Best Countries That No Longer Exist


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1 Bohemia

Bohemia was never a country

2 Moravia

I am part Moravian and I think that this nation should once more be self standing. Moravians have high living standards like other Europeans do and they have pious lives. - Epekov

3 Czechoslovakia

The name is cool and is hard to spell!

Its now the Czech Republic.

Remember 1968 & 1989! - CerealGuy

4 Muscovy
5 Bavaria
6 Kurdistan
7 Holy Roman Empire

These people were the start of almost EVERYTHING. They invented indoor plumbing and so much more! We'd be in such a different world without the romans, and many languages come partly from Latin. - emraldYE

Vatican is all that remains. - JustAnAccount

The foundation of the modern world.

They conquered the Central World along with the Prussians and Russians.

8 Ottoman Empire

They were an EMPIRE.

The biggest empire ever

This still does exist. It's called Turkey.

9 Prussia

How is he only at #9?

Awesome country.

Prussia is very disappointed that he and his croch cloth are not #1 :3

I'm sorry but I had to say something from Hetalia. I know, I'm annoying. - MontyPython

10 Yugoslavia

Tito's probably rolling in his grave right now after the Yugoslav/Bosnian Wars

It Was Good Until Tito's Death, Then Things Got Ugly - JPK

I wish Yugoslavia will wake up from death. One day...

It was good until the end of 1991.

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11 Soviet Union

The USSR collapsed because they went"oh screw it" and died yeet

They couldn’t win the moon race because they kept Stalin

The USSR collapsed because the USSR ate too many Big Mac's - CerealGuy

12 Tibet
13 Austria-Hungary

The Austro-Hungarian Empire was a massive empire consisting of Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Slovenia, Croatia, northern Serbia, northwestern Romania (Transylvania), southeastern Poland, and northeastern Italy (Tirol) in 1914. The inventor of genetic science was from Austria-Hungary. Nicola Tesla was from Austria-Hungary. Adolf Hitler was from Austria-Hungary (not that he's good or anything but we can all agree he had a huge impact on the world). Austria-Hungary had an awesome culture and it broke up into a zillion countries in 1918 due to all those ethnic groups clumped together. Just remember! The inventors of electric appliances and genetics come from this awesome nation! I hope it joins back together someday!

14 Biscay
15 Roman Empire
16 German Empire
17 East Germany

Honecker still owe me a Russian vodka - CerealGuy

18 Hawaii
19 Confederate States of America
20 Assyria
21 Etruscan League
22 Frisii
23 Hawaiian Kingdom

Ya Hawaii was its own country/kindom

24 Tuvan People's Republic
25 West Germany West Germany
26 Rhodesia
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