Best Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Weapons

The Top Ten Best Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Weapons

1 AK-47

If you use this correctly it is extremely good. If you're bad however...

Excellent accuracy and damage, but low recoil control and it is loud as an elephant in a Chinese vase store. You can instakill with headshots, though, so...

Deadly precise rifle
Been murdering people with this since 1.6

It has best accuracy and low recoil. When this gun is in my hand, I feel like that I have power of thunder.

2 M4A4

Kinda like a terrorist gun except good accuracy

Looks good, sounds good, feels good, and IS good.

Yes very good gun this versus AK not sure which is better this one probably has better accuracy and spray pattern

Has lots of bullets and is decent at long range so I pick it over the silenced one

3 SG 553

The goat. I can face with this weapon. It take precision to use. U can't just spray you gotta take your shots, best gun for me

Aiming reticule and a scope? Man, this gun is awesome! The SG 553 can be compared only to the extremely similar AUG. In my opinion, both are like, the BEST guns in CS:GO (emphasis on the full caps)

This gun is just AMAZING. I use it in each and every game. Man, it has pinpoint precision with the scope.

Best for any range, good ammo and high penetration for armour.

4 P250

Cheap and good pistol round.

I love p250 as well it is fast and I love it

My favorite pistol in the game - Phillip873

Great gun I use deagle for close maps this for long range

5 MP9

Best gun in game

INSANELY underrated smg.
Amazing up close, good at medium range (MP7 is better for spraying at those ranges) great movement speed, a quick reload. It has a great jumping accuracy so try jumping around corners while firing to out peek opponents.
It's biggest drawback, like with the mac-10, is its fire rate coupled with a smaller mag size, so a bizon could more effectively stop a glock train, but in almost every occasion, I'd have this, over a bizon or mac-10. - HiBye

It shoot at incredible speed.and kill in about 0.8 secs

6 M4A1-S

Amazing gun, it has no tracers so shooting through smoke is easier because they can't see the direction the shots are coming from. Also, better accuracy that M4A4 (at longer ranges) but doesn't shine like the M4A4 at those close to medium range situations. Long to medium range duels suit the M4A1-S better.

M4A4 is actually better than the M4A1 due to its larger magazine as well as its increased damage towards armors. The first shot accuracy of the A4 is the same as the A1, besides the recoil of the A4 is a bit higher than the A1.

This gun is perfect when it comes to good mobility decent firepower and low recoil

Great fun for spraying, long distance tap shoot, and it doesn't reveal you in the minimal, but the down part is that there's 20 in the gun and 40 reserve


Definitely the best weapon. Can kill an opponent in one shot no matter where it hits (except for the legs). You can also get really long-range shots with it too. I don't know why this isn't #1.

AWP is honestly the best.
Although I'm a Silver, it's still great.

The fact that the AWP is number 7 just proves how many silvers this site really has.

OP damage perfect for open areas. I use this gun as soon as I can afford it



Accurate and armor piercing, very good at defending sites

Its one of my main 2 guns

Good accuracy and armour penetration

9 Five-Seven

You could get a easy clutch if you use this gun correctly

Great pistol for eco rounds on the CT side. It takes one headshot to take out a helmet, crazy good for the price tag at 500.

The Five-Seven has a very high rate of fire with a small recoil, thus making it a great weapon to pull out and spray to hit a moving enemy. It is only $500 and is an instant KO if you hit the head, which is very feasible considering the large magazine and overall solid accuracy. The only downside is that it is a CT-exclusive pistol.

Five seven is the best gun

10 P90

Good gun please nerf bot

It is pretty good for beginners and they would get to the environment of csgo best gun without a doubt

This really is the perfect weapon for rushing. Has a high rate of fire to kill enemies faster, large clip size so that if you are rushing 2 enemies, you can kill one and go straight on to killing the other, and has a short reload time which makes you less vulnerable.

I am a rusher, so I use this and it is perfect :P, my kdr is 2.11 because this and awp

The Contenders

11 SSG 08

You can jump up out of cover and shoot and it can get kills

People secretly use this guy as it is a massive destructor in Deathmatches.

This is my go to weapon when my team needs a awper but can't afford an awp, just shoot for the head and it's a faster awp, if you miss just one more body shot and easy kill.

AWP but only works when you headshot, for litterally less than a 3rd of the price. truly epic

12 Olofmeister

10/10 would rate again

He is a weapon.

Best gun in the game

Probably the best gun in the game. The ump meta will be replaced very soon by Olofmeta

13 M249

It's like Negev, and it's funny to shoot with these.

14 Galil

Better than the ak as you have hardly any recoil and better than sg because you don't need a scope to aim accurately win win I gets loads of kills with this gun

Very nice gun, cheap and can easily obtain in early rounds.

What about the AR?

Better than Famas because it has practically 0 recoil

15 P2000

It has 1 more shot!


Its Precise its also good for flanking has enough ammo for a whole team if you use it properly.

