Top Ten Countries That Should Fight Against Each Other

Some countries could fight other countries in the future, others would just be in peace and would not fight.

The Top Ten

1 India vs. Pakistan

Pakistan is a peaceful country but India is not peaceful country. Indian peoples are very bad.

Indian hindus doesn't know how to respect muslims.

India is a peaceful country, but Pakistan always invades India in any way it can

India does not really like Pakistan that much, so I'm thinking they are going to have a war soon.

2 United States vs. Russia

Got to be cool if the Cold war happened again, and now involve nukes! I just wanna see the world eventually falls to a nuclear winter, while I'm at a bunker eating popcorn and watching Armageddon.

No Winner.

Your mum gay

RIP world

3 England vs. France

I'm not sure if they signed the peace treaty, but they could have a war with England getting victory and France being the loser.

4 Mexico vs. Spain

This could be the funniest way ever in the world.

5 Brazil vs. Netherlands

I voted for Brazil, they have ronaldinho! Netherlands is looser with ugly fat citizen.

They could fight against each other with Netherlands being the winner.

6 Vietnam vs. China

That is stupid china is 5x the size of vietnam that's not fair

They could fight against each other and have an east Asia war. China could be the winner.

China is 30x better than Vietnam. In other words, Vietnam is stupid

Come on China u should win defeat this west Vietnam country

7 Iran vs Israel

I think Israel would definitely defeat Iran with the Help of the US and NATO.

I would rather praise the democracy of Israel but don't appreciate the idea of Zionism. Iranian Government is just another hell hole.

Death to Israel

Technically it is Iran vs the illuminati. fat

8 Canada vs. Germany

If these two went to war, canada would get murdered by germany and I'm an american saying this

They could have a fight with Canada winning the war.

9 Niger vs. Morocco

Winner => Morocco

In Africa, they could have a war between those 2 countries with Morocco winning it.

10 Poland vs. Russia

I think Russia would definitely defeat Poland because they are the largest country in Europe with strong armies.

The Contenders

11 United States vs. Germany

USA can beat Germany but they would be crippled economically politically and militarily

12 United States vs. United Kingdom

It's cannot happen because both countries are in NATO.

13 France vs. Spain

They could have a war with France winning it.

14 Brazil vs. Argentina
15 Greece vs Turkey
16 United States vs. China

We could fight against China and we would win! We would also beat Russia.

17 China vs Philippines
18 Sri Lanka vs Zambia
19 Kosovo vs Serbia

Probably Kosovo will win

20 Singapore vs North Korea
21 Portugal vs. Spain

They could have a war with Spain being the winner.

22 Zimbabwe vs. Tobago
23 Australia vs. New Zealand

We are the closest allies you can find but we really need to let off some steam. Australia owns Pavlova, deal!

Only on the sports field.

24 Ukraine vs Russia
25 Spain vs Venezuela
26 Ireland vs. United Kingdom

I like both though.

Take back the North Boys. Ireland Rules - Har-Jak

27 Vatican City vs Russia
28 Egypt vs Ethiopia
29 Pakistan vs Iran
30 Pakistan vs Israel
31 Scotland vs England
32 United States vs Japan
33 USA, UK, France, Russia vs Germany
34 Yugoslavia vs Ukraine
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