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1 Azmal

Vote for Azmal! If you want the best then stop here! Great all around!

Vote for your favorite cosplayers! This one is mine. I have met several of these people. I know how nice some R. I have been told. Just don't vote for the dragons.

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2 David Carpenter David Carpenter David Joseph Carpenter, aka the Trailside Killer, is an American serial killer known for stalking and murdering women on hiking trails near San Francisco, California.
3 Red Dragon Lord

Carl creates incredibly exquisite pieces with astonishing attention to detail. The man has an awesome eye for detail - every costume is a complete package from front to back, shoes to teeth, creating an overall flattering fit for the wearer. No matter how creepy his characters are, they still are amazingly appealing.

One of the kindest people I know. Creative, funny, warm, and friendly - he is pleased to share his creativity and information with all.

Known Carl for a long time and as a fellow costumer and professional theatre worker I am constantly impressed by his level of detail and commitment.

Amazing craftsmanship, incredible detail, and so willing to share information!

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4 Elendriel
5 Ya ya Han
6 Daekath
7 Volpin
8 Epic Leather
9 Kamui
10 Alodia Gosiengfiao

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11 Feral Workshop
12 Bazalli
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