Smart choice you wont loose ally our money in a buy round and does
Effectively the same damage as an m4

Always use it

FAMAS is basically the same thing as Galil-AR, but it also has a burst fire mode, which is useless, but I think it also has more damage and accuracy, but it costs 250 dollars more.

This sums it up nicely, though burst fire has a couple extremely limited uses

17 MP7

I like thia gun because very accurate in low rangr

I use this gun as primary and I pretty much destroy opponent team having AKs, M4s or awp. I don't know why people don't use it, good for me.

Good for anti-economy / "anti-eco" rounds, where your opponent will have no armor, thus is vulnerable to weak attacks, but aside from this has minimal to no functional usage at all.

For its price, it packs quite a punch and has good accuracy on close range, but not long range. Not long range at all. It also has a high rate of fire and low damage, but what did you expect from an SMG?

18 R8 Revolver

Sick weapon in right hands

Nerfed, no longer good, desert eagle is better

You're pretty good

Badass in a gun.

19 Attack Helicopter

Absolutely broken. It is very fun to use when you are USING it, but when USED AGAINST you, gives you instant depression. Nobody knows who implemented this weapon into this game, but as soon as we find out, he is going to be game ended.

Crazy gun. Its 1 shot 10 kill. It sends a nuke to the map. Its suicide. -414

Master Chief can hop on the turret and spray down a lot of grunts.

Just get 25 kill and u earn it

20 Sawed Off

This weapon is horrible. It has the highest bullet spread out of all the shotguns, can't even land a body shot at mid range, and only works at very close range. In my opinion, the nova is better. Less bullet spread, has a better name, works better at mid to long range if you use it right, and is a one shot kill to the head.

This gun looks cool, but at the end of the day, it is awful. It's only good at VERY close range, and is actually impossible to use at medium (and higher) because of its ridiculously small range. As a CT, this would be a pretty good weapon to hide out with, but it's a terrorist-only gun, limiting its usage completely. There's no reason to buy the Sawed-Off at all as a terrorist, considering its limited range and lack of usefulness.

The only place the gun is useful in is the map assault, as there is a vent which you can hide out in as a terrorist and shoot counter terrorists who enter the vent ( it's longer to go in the vent if your a counter terrorist than a terrorist)

Great damage. Always one hit kill up close if you don't miss. Very underrated weapon. Game changer in close quarter combat

21 Tec-9

Known currently as the "Wreck-9", the Tec-9 got a heck of a boost when the because-75 was nerfed, making it extremely spammable. It now has a great range with a whole lot of power -- it now only takes one headshot to kill and 3 body shots to kill -- and has 32 bullets per magazine. To top that off, it has a pretty high rate of fire and is only $500. The only downside is that the recoil can be pretty terrible, but the Tec-9 is easily the best Terrorist pistol at the moment, bar none.

Press it fast enough, you now have a secondary machine gun!

Great for rushes, it has good running accuracy.

your dad

22 Desert Eagle

I love this gun, it can do a long-range shot and does plenty of damage to the enemy

Should be in top 10. This weapon is very cheap for its high damage.

Surprisingly accurate at long range, 1 hit kill on a headshot, 2 hits on body. Beginners will likely hate this gun due to its difficult recoil, but it's an extremely valuable weapon at only $700.

If you're in a tight situation, this is definitely not the gun, but if you're on a pistol round this gun can be your best buddy.

23 MAG-7

I never get kills with this thing

SWAG-7 for the win

Best shotgun in the game; it is useful at short and medium range. It's cheap and has an extremely high kill reward of $900. get_right had an ace with a MAG-7 before, showing that in the right hands, this can be the best weapon in the game.

Accurate while jumping, good range, good spread, good power, good price, good kill reward, fast reload. King of shotguns and one of the most underrated CS:GO weapons.

24 Knife

One shot kill from anywhere on the map. I was in my car drinking some coffee and I found a shiny bayonet in my car. I ended up swinging it for fun and that's how the civil war started. GOOD TIMES.

Best long and short ranged weapon

Best for noscoping scrubs through walls

I can snipe with the knife better than I can with the AWP

25 XM1014

Ok, do you like the Sawed-Off shotgun? Yes? Now, make it rapid-fire. Awesome. It may have poor range, but what did you expect from a shotgun? If anyone gets in close contact with you when you are carrying this baby, they're screwed. Only bad thing about it is its high cost.

Deals massive. Damage with high rate of fire. At long ranges just switch to pistol.

The best shotgun ever made, compared to nova (lower fire rate) it's a murderer!

Equal best shotgun with the mag-7

26 Bazooka

Best weapon so far, maybe is a bit expensive but you can make more money that it cost, and the skins it have are amazing.

Don't know how this isn't number 1

Definitely in CS:GO

My favourite bazooka skin is cyrex

27 Aimbot

a little too expensive in my taste

100% accuracy. 'enough said.

