Best Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Weapons

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41 Glock 18

Doesn't inflict damage whatsoever and that is why basically no one likes or uses it. Only positive is that it is accurate, but that positive is useless when you can't inflict any damage to you opponent

42 Nova Nova

The most pointless shotgun and also the most pointless gun on csgo

The heavies aren't that good in csgo, but this gun is the best out of all them aside from mag 7. Negev costs too much and has crappy recoil, same thing with m249, xm1014 has a high bullet spread and is bad for rushing, and sawed off sucks in every aspect.

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43 Molotov Cocktail/Incendiary Grenade

The concept of this grenade is to burn people.

I roast n00bs with this grenade. Inside of the grenade is my mixtape. Its fire. -414

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44 Balisong

Hmm... Not really the best weapon, but pretty good at short range
But let's not forget, it's a knife. That you can flip. What could be better?

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