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101 Zambia Zambia The Republic of Zambia is a landlocked country in Southern Africa, neighbouring the Democratic Republic of the Congo to the north, Tanzania to the north-east, Malawi to the east, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Botswana and Namibia to the south, and Angola to the west.

Zambia's National Anthem is one of the best as we also remember our creator and we give him praises for we believe that without God we are nothing. Praise be to God indeed.

Land of Zambia, proud and free!
Listen to Candy sing it!
Because it is one of the most beautiful versions!
Let's vote for Zambia!

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102 Bhutan Bhutan Bhutan, officially the Kingdom of Bhutan, is a landlocked country in South Asia at the eastern end of the Himalayas.
103 England England

Jerusalem is a lot better than God Save our Queen. - aldwych94

I want to hear it again

Is the best. Seriously

Why in the world would you sing about that **** queen in A NATIONAL ANTHEM. I want the answer! Should be changed!

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104 Fiji Fiji Fiji, officially the Republic of Fiji, is an island country in Melanesia in the South Pacific Ocean about 1,100 nautical miles northeast of New Zealand's North Island. V 3 Comments
105 Tunisia Tunisia Tunisia, officially the Tunisian Republic or the Republic of Tunisia is the northernmost country in Africa, covering 165,000 square kilometres.

I can't believe Tunisia is not on top,YOU HAVE TO DISCOVER ITS ANTHEM the best and the only National Anthem in the world that worships militants & martyrs through the whole anthem!

Very ugly melody although it is based on a beautiful poem from Abu Al Kacem Al Chebbi.

106 Ethiopia Ethiopia Ethiopia, officially known as the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, is a sovereign state located in the Horn of Africa.

The best anthem with a spurring beat. Again Underrated and not up there with the best...

The best country and national anthem in the world

It is about equality, justice, pride and love.

I love Ethiopia.

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107 Uzbekistan Uzbekistan Uzbekistan is a dry, landlocked country . It is one of two doubly landlocked countries in the world (that is, a country completely surrounded by landlocked countries in Central Asia . more.

Love it, love Uzbekistan

The best anthem ever

I love it.


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108 Yugoslavia V 1 Comment
109 Grenada

I live in Grenada. And I have to say we have the best national anthem ever

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110 Welsh

Nothing is more powerful than the Welsh belting out in pure pride to their national anthem. Puts the hair on my neck right up! The power and the pure passion of the Welsh push them way beyond any other nation!

111 Belarus Belarus
112 Jordan Jordan Jordan, officially the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, is an Arab kingdom in Western Asia, on the East Bank of the Jordan River.

Long Live the King... Our great national anthem vive la Jordanie et vive le roi Abdullah II

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113 Togo Togo
114 Samoa Samoa

The banner if freedom

115 Antigua and Barbuda Antigua and Barbuda Antigua and Barbuda is a twin-island country in the Americas, lying between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.
116 Macedonia Macedonia

This country has the best national anthem listen to it it's beautiful

117 Mauritius Mauritius Mauritius, officially the Republic of Mauritius, is an island nation in the Indian Ocean about 2,000 kilometres off the southeast coast of the African continent.

This is the best in my opinion, music-wise. Lyrics are generic stuff.

One of the few national anthem where GOD is mentioned.. After all it's obvious as Mauritius is Paradise on Earth..

The best I think too!

Greats words just listen

118 Barbados Barbados V 2 Comments
119 Maldives Maldives Maldives, officially the Republic of Maldives, is an island country and archipelago in the Indian Ocean.

We salute you in this national unity.
We salute you, with many good wishes in the national tongue,

Bowing the head in respect to the national symbol.
We salute the flag that has such might ;

It falls into the sphere of victory, fortune and success
With its green and red and white together, and therefore we salute it.

120 Paraguay Paraguay Paraguay, officially the Republic of Paraguay, is a landlocked country in central South America, bordered by Argentina to the south and southwest, Brazil to the east and northeast, and Bolivia to the northwest. V 2 Comments
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