Top Ten Countries that Hate Each Other

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1 North Korea and United States

Trump and kim are in love

The biggest monsters

North Korea Executes THEIR OWN PEOPLE, and The U.S.A has a High Rate of Crime. but These Countries do hate Each other. - TheInternetExplorer82

2 Israel and Palestine

Israel's existence should be stripped just like they stripped Palestinians of their lives, livelihood, their childhood, homes, and country.

Damn son where'd you find this

3 Russia and United States

OK. Must be higher - TheInternetExplorer82

4 India and Pakistan

India needs to let Pakistan move on instead of crying about us but we also need to get along we basically are like brothers we are just born into the hate our grandparents are all from India we are the same people we need to stop the hate and bring positivity.

Wrong. Pakistan isn't a flipping "safe haven for terrorists" if so then the whole country would be like, Syria? No? India needs to grow up and let Pakistan move on, they cry crocodile tears at every thing no wonder they're too blind to see their own nation's problems. Fact!

Rather India can't let go of the fact that Pakistan is a separate country and can't be undone and they should focus on their own country's problems. Pakistanis aren't full of hate towards India like it is the other way round.

Two Different ideoligies

5 Saudi Arabia and Iran
6 North Korea and South Korea
7 Armenia and Azerbaijan
8 India and Australia

Ok, this is just untrue

9 Russia and China
10 Russia and Ukraine

The Contenders

11 Syria and Israel

Isreal helps syrian refugeys - Tikva

12 United States and Saudi Arabia
13 United States and Iran

Nuclear bomb

14 Armenia and Turkey

Because Turkey refuses to take responsibility for the Armenian Genocide. - clusium

Armenians will eat turkeys for BEKFAST - TheInternetExplorer82

15 China and United States
16 Russia and Japan
17 Hungary and Romania
18 Greece and Turkey

Although the drama between the two countries ended centuries ago, there’s still that rivalry

19 Bahrain and Israel
20 Israel and Iran
21 Kosovo and Serbia

Isn't Kosovo's official language Serbian? - TheInternetExplorer82

Serbia and Albania. Kosovo is Serbian province and even Serbian name. And Albania start existing in 20st century (1912), Serbia exist for 1500 years.

You mean analbanania

Kosovo’s official language was and will always be Albanian language you idiots, you should inform your little brain more about Albanian’s history!

22 Croatia and Serbia
23 Jordan and United States

Where do you get your information? Jordan is a moderate among Arab states, and has enjoyed very favorable relations with the U.S. for sixty years.

24 Vietnam and China
25 Mexico and Brazil
26 Pakistan and Australia

'that's not true

27 China and Japan

China and japan japanese ghosts

28 Scotland and England

Free Scotland!

29 Germany and Russia
30 Jordan and Israel
31 United States and Mexico

Of course Donald Trump is Bulding a BIG BIG BIG wall. - TheInternetExplorer82

32 Colombia and Venezuela
33 Bolivia and Chile
34 Algeria and Morocco
35 Pakistan and Bangladesh
36 Great Britain and Ireland
37 Great Britain and France
38 Poland and Germany

Obvious thing

39 Georgia and Russia
40 Vietnam and United States
41 Japan and North Korea
42 Iraq and Syria
43 Serbia and Bosnia

Serbia:iron man bosnia:captian america

44 Italy and France
45 Germany and Greece
46 Eritrea and Ethiopia
47 China and Philippines
48 United States and China
49 Germany and France
50 Turkey and Greece
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