything glides on, stays on and might I say I look good and feel good. Comes off easy and I can do my make up in 8-min. Part of that is the corrector, foundation, and concealer plus powder...

Love it. Try it.

I love this brand. Its innovative. Quick, easy to use. Doesn't feel as if you have a bunch of makeup on your face. I don't have to rush because I am done in mere minutes of putting it on. I love it so much. It is an amazing company to work for. It empowers women and they all support one another to grow and grow in this company. There is less junk in it. Stuff I didn't even know was in make up is not in this product. Its hypo allergic. Most of it is in stick form and goes on like buttah. Lasts all day. I am excited to see where this company goes.

I love this brand! The products are so easy to apply, and I love the fact that you don't need brushes to apply anything. I can do a full makeup routine in under 10 minutes. The products are high quality, but at an affordable price. I look forward to seeing where Tyra takes this cosmetics line!

Love all of her products! Love that all of them are cruelty free. The mascara is to die for, doesn't smudge and the extensions don't mess up your contacts or irritate your eyes.

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123 IQQU
124 Burberry
125 Luscious

It's very very good

126 Collistar
127 Sleek

Sleek is a Great brand, the prices are good and the pigmentation is awesome!

Authentic products and good on skin

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128 Physicians Formula

I've used this make-up in the past and am really impressed with their newer line-up of products. CHECK OUT THEIR tutorial videos-fabulous and so easy!
I can't wait to slim down my make-up kit and start using mostly Physicians Formula products again-this time hopefully for life! One suggestion to the design team/artists @ P.F. would be to develop a loose bronzing powder? Forgive me if I didn't see this in your line-up if it exists already. Also, any of your powder brush containers that are refillable/all-in-one and very sleek & portable are greatly appreciated. Excellent job P.F. staff-you rock!

129 Bottega Verde
130 Chambor
131 Rivaj Cosmetics


132 Chiara Cosmetics

I have been trying different skin care product due to my sensitive skin for over 20 years and can across Chiara Cosmetics through a friend / aesthetician. It works great for me and now I'm hooked. I would highly recommend it to any one, especially if you have sensitive skin.

A Skin Care line based on anti aging technology and Dead Sea Minerals

133 Mally

Love all her make up, long lasting and so easy for mums on the run

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134 Temple Spa

I have super awkward skin, have been searching for years for something to deal with its temperamental nature. Temple Spa products are amazing, loads of natural ingredients and worth every penny!

I have used many expensive and inexpensive products before and none have given me the glow I get from using Temple Spa. I love, love, love it!

I live working for temple spa, absolutely fantastic support and brilliant incentives!

The products are absolutely fantastic! and award winning! All at affordable prices!

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135 Rodan and Fields

They don't sell cosmetics unless your count their mineral peptides powder. The skincare regimens, tools, and additional products produce amazing results!

I have a friend that started using rodan and fields and she looks 15-20 years younger brighter and more awake I can't wait to get started with it myself

The first products that gave me noticeable results in less than two weeks.

R +F should be #1 for skin care products!

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136 Youngevity Mineral Makeup V 1 Comment
137 Paris EXclusive Cosmetics

skin care based on marine ingredients, 100 % organic. Very nice smells, penetrates immediately, sophisticated texture. Beautiful presentation with vivid colours! 3 lines - Men face skin care, skin care for women and body care

138 Ever Bilena
139 Fair & Handsome

As you know, this company make a man's product so really like it

140 Parisax
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