Top 10 Best Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Players


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41 GeT_DaNk
42 Chrisj V 2 Comments
43 Fifflaren

He was a great team player, didn't get all the kills, but he was a great support player for the team.

44 Xizt

He is the key to NiP. He is one of the greates leader in cs go history!

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45 Maikelele V 2 Comments
46 Pronax V 2 Comments
47 Skadoodle

Easily should be considered as a top tier awper clutches for cloud 9 when they need him.

Best AWPer in America.

48 mojo215

He doesn't even play

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49 Edward
50 Pimp

He was the best danish player in the first 6 months of 2013, now he is just okay

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51 SKooKS
52 Alvaro_Killer
53 PashaBiceps

Yes my friend

54 SoweXX

Best player of JG.A in my opinion, pure skill with AWP and good recoil control

Back in my days he was more retarded than miszi but when he had przerwa in playing counter strike he learned a lot watching Cs:Go streams. Now he is a beast wrecking every person which he will See. He's aim is incredible. In JG.Alliance he's doing his best and there's a battle between two best players. Who's better? Sowexx or relaxoskar? No one know that because they're playing on the same level. Two the Best players what I have ever seen

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55 relaxoskar V 4 Comments
56 XstriX V 2 Comments
57 Donkey

Best in the world.

58 Chimpanzee Chimpanzee V 1 Comment
59 Sufficey
60 Flamie V 1 Comment
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