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Pakistan was established in 1947 and is located in South Asia. Islamabad is the capital city of Pakistan and is known as the world's second most beautiful capital city. Karachi, Lahore and Peshawar are other major cities of Pakistan. Urdu and English are official languages of Pakistan. World's second more.


Though Pakistan is always showed as the most corrupt, dangerous and critical country, though it is, but because of very few people. Every country treats Pakistan as a very poor and useless country. But they don't know what Pakistan really is. It is filled up with natural beauty. If you will go there, you will be obsessed. It has things, greenery, deserts, a mixture of these both, historical places, buildings, beaches, oceans, Rivers, lakes, all the things. It is just like having all the things you like to eat in the fridge. It's name is ruined by some stupid people. I live in a foreign country. Every year my family and I visit Pakistan. Every year I am so scared because in the media they show that if you will visit Pakistan you will be killed etc. but when it visited this year, I wasn't in the mood for coming back. So green and good and no one even bother to do anything to you. If somebody will ever offer me to exchange my country I will never. I love Pakistan. I love it's weather. ...more

Pakistani people have natural beauty glowing face and stunning figure because they are blessed with beauty by allah

Pakistan has most beautiful people fare colour tall and thin they spoke most beautiful they have big hair they have beautiful eyes and most beautiful things I can't say they are so beautiful...

Pakistan has the best combination of black and white, you can find every tone of color here

Fact that this country on this biased site is top on lists like "terrorism countries" and the like, but also top on most beautiful people.. Explains it all! They are thrown all this hate but it literally doesn't shake them, they literally don't spit back at you. They pretty much, as a people, just get on with their lives. They have nothing to prove to you because there's no point speaking to ignorant people that CHOOSE to see only bad. Pakistani people you are all amazing. There are bad people in every place when will people get that, bad governance exists everywhere too. Open your eyes man

Pakistani people are innocent that is why they are beautiful and being used. The main beauty comes from heart if your heart is clean without trash you do not think bad for others it will make you look beautiful, there is no one born ugly the all your heart gets from the earth is the image of you. Every color is beautiful you will clearly see a freshness, shining, hope and smiling on Pakistani faces that are signs of beauty. Pakistani people are friendly and Halal food makes them healthy and more stunning.

Every single individual is beautifully honest internally and externally, there is no match of Pakistan. I went to Pakistan as a tourist and the northeren sides of Pakistan had uncountable beautiful family oriented people and I was left gazing toward their reflection.

Pakistanis are loving, attractive, not so red not so black, balance, guiet, and with natural beauty, I think they are better then people from Africa, Asia, Arab and Europe,

They have all the faces and complexion you can think of from north to south

I think they are very very beautiful looking way way better than their neighbouring India.. But unfortunately Pakistan is shown very negative around the world.

Pakistani girls are so beautiful and what makes them even beautiful is they cover up

Pakistani people are naturally gorgeous! Golden looking skin and beautiful dark hair!

Pakistani women are beautiful indeed!

I am a Pakistani and we Pakistani are beautiful because of our manners and by skin actually fair. that's why Indians are jealous of us because we Pakistani are prettiest in the world

Honesty of this country is it's beauty but because of some bad people it is always criticized.

Pakistan and Pakistani peoples are so beautiful and the beauty of Pakistani people's are natural beauty

Pakistanis are indeed beautiful from inside and outside. They are humble friendly, simple, trust worthy, generous, loving, passionate, optimistic, brave, intelligent people with a great sense of humor and with a commendable morally strong character which reveals a charming expression on their faces and in their sparkling eyes.

We are most beautiful and wonderful people in the world

Pakistan has the most handsome and beauty full people

Most beautiful country. Most beautiful people.

Pakistan Zindabad is a slogan best describe the heart of Pakistan. Its called long live Pakistan. The founder of Pakistan is Muhammad Ali Jinnah who is the truthful leader and man of his words unlike Gandhi whom M A Jinnah called a" liar." This nation has encountered the worse type of terrorism by neighboring countries like India and Afghanistan after the American presence in Afghanistan but look at this nation the most resilient people on earth to stay defiant and equipped. Defying every odds with best intelligence in the world and the courage ordinary Pakistanis have to fight back power with the Grace of God. Warm and generous, beautiful people, definitely intelligent nation. The most number of ambulance service called Edhi ambulance is in Pakistan. The most highest mountain range is in Pakistan. World second best quality cotton grown in Pakistan after Egyptian cotton. The best Mango comes from Pakistan called Summer Bahisht.

Physical beauty yes. If Pakistani women take good care of themselves then at least half of the miss world and universe will be from Pakistan.

I thinks Pakistani people know that simplicity is the best policy, so they stick on that!

Pakistan is the country where you can find beauty from dark black to pale white. Most of them are light brown.

I am prude of my self because I am Pakistani and its really Pakistan very beautiful and peoples are very beautiful and very kind.