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India, officially the Republic of India, is a country in South Asia. It is the seventh-largest country by area, the second-most populous country (with over 1.2 billion people), and the most populous democracy in the world. Its capital is New Delhi. Some other major cities are Mumbai, Chennai, and Ahemdabad. more.


There is good music in Bollywood mind you, the old eras and the 90s has some lovely music but especially from the 90s onwards it was all love songs taking over, and one thing that I dislike is Indian music directors plagiarising songs from other countries. That still happens. Even the most popular of the popular songs today are remixed and the original Pakistani ones are forgotten. There are countless examples of that. And nowadays cheap lyrics has ruined the youth, there's too much inclination to the west

Indian traditional music has a long line of history and the roots of Indian music are millenia older than the America itself. Just by listening to some of the new fads, don't stereotype on something as old and rich as that. Elvis Presley songs make you feel good. Well it could... Stay in India for five years, see the people and listen to the real Indian music. You'll be amazed by the diversity, the beauty and the depth they contain.In places you'll see people singing in temples -self composed songs dedicated to God, and all the people in the croud with tears in their eye. I mean I've heard a LOT of American songs and alse am a devout Eminem fan, but Indian music is something that can deeply penetrate your soul and nurture it with it's eternal richness. Something that can bring tears in your eyes more than you can possibly conceive of.

I bet this music can be used as torture. The exact same beat every single time, and the exact same instruments. I assume the only difference is the lyrics. Probably some songs talk about strengthening their stench and others about creeping on women.

I've seen Aashiqui 2. Loved it when it came out plus the songs. All of them. But noticed something. A bit of the concept, how the guy teaches the girl music and then she becomes more famous than him - I've seen that already in an old Pakistani music video by Shafqat Amanat Ali, the song is called Khamaj (Mora Saiyaan). I'm not saying Bollywood copied this one in particular. But to be honest they have copied so many Pakistani songs, and never gave credit let alone ever have bought the rights. It's a shame because the original talent goes completely unnoticed. Thanks to YouTube channels that collated a bunch of Indian songs that were copied and matched them with their original songs. India, your music is good but please consider giving original artists their due rights.

Except some good old professional artists, all of their songs are either copied or God awful to listen.

India honestly has some good music whether of today or of the past but their music directors are pure copiers who always took and still take advantage of the reputation of countries like pakistan and rip off their music, songs and lyrics and make bucks in their Bollywood movies. 95% of Pakistani songs have been copied in Bollywood movies, English songs have also been victim. India is talented, very music in music field. It has always been part of the subcontinent. But they are thieves most of the time and claim other peoples hard work as their own.

How can Indian music be so popular with such cheap lyrics, cheap acting and actors, dress sense, everything. Nothing Indian in Indian music anymore. Its all copied or remade from old music.

I adore Indian music especially some of the Bollywood songs some people who have never heard Indian music other than the stereotypic crap assume it is bad

Indian music is absolutely horrible, it's the corniest annoying music ever, people who like it just have horrible taste, it is just flat out embarrassing.
I feel bad for those who actually like Indian songs that sound like bad jokes.

Weird music, ( sometimes even stolen) stupid dance ( like they have a dildo stuck up their asses ) and totally meaningless lyrics. Anyone who listens to this is either someone retard or a... retard. Even other retards are insulted by this.

Lol. Thinking intellectually, this ranking seems to be about the countries that make the best music. This ranking is given based on jealousy.

I'm sick of that high pitched female voiced and that awful male voices. Not mentions the same hindi instrumental though.

It's not music. It's the opposite of music. It is a screaming voice and chaos of instruments played with no harmony at all.

The old songs are better than the new ones. Like America today can be considered bad, it was surely better in the 20th century. Same goes for India.

The thing is, they copy Pakistani songs right from the start and up til now and Pakistan is their number 1 victim sadly since Pakistan wasnt as well known music however other countries songs also copied by Indian thieves like Korean and European etc

It is just really really bad the people sounds like cats dipped in hot tar. And in Bollywood films the people are not singing because the directors know the actors and actresses are bad singers and it seems dubbed mixed with autotune

I was going to say Canada, but then I saw India at the top and was stopped in my tracks. The Indian traditional singing voice, especially that high whiny nasal female voice, is the only human vocal sound that is worse than the Vuvuzela.

Being an Indian I'm sick of how people in my country listen to Bollywood and others. - Paree

Everything now is just a remake of popular old Bollywood songs and mainstream Indian music lacks originality just want to copy westerners and copy voice styles of other singers (with fail)-

American music is either horrible or great, Indian music is all horrible and pointless

Honestly the WORST music I've ever heard

Why? Because newer ones are filled with trashy lyrics and basically bollywood is full of songs copied from everywhere namely Pakistan, Korea, UK and USA and several others

Oh, come on guys, its not that bad. They have pretty catchy songs, (unlike k-pop).

India is supposed to chase Canada off the throne.

Good filmy music obviously Bollywood and their multi billion budget films everyone grew up listening to them no doubt at all there's a lot of good music. But whats with the westernisation and why add vulagarity to everything I'm just thinking there's nothing left for KIDS. All adulterated