Korean food is so tasty. I visited a friend and stayed with her parents in Korea. So I ate home cooked meals, restaurant food and traditional dishes served for a family gathering marking the death anniversary of my friend's grandparent.

The food is so tasty and varied. I loved when dining out how the table was filled with a variety of Kimchi, not ordered, but just the condiments to every meal.

The Korean sushi was very disappointing however compared to Japan (I ended up cooking the fish in my soup! ).

Have you ever tried Ttongsul?
Its Korean traditional liquor.
So tasty! When you visit Korea, try it!

Korean likes spicy food.
Like tteokboki(spicy ricecake) or bibimbab(tasty rice)!
And kimbap(vegetables and rice with seaweed) and bulgogi(beef) is delicious too!

Do you mean North Korea? North Korea doesn't have any food

Food in Korea is especially delicious... it's best when you're actually in the country though. Everything I've tried was so good, not just traditional cuisine, but also pizzas, fried chicken, dessert, etc. Korean cuisine is fresh, and they use a lot of veggies. it's easy to be vegetarian there. and tender, fresh meat is also plentiful.

Korea has the best food in my opinion because it's fresh or preserved freshed, beautifully seasoned and about authenticity and health over taste.

Korean food is very widely ranged from healthy vegan foods to greasy fried pancakes or fried chicken (which is not technically "korean" but the soy sauces are so good... ) speaking of sauces... It is hard to elaborate korean food without mentioning sauces because sauces are what makes the food tasty. Must try: tofu soup, kalbi/bbq, chicken fries, pancakes, bibimbap...

im from florida and I thought I wouldn't be able to even touch the food because it looks so spicy but its really really good:)
and its healthy

Lots of great delicious foods like noodles and sea food chicken and others I wish I could have all the food in Canada

Most of the Korean food is so healthy, nutritious and looking good. Also, Korean food has long history itself.

No question. Korean food should be top 5 easily

I'm assuming you mean South Korea and not North Korea. Am I right? - Turkeyasylum

They have bunch of healthy food.
Not only just looking but it's taste and nutrition are perfect.
They should more let the people of other countries know their own food like Japan.

I am living in S. Korea now and although I'm a REALLY picky eater, I've found LOTS of great stuff here. It's so different from the states, but that's what I love about it! - steph

Have you tasted Korean food! So GOOD ah my mouth is watering just thinking about it!

You can see the cheap restaurants that has amazing foods, everywhere! This should be higher in this list.

Korea has great food! Like I think spaghetti... Or was that Italy?


Korea ===== Vomit Food...

I am half Korean myself and I love Korean foods! They are all so tasty and are amazingly rich with flavor.

Which Korea? I understand "best Korea only Korea" but at least specify with flag in the upper left corner!

The only think I have to say is Korea BBQ... Better than any other food in the world.

I am from South Korea and guys, I can tell you, you're missing out on a LOTS of foods! - iiKyodaiKickz

Exotic, special and can't forget the flavor of the food

If you want a table full of different variety, it is Korean food all the way. Think of it as tapas but you have to eat them with rice.

Korean food is healthy. Colorful and there is a harmony between materials.

Made with love, that's what gives it so good taste
Try it and you won't be able to stop eating

Korean food is healthy. Colorful and there is a harmony between materials.