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Turkey, officially the Republic of Turkey, is a transcontinental country in Eurasia, mainly in Anatolia in Western Asia, with a smaller portion on the Balkan peninsula in Southeast Europe. Turkey is bordered by eight countries with Greece and Bulgaria to the northwest; Georgia to the northeast; Armenia, ...read more.


Turks believes that they born as a soldier, and look at their history, they really know how to be in war, enough experience and strong Army. If there is a WW3, I wouldn't be against them.

Turkey is a very strong and modern state between Asia and Europe is a strong state

Turkey mostly joined nato because of the soviet union was a thread against Turkey for comunism but since the last 10 years Turkeys army has become more powerful it can protect itself against anyone and sinds turks are extremly nationalistic they would die for their country!

Have a look at gallipoli or the Korean China war in South Korea they had no bullet left in their guns the enemy outnumbered the turks with sizes 3 times of the turks and yet they win by sacrificing big in a heroic battle!

Turkeys hate for the west will be in my opinion the trigger to a serious confrontation, it scares me to think that NATO and the U.K have such close ties with a country that openly supports terrorist groups and bombs those triying to stop its spreading... They are not our allies, for the contrary. Their policies put the whole of the world at risk, the media blind us into thinking that Russia are the terrible contra part in this ordeal, these games with Russia will end up quite badly, as soon as Turks step foot in Syrian sovereign territory, the Russians have all the right to defend the territory, just as the Turks "defended theirs". But as always communism will be seen as the worlds evil if such happens.

Turkey is an economical power house with the 2nd largest economy in the world. Not even 200, 000 protesters in Taksim square, Istanbul last week could bring it down as they have tryed. That and it has a HUGE military that is capable of carrying out operations anywhere in the world. The only reason its staying in NATO is so they could benefit Militarily ( as if it wasn't strong enough) and Turkey is producing its own weapons, planes, tanks, helicopters and artillery. Personally I think think they are preparing for WW3 with the Russians ( as the Syrian crises worsens) and are bringing back the Ottoman Empire ( Koran and Bible prophecy

Turkey should leave NATO cause we are not just militarily powerful, and cultural bridge between east and west, and we want to protect EVERYONE FROM EACH OTHER, not just west from Iran, Russia, China..

Turks need to stop voting for Israeli political proxy puppets who own their country directly. Come on, USA and Israel did massive holocaust in Iraq, Afghan, Libya, Gaza, Palestine. No arab countries help but instead of helping Turkey now made formal alliance with Israel. Don't be stupid. Leave NATO, join Russia resistance. We're not hostile, Christian of Russia, Buddhism of China, Communism of North Korea, Shia of Iran, Muslim of Syria, Hinduism of India. Whole world with different religion unite to go against USA-Zionism pro NWO to stop their holocaust on human race. Open your eyes, open your mind. NATO are just black sheep that do what his master ask without questioning. We're able to crush em if world war 3 triggered, but it'll be better if we can recruit new allies as many as we can for the upcoming war.

Turkiye has very strong army and no need to benefit from NATO. As we see current Syria issues NATO late to take action and useless.Already 120.000 thousand people killed in Syria. Where is NATO? Some more Turkish prime minister claims NATO is useless. I agree with Turkish PM.

It is true that Ottoman Empire was giving human being best life standart at that time. If Turks brings Ottoman I would like to be ruled in peace too.As you see commonwealth system and Nato works only at specifik countries.But what I read about Ottoman they were helping everyone around the world. Even they sail to destroy Holland from Aceh Indonesia.ihad some Turkish friends they are different then all Muslim countiries. They are logic, fair, friendly.They will never harm anyone. If you look the Turks history they have never invade any countries but they were attacked by France, Uk, Australia, Greece even south india. But they nevver lost. I can't imagine how they can't stand but hey are still there as a ...more

Yes Turkey should leave NATO!..Still one wonders if a hostile Turkey might be better to stay in?...It might well be more dangerous for the west if Turkey becomes a Russian Trojan...What ever the case...Turkey getting closer to Russia and Iran is good for Turkey!

Turkey is a strong country who can protect itself look at Indepence war.

I don't know what Turkey do in NATO. Period. Turkey being bashed by so many countries in NATO. Turkey have a great deal with Russia, but spoilt it. I don't know why, but Turkey administration currently seems want to destroy Turkey future..

China is the second largest economy in the World!

Not only does this country need to be kicked from NATO... But also needs to be brought down. Bare with me here... We should take down the government of turkey, then partitioning the land between Greece, Armenia, Kurdistan, and potentially another country for the muslim population. This would be better for everyone in the long run would solve land disagreements and help diplomatic relations.

Turkey is more of an enemy rather then a member, they support Islamic State and they want to rebuild the Ottoman Empire. Turkey should not be in NATO, Turkey should be bombed by NATO as Turkeys intentions are pure hostile towards Europe.

I think Turkey is the best place in nato because Turkey located in both places

We should follow an independent and pro-peace foreign policy.

NATO should not protect dictatorships. Abolish the friendly relations with this Islamic regime known to suppress all those who do not agree with the party.

Turkey is the best army in nato. Cause it has huge air force that could destroy any other nato country and of course Israel

They kill children, they murder women, they have committed countless genocides, they fail to recognize Kurd's as Humans, they bomb Kurd's that are fighting ISIS. They have stolen land from Kurdistan, Bulgaria, Greece, Armenia, Syria. They are horrible people with no manners whatsoever. There army is a terrorist organization that supports other terrorist groups. Worst country ever, and it shouldn't even exist, it was built on other races land as a French and British puppet. Yuk!

Turkey is undermining the European security.

Tensions with Russia are too high, and Turkey isn't the brightest ally, and will likely cause us war with Russia.

Turkey should leave NATO. I wish people would realize what a terrorist organization that Turkey is. I'm not saying all Turks are bad, but their government most certainly is. This corrupt country bombs the innocent Kurds, helps ISIS and is against western civilization. Turkey has no place in NATO.

Turkey is fast moving from a democratic and secular country to a country ruled by an autocrat, Mr. Erdogan, who has strong pro-Islam leanings. The separation of religion and state so important to western alliance members will soon have been an historical curiosity in Turkey. The country throws its power around based on the backing of NATO, committing atrocities against the Kurds, and still have not reconciled their responsibilities with regards to the Armenian genocides. Turkey is simply unfit for inclusion in NATO.

Turkey don't need NATO no longer

I think this will happen very soon. It is obvious that Turkey likes to be a part of the ones who will winn in the future. So, Russia and its allies.