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Japan is an island country in East Asia in the Pacific Ocean. It lies off the eastern coast of the Asia Mainland (east of China, Korea, Russia) and stretching from the Sea of Okhotsk in the north to the East China Sea and near Taiwan in the southwest. ...read more.


imagine a small country like japan and the big country such as united states and canada which has the best lifestyle and if you're talking about megadiverse in ecuador, japan is better. from okinawa, which is very hot and hokkaido which is very cold. it is a mountainous country, with lesser raw materials due to mountainous region but they can do the best lifestyle - ronluna

It is great. I can't see any beggars here because Japanese people works so hard. Best in Technology, Video Games, Music, entertainment, girls, tourist spots, everything is beautiful here. Don't ever believe that there is no greater country in America. - ronluna

Safe, hi-tech and convenient life with nice and honest people. Not as expensive as people think. If you have $5, you can buy a lunch. They have variety of food at reasonable price as well. :) Ah public transport is the best in the world!

I am a chinese but I think japan is an incredible country. However for some of you western fellas the life style in japan might be way too hectic. Those hard-working asians probably will drive you crazy.

Really want to live here its like America but with better shoes and fashion and everything is so cool. I love Tokyo with a passion lol jk - ballaboi17

Japan has so many sightseeing spot, mountains, beaches, hot springs... And also is shopping paradise!

Japanese can live longer than any other ethnics.

Super safe country, a girl can go out even midnight!

It seems that Japanese people is quite satisfied with their life.

better than countries 1 to 9 I guarantee it. this country have everything you need. - ronluna

It's a beautiful country.
And safety, cleanly.
Japanese people are diligent and kind.
Their lifestyle is a good example for me to follow!

Safe, good people, and healthy food!

Law crime rate, super-safe country

If you go there, you definitely will know the reason!

Japanese lives longer, means their life is a ideal

I think Japan should be ranked as number 1 for this title.

I've been to Japan more than 10 times... You know why?
You visit there and will know why!

I like mount fuji and onsen! Also Japanese cuisine is so delicious!

The idiot who said Japanese people have the longest life is not true. Japans is 83.94 years. The highest IS ACTUALLY Monaco, with 89.68 years

Seems like a beautiful, almost magical lifestyle and place to be. I love the outgoing fashion and the beauty of their culture. - keycha1n

I have to say, Japan is a pretty awesome country. - TheCanadianLoyalist