Best Countries That No Longer Exist

The Top Ten

1 Bohemia

Bohemia was never a country

It was never a country

2 Moravia

I am part Moravian and I think that this nation should once more be self standing. Moravians have high living standards like other Europeans do and they have pious lives. - Epekov

3 Czechoslovakia

The name is cool and is hard to spell!

Its now the Czech Republic.

Remember 1968 & 1989! - CerealGuy

4 Muscovy
5 Bavaria
6 Kurdistan
7 Holy Roman Empire

These people were the start of almost EVERYTHING. They invented indoor plumbing and so much more! We'd be in such a different world without the romans, and many languages come partly from Latin. - emraldYE

Vatican is all that remains. - JustAnAccount

The foundation of the modern world.

They conquered the Central World along with the Prussians and Russians.

8 Ottoman Empire

They were an EMPIRE.

The biggest empire ever

This still does exist. It's called Turkey.

9 Prussia

The Space Marines will always win

How is he only at #9?

Awesome country.

I'm sorry but I had to say something from Hetalia. I know, I'm annoying. - MontyPython

10 Yugoslavia

I wish Yugoslavia will wake up from death. One day...

It Was Good Until Tito's Death, Then Things Got Ugly - JPK

It was good until the end of 1991.

Tito's probably rolling in his grave right now after the Yugoslav/Bosnian Wars

The Contenders

11 Soviet Union

The USSR collapsed because the USSR ate too many Big Mac's - CerealGuy

The USSR collapsed because they went"oh screw it" and died yeet

They couldn’t win the moon race because they kept Stalin

12 Tibet
13 Austria-Hungary

The Austro-Hungarian Empire was a massive empire consisting of Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Slovenia, Croatia, northern Serbia, northwestern Romania (Transylvania), southeastern Poland, and northeastern Italy (Tirol) in 1914. The inventor of genetic science was from Austria-Hungary. Nicola Tesla was from Austria-Hungary. Adolf Hitler was from Austria-Hungary (not that he's good or anything but we can all agree he had a huge impact on the world). Austria-Hungary had an awesome culture and it broke up into a zillion countries in 1918 due to all those ethnic groups clumped together. Just remember! The inventors of electric appliances and genetics come from this awesome nation! I hope it joins back together someday!

14 Biscay
15 Roman Empire
16 German Empire

A bigger Germany is a Greater Germany

17 East Germany

Honecker still owe me a Russian vodka - CerealGuy

18 Hawaii
19 Confederate States of America
20 Assyria
21 Etruscan League
22 Frisii
23 Hawaiian Kingdom

Ya Hawaii was its own country/kindom

24 Tuvan People's Republic
25 West Germany
26 Rhodesia
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