How WWIII Might Go: Part 1

Turkeyasylum World war three is inevitable. It will happen eventually, but hopefully not soon. But how will this happen?

Here's how I think it will begin, in one blog post. The war's idea will be communism versus capitalism, but there might be a little bit of other ideologies thrown in there. North Korea is one of the first countries to begin the war. North Korea ends up attacking South Korea, and after this happens, the USA comes and helps South Korea. However, both Russia and China help North Korea, and they annex all of South Korea. With this in mind, I will always refer to North Korea as Korea.

But this is only part one of the start of the war. At the same time, China is also attacking Taiwan, who at this time was granted into the UN after China finally budged. Some other countries (the UK, Brazil, and South Africa mostly) try to stop this from happening, but China conquers all of Taiwan. The USA tries to free Taiwan, but this fails due to help from Korea.

Meanwhile, the leader of Russia at this time revives the USSR, and brings even stronger thes between them, China, and Korea. These will be the three largest contributers to the Communists in WWIII. Ither main countries will be Cuba, Vietnam, and the overthrown-with-Communism country of Arabia, which makes up much of the Middle East.

Also, a large amount of countries losing power to China at this time, including the USA, the UK, India, Argentina, Brazil, France, Israel, South Africa, Brazil, Japan, Australia, and Germany all decide to plan an attack on China to free Taiwan. These countries make up the Capitalists, and their sole goal of the war at first was to free Taiwan, but it changes to become the plans to eliminate Communism.

The first part of the war with participating countries directly attacking each other is the Arabia-Israel case. Arabia attacks Israel to try to unite the Middle East under a Communist theocracy. At this time, Palestine was free from Israel and already part of Arabia. Arabian forces attack Israel, but the United States helps Israel stay independent.

But here is where total warfare starts. The country of Laos, Communist at this time, was having a Capitalist revolution. America, the UK, and Brazil (the 3 main Capitalists) guide the Capitalists, while the Communists (USSR, Korea, China) guide the Communist government. In the end, this results in a split in Laos temporarily. But, Korea declares war on the US.

Korea tries to nuke the US at this point, and has the warheads shot. When they try to nuke the USA, they accidentally hit Tiajuana, Mexico, but also San Diego, California. Bth cities get annihilated, but Mexico also gets oulled into the war. The US responds with a nuke aimed at P'yongyang, and the nuke hits, but the nuke was weaker to prevent too much war. Korea is out of nukes at this time, so the attack Los Angeles directly. The USA pushed them out, though.

So, that's part one. The next part is gonna be out soon.


World war 3 could happen. Hopefully when I'm not alive. - Therandom

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