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21 MAC - 10

I can win with this gun last round

22 Bizon

Most efficient gun in deathmatch. Literally run around and kill 3 people before reloading (which is also efficient), a quick reload with a large amount of ammo. What is there to hate? It's the only gun I come in first with.

This one is my personal favorite because of its epic fire rate, amount of ammo and reload speed

This gun has an amazing amount of bullets and great reload speed

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23 MP7

Good for anti-economy / "anti-eco" rounds, where your opponent will have no armor, thus is vulnerable to weak attacks, but aside from this has minimal to no functional usage at all.

For its price, it packs quite a punch and has good accuracy on close range, but not long range. Not long range at all. It also has a high rate of fire and low damage, but what did you expect from an SMG?

Amazing accuracy, when this weapon is mastered, it will be excellent for headshots and great precise snipes from short distances.

Definitely a good all-around weapon, when used right, headshots will be guaranteed.

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24 Five-Seven

The Five-Seven has a very high rate of fire with a small recoil, thus making it a great weapon to pull out and spray to hit a moving enemy. It is only $500 and is an instant KO if you hit the head, which is very feasible considering the large magazine and overall solid accuracy. The only downside is that it is a CT-exclusive pistol.

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25 UMP-45

I don't know why but I have 2500 kills on my stattrack and its like armore Penetration like the m4... on long range horrible but there your deagle comes in

26 Dual Berettas

Only pistol I use. It is dual so it has got a higher fire rate and it's light so you can run fast with a nearly rapid fire handgun! That's quite cool?

Everyone shut up about dualies seeing bad. Yes they have horrible armor penetration, but when do you use pistols? On the first round. No one buys armor on the first round so they are actually really good with a large clip size, nice mobility, and nice fire rate.

These guns look cool, but they are unfortunately pretty bad. Why? They're much worse in every aspect than the because/Five-Seven/Tec-9, which also cost $500, so there's no reason to buy these over any of them. They're more expensive than the P250, which is $200 cheaper and is in fact much stronger than the Berettas. Lastly, it takes 2-3 (usually 3) headshots to kill an armored enemy with these, effectively making them peashooters. The USP takes two and so does the Glock. Don't bother until/unless they get buffed.

According to, this gun is used by 69% of all counter strike global offensive players, making it the most greatest piece of gamer gear that needs to be thoroughly cleaned, I personally, professionally, skilfully, and totally recommend Dust Off Gamer Gear.

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27 M9 Bayonet

I think for me it is the best weapon

OP skin for the knife

28 Negev

Is good only if used correctly but if not used correctly at all the gun has a big ass spread and horrible accuracy.

How is this at 34? Especially with joke entries that aren't even weapons. This is the best gun.

I always save up for this and I wreck, even though no one says to buy it.

Op gun, needs a bit of practise to get the spray but its destruction at close range, demolition in medium, and wreck at long. Just spray, pause. Spray, pause. its really simple and great.

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29 Glock 16 V 3 Comments
30 MiniGun V 3 Comments
31 MP5 V 1 Comment
32 T-90 MBT

125mm gun and well angled armor with explosive reactive tiles. Kills any opposing CS:GO team with ease. It is computed that a round from a Mid-power sniper rifle, such as the AWP, would scrape 1.3 atoms off the surface of the tank's armor.

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33 Zeus x27

By far the best weapon, no competition

34 Desert Eagle

Surprisingly accurate at long range, 1 hit kill on a headshot, 2 hits on body. Beginners will likely hate this gun due to its difficult recoil, but it's an extremely valuable weapon at only $700.

If you're in a tight situation, this is definitely not the gun, but if you're on a pistol round this gun can be your best buddy.

It has excellent firepower, but low fire rate. Still, a great early game gun.

Great pistol however I prefer p250 on long range maps

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35 M249
36 SSG 08

Great when you need to jump shot people, and has amazing no-scope accuracy.

A true pro uses this gun do to the headshot required to kill, I can't stand bodyshot noobs with the awp - SpicyMemeMan

This one is a blast for its price. I have turned countless matches by buying the scout on forced rounds or when I had more money than my team in eco rounds. it is fast, accurate and deals plenty of damage for the cost. it's hard to master but when you play it confidently, you can deal with anything (except 5 man rushes :D)

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37 M4

The M4 carbine is a shorter and lighter variant of the M16A2 assault rifle.The M4 is a 5.56� - 45mm nato, air cooled.

38 MG43
39 Glock 18

Doesn't inflict damage whatsoever and that is why basically no one likes or uses it. Only positive is that it is accurate, but that positive is useless when you can't inflict any damage to you opponent

40 Nova Nova

The most pointless shotgun and also the most pointless gun on csgo

The heavies aren't that good in csgo, but this gun is the best out of all them aside from mag 7. Negev costs too much and has crappy recoil, same thing with m249, xm1014 has a high bullet spread and is bad for rushing, and sawed off sucks in every aspect.

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