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Mexican Food is amazing, It's not only about tacos, it is about much more things; Sopes, Gorditas, Huaraches, Mole, Pozole, Pastel Azteca, Quesadillas, Enchiladas Potosinas, Tacos Rojos, Flautas, Tortitas de Papa, Crema de Elote, Tamales, Chilaquiles, Tostadas, Chiles Rellenos, Chiles en Nogada, Jaibas Rellenas, and some others just to mention a few ones.

You cannot taste the real flavour of Mexican Food outside of Mexico.

I can surely say that Mexican Food is The Best all over the world.

You gotta know that Chocolate is originary from Mexico too, and it's delicious with milk "Chocolate Caliente"

Don't forget to taste the Mexican Bakery there are more than 3000+ types of bread, salty and sweet in all Mexico.

It's the best because you can't just pick one plate, there's too many to choose from that it will drive you insane, and everything is just delicious. The dishes even differ from region to region, and even from state to state, even 2 neighboring states will have completely different dishes all their own aside from the the ones they share as a region or country and even then each state has their own way of making those shared dishes... It's just insane the variety and flavors their dishes have

Me as a born Mexican I know what real mexican tastes like because taco bell is not mexican food if you want real mexican food come down to el paso and go to chicos tacos or go to Mexico like Sinaloa or Jalisco and here true mexican food is served like tacos de cabeza or in winter when we eat menudo, eat churros, and drink shampurro. But if you are looking for the best mexican food either look for a dish called gorditas or any tacos. - PePsMeX

Love the fragrances and well mixed spices, it is so exotic and delicious, also the tequila is wonderful, and the wide variety of typical dishes in different country areas are so complex as for example in the North part of the country the delicious meat cooked in charcoal and wheat tortillas with hot sauce are delicious, in the center the mole, the enchiladas, chiles en Nogada and so on, and in the south the seafood, the cochinita pibil from yucatan and etcetera, you need a life to discover the delicious mexican food!

P.S. by the way in this list I think also should be listed the russian food and their delicious salads. - hugoemx

What can I say Mexican food has been declared cultural heritage of humanity by the UNESCO and if you think Mexican food is just tacos, burritos and tortas you are in for quite a surprise, every state in Mexico is got their own cuisine, different ingredients different ways of preparation and all of it delicious, to really appreciate Mexican food you would have to take a tour through every state for a culinary adventure like no other from the fanciest restaurants to the street vendors everywhere treats for your taste buds and be prepared to be amazed.

Mexico has many dishes that are extremely delicious and unique from each other. Not like Italy that most famous dishes has to do with some kind of Pastas. I agree that Chinese, Italian and Mexican food are the big three, but Mexico has so many dishes that are soo competitive that it is hard to pick just one dish. So please, come down to earth and wake up and acknowledge that Mexico when it comes to food, is a tough country to beat.

People traveling to Mexican Caribbean must try out the Original Mayan cuisine, this excellent realm of the Mexican gastronomy is considered by some people as "food of kings" and some of its recipes could be amazingly fancy, the flavor, well... You have to find out for yourself. Mayan cuisine in Mexico is only one example of the great and enormous variety of food that you can encounter by travelling to Mexico.

A few days ago, some Chinese girl asked me if I missed Chinese food when I went back to Mexico, I immediately answered without hesitation "NO", she almost choked on her food, her eyes wide open and she asked why? And I said "because Mexican food is so amazing".

If I had to choose one cuisine to eat until the day I die, that would be Mexican food, by far the best in the entire world!

Most of the people do not know the huge variety of cuisine that a country like Mexico can offer not even the Mexican people. This is natural since the number of delicious dishes found in Mexico is disturbingly big!. In 2010 UNESCO added the Mexican cuisine to the Intangible Cultural Heritage list, being only the Japanese and French the other two recognized cuisines. It was very surprising for me to find a traditional soup in restaurants in Europe under the concept of luxury when in reality the soup was very cheap and fast to make. For me it was very basic Mexican cuisine (way far from the good one) at a very expensive price.

I am sorry but Mexican Food is way better than Italian. Mexican food plays with your taste buds, where Italian food can be a bit one note. However, Italian food is really good too! With Mexican food, you have to eat what they really eat, not what they sell you, because their authentic food is amazing, fresh, and dimensional.