100 accuracy, lots of headshots, u win, it’s so good that It was banned, and u might be kicked for using, it is just to powerful

you cyka

28 SCAR-20

Great damage every enemy is a two hit

Automatic sniper, like awesome why is it not number one

Good for sniping but can also be used for close range if you can click that fast

Best gun ever

29 UMP-45

I don't get why this awesome weapon is so low on the list. The UMP is basically a small rifle that works in almost every situation. The stats are awesome too: fairly high rate of fire, highest dps to armors out of all smgs, good first shot accuracy, second cheapest smg, high kill award, lightweight, and very easy to control. It is far superior to the P90 in my opinion as the UMP not only works well towards armors, but it is also very eco friendly; it pays for itself after 2 kills. The only downsides are its reload time and its mag size, but they are nothing compare to all the positivies it has. Overall, the UMP is no doubt the best smg in the game and it is also one of the best weapons in the game.

I don't know why but I have 2500 kills on my stattrack and its like armore Penetration like the m4... on long range horrible but there your deagle comes in

30 USP-S

uno tap

It's like the m4a1-S but a pistol


31 MAC - 10

Mac-10 is extremely powerful with extraordinary accuracy and almost no recoil. The reload speed is a bit slow but the ammo in the gun could kill 4 to 5 people.

I can win with this gun last round

32 Negev

Is good only if used correctly but if not used correctly at all the gun has a big ass spread and horrible accuracy.

How is this at 34? Especially with joke entries that aren't even weapons. This is the best gun.

I always save up for this and I wreck, even though no one says to buy it.

I think it's good

33 Bizon

Good amt of ammo, quick fire-rate & really fast movement speed!
Why is this low in the list!?

Most efficient gun in deathmatch. Literally run around and kill 3 people before reloading (which is also efficient), a quick reload with a large amount of ammo. What is there to hate? It's the only gun I come in first with.

This one is my personal favorite because of its epic fire rate, amount of ammo and reload speed

This gun has an amazing amount of bullets and great reload speed

34 Zeus x27

Great for long range sniping

By far the best weapon, no competition

35 T-90 MBT

Has very good reactive armour!

125mm gun and well angled armor with explosive reactive tiles. Kills any opposing CS:GO team with ease. It is computed that a round from a Mid-power sniper rifle, such as the AWP, would scrape 1.3 atoms off the surface of the tank's armor.

Pretty good Fam

too good

36 MP5

One of the best early game guns, able to kill in 2 shots to the head at long range, since the accuracy is on point.

you can listen to music in it and now you can see videos too, it's amazing.

It is legend...

37 M9 Bayonet

I think for me it is the best weapon

OP skin for the knife

38 Glock 16

Ok how is this even in the top 40

It's okay

Best gun. Jk.

39 MiniGun

Extremely fast
not so much damage

Are you from CS:GO? We're talking about CS:GO here


40 Decoy

It was a such a good weapon before they nerfed it. Now it mostly useless - TheNinjaPata02

41 CZ 75

fast fire

42 MG42

That's the best gun in the world. I've heard that if they add it on Cs:go, the team that buys it first, automatically wins the round and the match.

43 Nova Nova (Richard Rider) is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.

Better than the glock 18 though

The most pointless shotgun and also the most pointless gun on csgo

The heavies aren't that good in csgo, but this gun is the best out of all them aside from mag 7. Negev costs too much and has crappy recoil, same thing with m249, xm1014 has a high bullet spread and is bad for rushing, and sawed off sucks in every aspect.

44 Molotov Cocktail/Incendiary Grenade

The concept of this grenade is to burn people.

I killed al people in a team with moloto

I roast n00bs with this grenade. Inside of the grenade is my mixtape. Its fire. -414

45 MG43
46 Bauk

Best CSGO weapon

47 Glock 18

Doesn't inflict damage whatsoever and that is why basically no one likes or uses it. Only positive is that it is accurate, but that positive is useless when you can't inflict any damage to you opponent

48 M4

The M4 carbine is a shorter and lighter variant of the M16A2 assault rifle.The M4 is a 5.56� - 45mm nato, air cooled.

49 Balisong

Hmm... Not really the best weapon, but pretty good at short range
But let's not forget, it's a knife. That you can flip. What could be better?

50 Dual Berettas

Only pistol I use. It is dual so it has got a higher fire rate and it's light so you can run fast with a nearly rapid fire handgun! That's quite cool?

Everyone shut up about dualies seeing bad. Yes they have horrible armor penetration, but when do you use pistols? On the first round. No one buys armor on the first round so they are actually really good with a large clip size, nice mobility, and nice fire rate.

These guns look cool, but they are unfortunately pretty bad. Why? They're much worse in every aspect than the because/Five-Seven/Tec-9, which also cost $500, so there's no reason to buy these over any of them. They're more expensive than the P250, which is $200 cheaper and is in fact much stronger than the Berettas. Lastly, it takes 2-3 (usually 3) headshots to kill an armored enemy with these, effectively making them peashooters. The USP takes two and so does the Glock. Don't bother until/unless they get buffed.

Bad accuracy, but good to pull out in close to mid firefights. 30 bullets, high rate of fire, and they look badass.

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