Top Ten Countries With the Greatest Fat Population

This list was already created, but not only was it not sourced, it was factually incorrect. So here's the truth.
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The Top Ten

1 USA: 78 million obese individuals, 33% of the adult population

Yep, that is quite expected. Those Americans are so damn fat that they can't even fit into their front door or even in their living room. And 78 million... That's a lot of idiots.

Try using statistics that are not almost 10 years old. Mexico is now past the US by a couple of percentage points, the UK is not far behind at 27 percent, Germany at 25 percent, and a lot of small nations are way higher by percentage.

Why am I not surprised to see this first... - Minecraftcrazy530

This is very streotyping against every country in this list. Not everyone is obese! People suffer Anorexia too in these countries. By the way u should call someone fat.
Stop streotyping people! Not everyone is fat not every adult has a cellphone, not every girl likes pink! We all have different sizes, interest, appearances, talents, and style stop just saying everyone is fat or everyone does this everyone does that

2 China: 46 million obese individuals, 4.4% of the adult population

Chinese food is just too nice for them. - IronSabbathPriest

Fat Americans is a stereotype we are not even that fat.Most people I see that are fat are immigrants with weird acsents

3 India: 30 million obese individuals, 3.8% of the adult population

At least they're the smallest here by percentage of the population. - PositronWildhawk

4 Russia: 28 million obese individuals, 24.1% of the adult population
5 Brazil: 22 million obese individuals, 16.2% of the adult population
6 Mexico: 20 million obese individuals, 26.9% of the adult population

These numbers are way out of date, Mexico has recently passed the USA for percentage of obese within the population.

7 Egypt: 18 million obese individuals, 35.9% of the adult population

Largest in the top ten by population percentage. So if Egypt and USA were the same size, Egypt would be fatter. - PositronWildhawk

8 Germany: 16 million obese individuals, 24.3% of the adult population

This actually surprises me; I didn't notice many fat people when I visited back in 2013. - PetSounds

Being in Germany right now, it's very noticeable. Most people seem to be in good shape, but a lot of them are quite severely obese. - PositronWildhawk

9 Pakistan: 14 million obese individuals, 13.6% of the adult population
10 Indonesia: 11 million obese individuals, 6.8% of the adult population