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The Philippines was established in March 16, 1521 and named in honor of a Spanish King whose name is King Philip of Spain II. It is located at Asia, specifically at Southeast Asia. The capital is Manila. 89% of the people there currently are native, while 11% of people there are foreigners.


As a Filipino, our national anthem was the best song in my own opinion, because it tells the natural resources in our country, the history, and being a brave of our national heroes because they fight 'til there death to reach our country's peace and sovereignity...

The Philippine national anthem is one of the best anthems in the world because of the anthem itself shows how our Filipino heroes fought with determination and bravery, how they showed their love for their motherland and how they did not hesitate to fight for the freedom of their fellow country men... Reading between the lines is the way to know that we Filipinos are also proud and love to be in our country, of how rich and beautiful it is. It reflected the things we've learned despite the fact that we've been colonized by a lot of countries... That is where the unity, loyalty, bravery and patriotism of every Filipino is shown, even in the times of calamity, war, and lost of hope... We still fight.. Together as true Filipinos!

Really shows how high spirited, nationalistic and devoted the filipinos are to their country. This song can be the definition of being nationalism despite being undeveloped. This is no joke. Have you seen how strong filipinos are during super typhoons? How bright their spirits are for the future despite having a corrupt government for centuries? The anthem's tune also does speak for itself but like most treasures, it is what is inside that has true beauty.

"Thy banner dear to all hearts
Its sun and stars alright,
Oh, never shall its shining fields
Be dimmed by tyrants might."

Philippines has the best national anthem in the world. It will give you chills once you listen to it and it will absolutely touch your heart and soul. I am proud that I am able to sing the national anthem with my chorale. Proud to be a Filipino!

The most solid remnant of Filipino patriotism to the motherland, that has witnessed the slow encroachment of western globalization that has led our people to to fell inferior. But non the less it kept the living spirit, the living flame and the living love for the country of the few Filipinos who call it home.

Unsurpassed melody and brilliantly- thought lyrics! The anthem transforms the ordinary emotions of every Filipino to being extraordinary for the sole purpose of defending the country from foreign oppressors. The anthem is one magnificent piece that truly captures bravery and love of country in words, rhythm and beats.

Philippines is one of the most historic countries. Many colonizers wanted to own our country. Like USA, Japan, Spain and China. In the 18th and the 19th century, Philippines was just an ordinary country with less weapons and military. But our brave spirit stayed in our blood. OUR NATIONAL ANTHEM SAYS IT ALL.

The anthem shows how much Filipinos deserve to strive hard for their own future along with their loved ones and culture. Their anthem ultimately shows how much they sacrificed for their motherland with Blood and Sweat. Even at the cost of their own life they even have the desire to praise over God's creations like nature and guidance.

This anthem of the Filipinos looks as if they tell a story about the Philippines colonized three times and yet we won. The three countries that colonize us wasn't able to get us because we are proud and strong Filipinos are STRONG BRAVE AND HONEST. Am I right Filipinos.

Philippine National Anthem is very lively, not only that but it is also very inspiring and patriotic national anthem. Although the Filipino version was introduce in 1950 and officially use in 1960 but the original Spanish version is actually more beautiful than the English and Filipino version but the Filipino people is very proud to have the best and most lively national athem

Try to listen from charice version, you will be inspired...

The national anthem of Philippines is ver inspiring...

The Philippine National Anthem is the best and most patriotic anthem ever composed & written because it tells about the bravery of our forefathers who gave their lives for our freedom and liberty, love for our motherland, the beauty and splendor of our mountains & seas, its culture and its people. You can march while the anthem is played because it is in a "tempo di marcha" I vote this to be the best anthem in the world, hear how it is played

The anthem shows how the Filipino people's patriotism and their love for the country. It's also a very happy anthem and you will not get tired from waking up to this song every morning.

The Philippine National Anthem is Graceful and Fun. It really shows how filipinos adore and praise their land. I do like the Philippines it has great natural tourist spots.

Philippine national anthem is the second best national anthem for me, I think it would be the first for me if it is English..."chosen land".. right?

The anthem signifies a nation with dignity, integrity and strong principle in life and people willing to fight for the things they owned.

Philippines national anthem is the best because each time I heard that anthem coming from my girlfriend from Philippines, I smile because it's really sweet.

The Philippine Anthem is rich in history. It is also one of the most unique anthem in the world because it has been translated into three languages. I think it deserves to be one of the most beautiful anthems

The composition of the lyrics is really came from the heart of a loving Filipino

The philippine anthem is amazingly put together and as it grows it has never forgotten its past survival through out the wars and how hard the people fought for their country

One of the most hardest song to sing ever! Because of its unique beat and rhythm

Every time I listen to my country's national anthem, I get all choked up because its lyrics are just so plain and simple but at the same time so full of impact. Proud to be Filipino!

Musically and lyrically speaking it is the best. The music is inspiring, upbeat while the lyrics is so passionate and full of heart.

A Masterpiece. I love the flow of its sounds, beats and everything especially its meaning, it shows love and bravery over the country to fight for freedom.