Top 10 Pairs of Countries with Similar Flags

The Top Ten
1 Romania and Chad

Chad's is a bit darker.

2 Norway and Iceland

Different flags. same for ivory coast and Ireland. and germany and Belgium. and everything on this list

Could you please put pictures? 😅

3 Ivory Coast and Ireland
4 Germany and Belgium
5 Poland and Indonesia and Monaco
6 Monaco and Poland
7 Mexico and Italy
8 Latvia and Austria
9 Bahrain and Qatar

Bahrain flag has only 5 of those triangular things but Qatar has lot of them. Bahrain flag is red in colour, but Qatar flag is maroon/magenta in colour. Other than that, they are the same. - styLIShT

10 Australia and Bermuda
The Contenders
11 Costa Rica and Thailand
12 Yemen and Syria
13 Iceland and Norway
14 China and Vietnam
15 Tuvalu and Fiji
16 Netherlands and Russia
17 Australia and New Zealand
18 Luxembourg and Netherlands
19 Columbia and Ecuador
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