Top 10 Best Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Players


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21 Coldzera

The best player on the best team in the world

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22 Nico
23 Krimz V 1 Comment
24 friberg

I mean. He can control the spray when ever he want to! Also the king of banana!

He is one of the best players who can control the spray of his gun

He is the best player of all time

He has the Best aim

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25 Neo
26 shroud V 2 Comments
27 BOT Allu V 3 Comments
28 S1mple

The best player ever and the most complete

He is beast of a player for his age

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29 Xantares

The best team carrier I have ever seen!

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30 Rain
31 Русский Мясник
32 Jkaem

Insane all around player who can deal with any kind of situation like a boss!

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33 G18

G18 is secretely a god. When he plays casually, he still destroys everyone. He hardly ever tries and when he does it still looks effortless. He clutches when he wants to, and being so good at a game that you have to reserve your power is frightening. Honestly top 10 in the world, because nobody knows his full potential.

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34 NiKoLinho
35 NBK

Him is better of this rank I'm sure its not true

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36 olofm

The team with the best supporting player is the team that wins. Olof is the one who always gets the hard positions to hold and almost every time he pulls it off and wins the fight. A guy who kills their mid player who then supports iether A or B site. Priceless for a team. And at this Olof is the best.

He are 100p the best, he are good with all weapons. He is smart, and he can '' all '' He are the BEST! 1

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37 Cajunb

He is just unbeatable on pistol.

38 NiKo

One of craziest player of Europe. His aim is in rivalry with ScreaM and he has the wits and senses of an excellent survivor.

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39 Oskar
40 GeT_DaNk
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