I can't imagine living without Mexican food. The variety, combinations, ingredients, flavor, aroma, etc, etc are just perfect. Eating Mexican food makes me experience such different feelings and emotions. I am totally glad and proud of being Mexican because I can enjoy this culinary experience almost everyday with authentic Mexican ingredients. VIVA MÉXICO!

They have AT LEAST one dish per day of the year. It goes from meat, salads, desserts and their AWESOME sweet bread... AND they're VERY generous and kind when it comes about giving food. GOD! THANK YOU SO MUCH for mexican people!

One word: flautas. Spent a week in the communities of Tijuana (La Gloria, Rosarito, Las Margaritas, etc. ) and this is the best thing I had the pleasure of eating! And there are so many great foods to choose from in this cultured country. I bought some filled with steak from a street vendor in La Gloria. I also had some filled with potatoes and frijoles, homemade, from a sweet family in Las Margaritas. Avoid restaurants if you want a real taste of Mexico. There are many vendors out on the streets of neighborhoods and some will even let you into their home to make you a plate to go.

Best foods ever known to man kind its unique and no other country can make Mexican food like them Mexicans and if you ever go to Mexico eat at Mexican restaurants no matter how expensive it is so give it try and Mexico #1 baby no other country can be compared to Mexico!

This is a tough one. I'm Japanese and want to say Japan and Italy's food is the best because it's the healthiest but I crave Mexican food more than both. Even my wife agrees. You know what it is? It's the cheese!

Hands down. Mexico has some of the BEST food in the world. I went to a Mexican restaurant once and was the only Mexican there, the rest were all American noobs, not trying to be racist here. Viva Los Tacos! Americans can never get them right...

It is the best I love to eat everyday but the best is the most traditional dishes not so easy to find around the world because its difficult to find all the ingredients, I love gorditas, flautas, tostadas, guaraches, chimichangas, tacos dorados, tortas ahogadas, in California the best of all is the roll tacos with extra cheese sauce m mm mm

Anyone who has had authentic Mexican food would definitely agree on its awesomeness. By Mexican food I don't mean Taco Bell or Del Taco or other gross American imitations, I mean REAL Mexican food. I'm so hungry. :'(

Mexico is great food they influenced Filipino food the usa and other country even thou they don admit it I been around the world and am an American Mexico the best Food even thou lots of hater comparing but can't come close I also love Latin American food

All I have to say is that Mexican food is better than italian food. The reason I say this is by how Mexico has everything which includes exotic tastes and lots of different flavors. Mexico has a lot of delicious food that the list is so long. There's the famous tacos, enchiladas, mole, tortas, chiles rellenos, empanadas, quesadillas, menudo, pozole, tamales, sopes, aguas frescas and lots more. The list goes on, Mexico has a very unique taste in it's food that no other country has. Even though italian food is also good I think it doesn't offer the same flavors as Mexico. No one can beat Mexico. Mexican food should'nt be in 2nd place it should be in 1st since it's world reknown and Mexico discovered most of the ingredients Italy uses for their food like tomatoes. What would italy do without the tomato if most of their foods. Mexico is the best. VIVA LA COMIDA MEXICANA!

Mexican food is the greatest contribution of Mexico to the planet, it has conquered a very respectable place in the world and my guess is that once everyone on earth knows and try it it will became the number one choice.

Don't be fooled if you think Taco Bell is real Mexican food. It's just the American version.. You have not tried real Mexican food until you've gone to Mexico, tried Mexican street food, tried homemade Mexican food, made by someone who knows the recipes, or you're Mexican.

I have travelled all around the world to almost every country to see who has the best food. I was in each country for a month and I got tired of every food except for Mexican food. It has a variety of things. (Not just tacos and spicy things) it is by far the most delicious food in the world for me,

By far the best food I have ever eaten. Anything simple from frijoles de la hoya to mole from scratch. Not to mention all the seafood. I can honestly say that Mexican food is the best in the whole world and I'm originally from Italy.

Mexican food is way better than American. America's food has no identity and it's simply a mix-creation from other foods which has a C- outcome. Now some American foods, such as different Pie's and barbecue from different regions can taste amazing. But no further than that. Sorry but it's the truth