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The Philippines was established in March 16, 1521 and named in honor of a Spanish King whose name is King Philip of Spain II. It is located at Asia, specifically at Southeast Asia. The capital is Manila. 89% of the people there currently are native, while 11% of people there are foreigners.


Filipino cuisine is a mix of tastes and spices! And the recipes are even adopted from different cuisines and mixing them together, forming another great dish! Heck even the street foods at the Philippines taste good =w= Also, not only meat and sea food but Philippines has awesome fruits, especially those juicy, sweet mangoes~ And Filipinos invent a lot of dishes that includes vegetables and fruits as part of any type of meal! So it's like having the food pyramid in one dish invented though it depends on the meal you're eating though =w=

Nothing to say it's just amazing I come from the Philippines and I love their food the wide range of diverse taste is just pure and satisfying I love it. If I'm looking for a place to eat I'd definitely eat in the Philippines. Their restaurants are also by the beach where you could see the beautiful sunset.

Philippines should be the first of the list because of how unique the taste is. I think that nothing beats Filipino food. I am a Filipino myself so I eat our food almost everyday. I also love how the Asian culture eats rice too. I love rice! The food in the Philippines can go with rice for anything! I love being Filipino! :D

Home cooking combined with exotic ingredients. It's true that you won't know what you're eating but you'll love it anyway. Mainly stews, bbq, and noodles. Desserts are very much a part of every meal and you always expect to wash down your savory meal with a sweet treat.

The Philippines food are very very very very very very very very very very very very very very delicious specially they're lechon baboy and lechon baka and rosted pinoy style chicken you cannot find any delicious foods in the world near how good Filipino foods are.

Philippines has the best food because they use the right number of spices. Also, when Filipinos cook, they cook their hearts out, they cook with love. When going to the Philippines, the best foods are those homemade and those sold on the streets, YUM!

Philippine food are the combination of Spanish and Asian food, so it would be amazing...

Philippines has so many Delicious exotic food in every parts of provinces...

The other food in the Philippines are not fully discovered so it might not be in the top ten


Numero uno in sauces like pampanga cuisine favorites caldereta, Kare-kare, lechon(roasted pig) dessert mango float.. try this.

Come on! I love Filipino foods... Filipinos love foods with more than one basic taste.. They love to experiment with the basic taste's and come up with a very delicious dish...

Delicious food! Specially the seafood here, one of the best that you can eat. Sure to try the Filipino food it has the finest dishes in the world.

Filipino food consists of different race's cuisine combined together, because Philippines is the most diverse country in Asia... Aside from different race's cuisine, there are also new variety of foods that came out which are the result of merging two or more different race's cuisines...
Philippine food is very tasty and addictive...

I grew up with Filipino and American food. You may think that you can get tired of food but it is different when you filipino food. The best thing about it is that almost everything goes with rice!

I like Philippine food because of its tasty sauces used to their food and for deserts, like mango float and halo-halo, its mouth watering.

Best food in the whole wide universe! I really like their cuisine like how they do with soups, and meat and poultry. I also like how they do with seafoods too!

Basta lami! Bagoong rice... Yum! Yum! Here in PH we do have mixed of everything from A-Z. Our is a taste of cuisine from all over the world.

Filipino not only taste good with all the unique spices and flavored but it is also very colorful especially food in festivals

Fantastic food! A fusion of different mixture of exotic tastes from east to west. Once you taste, it become unforgettable!

They have the best food and I will probably going back there next year. I love the food and the people they are hospitable and specially friendly.

Philippines food are the best, they have different version of food with similar taste with other countries but with better and exotic taster.

I like Filipino food especially Kare Kare, Pork Sisig, Bicol Express, Kilawin & Inihaw na Isaw. I Love Philippines.

Different provinces, different taste and flavor name may be the same, but complex different.

Philippines is the best! They have amazing food. Philippines has the best food in the world. Philippines cannot be #13. Philippines needs to be #1-2.

best tasting food that's so easy to make, and yet each dish has numerous different ways in which to prepare it.

LOVE Philippines food.. From cheap food like balot, penoy. to "sosyal" foods like sinigang..