Top Ten Countries That Should Unite

Many countries have same culture, languages, way of living, food and others. They should intend to Unite. Unity may not mean have the same government but citizens can independently move through the countries.

The Top Ten

1 North Korea and South Korea

Only once the kim jong family is defeated

2 United States and Canada

They have almost everything same but still are not one - yatharthb

This could happen, thinking about it, this would be nice, I can imagone a flag, and havong NYC, Chicago, Toronto and Montreal in 1 coungry, no doubt it woukd be the best

3 United Kingdom and Ireland

Ireland is not a part of United Kingdom, Northern Ireland is a part of British Isles, Southern Ireland which consists of 80% Ireland is NOT a part of United Kingdom. Only 20% of Ireland is part of British Isles,0% of Ireland is part of United Kingdom. - yatharthb

Ireland is part of United Kingdom you arse - Champmash

How many times have I got to tell you. You bufoon Nothern Ireland is part of the United Kingdom. - Champmash

4 Domitian Republic and Cuba
5 India and Pakistan

I am an Indian and I don't wish to be linked to a mulla loving violent jihadi terrorist nation.

6 Sudan and South Sudan
7 Australia and New Zealand

I strongly disagree with all the elements above this one. Those pairs are of so different countries an union could be for worse unless societies change. - keyson

It is not necessary that government will be same, but citizen can freely travel through the border without any visa or special documents - yatharthb

8 Germany and Austria

Anchuss is love

9 France and Luxembourg
10 Israel and Palestine

The Contenders

11 Italy and Malta
12 Greece and Turkey
13 The Netherlands and Belgium

That would be awesome

14 Argentina and Uruguay
15 Brazil and Colombia
16 Brazil and Argentina
17 Brazil and Uruguay
18 Brazil and Peru
19 Russia and Belarus
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1. North Korea and South Korea
2. United Kingdom and Ireland
3. United States and Canada



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