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Spain, officially the Kingdom of Spain, is a sovereign state largely located on the Iberian Peninsula in southwestern Europe, with archipelagos in the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea, and several small territories on and near the north African coast.


Out of the Top 10 restaurants in the world, 3 are in Spain. Only country with more than 1 Top 10 restaurant in it! Come on! Also, Spain is full of different tastes-- from Andalusia to Barcelona to the Basque country. Spain has many different faces all with different cultures and flavors. Tapas, anyone? Spain has some of the most renowned cheeses, wines, fast foods (tapas), gourmet cuisine, etc and some of the best people! Sweet, sour, spicy, and HEALTHY. And from many wine connoisseurs, I have heard that Spanish wine is equal if not better than many French wines. If any country deserves number 1, it is definitely Spain. Better than English food, at least...

The food you can find in Spain is one of the three best western foods of the world, together with the one in France and the one in Italy. The other countries with the best world food are in Asia: China, Malaysia, Japan, Singapore,... The best areas of the world to eat are, so far, Southern Europe and Asia.

Spain should be fourth instead of France. French cuisine makes me fart a lot.

It's really weird that the country with more restaurants among the best worldwide is so far down in this list... Such a variety and quality of ingredients that you may find awesome dishes in any not-so-well-known place anywhere in the country, with many different personalities across the country and (of course) the islands. Definitively worth trying, no matter where are you from!

In my opinion Spanish food should be among the top 3. Italian food basically comes down to pasta, while Spanish food has a wide range of awesomeness, from high-quality stakes to delicate, tasty sea-food. Furthermore, it is healthy. Spanish people have the highest life expectancy in Europe for a reason. French food is over-rated in my opinion. In the case of Mexican food, if you are not into spicy, you're messed. I agree Chinese and Indian food are great too if well cooked.

For me Spanish and Italian food should be on top 3 of this list. No doubt people voting in this list have no idea what good food is, as they prefer eating a full-fat hamburger instead of enjoying the benefits of the mediterranean food. The main problem is that spanish food is not as famous and commercial as italian food or fast food. Really disappointed with the list

Spain is a pretty cheap tourist destination, actually. Not to mention the decline of the average rental price, due to the housing bubble.

Spain is healthy? I need to move their, america wants to see us sick, so we can visit the doctor and better tax money for them. If you get what am saying. My point is america is so unhealthy. I chose to eat nothing but organic raw food, cause my past last 20 years, I wasn't feeling to good, cause of all the messed up food we have here.

People think Spanish food is only omelette, olives, paella or tapas are wrong, is style as they cook every dish is unique, the best restaurants in the world and one of the best cooks are there, should be higher on the list, such as French cuisine or Chinese.

The best in the world... By far. Weather conditions and cultural traditions make of Spain a country with excellent basic ingredients: cheese, ham, vegetables, fruit, olives, etc, from which the best dishes result. Ham, Cheese, Wine deserve an special chapter...

Spanish food might be challenging for some as they tend to serve the whole piece. It might sound nice if you are facing a whole roasted lamb (try it in Segovia), but you'll actually encounter a whole roasted seabass (head, eyes, bones and fins) as well. Despite the your first opinion on engaging a whole fish, bare in mind I have plenty of friends from all over Europe who said they didn't like fish until they ate it in Spain.

Spanish food is complete, yummy, with a huge variety and a lot of different dishes to taste, depending on the geographical area. Inside Spanish food, mediterranean food will be one of the best. Also, there are some typical meals that are not seen outside the country and, of course, a paella is not a paella if is not ate at a valencia'n restaurant.

I don't know how English food is included here, in my opinion is one of the poorest of the world.

Seriously? This list is so flawed, Spanish food is #1 for me, I'm guessing a large amount of people aren't familiar with Spanish food because it isn't available in other countries like Italian food is, this is because there was no mass Spanish immigration in the past.

You're psyched about Italy and italians. Envy can get a serious mental illness.

With tapas you get a delicious savory variety of dishes in every meal. The best shrimp is in Seville. Even McDonald's serves gazpacho. Fresh ingredients, cheeses, soups, seafood, tapas... A cuisine that you must try.. But, you must try it in Spain!

Insanity, Spain should be in the top 5, not "Mexico", Mexican food is for fatties, Spain has some of the best restaurants in the world, and the highest quality food. Is it just children voting? ENGLAND?! Really no no no no.

Should be at least in top 5, Spanish, Italian and French food are the best food. I do not know how United States is in there, they don't have any typical food, all they have is food from other countries and fast food.

I can't believe Spain is not even in the top 10! Top three-in no particular order-should be French, Italian and Spanish food. Tortilla, ham, paella, great fruits and vegetables, best seafood in the world-COME ON!

Spain is and has always been a big exporter of migrants, but they became neither rich nor famous, because of their chronic indolence, as well as their lack of creativity and entrepreneurial skills.

Spain as France lies in the Mediterranean as well as in the Atlantic which gives a wide variety of meats, fishes, seafood, cheeses, fruits, vegetables and many other products some of which are considered to have the best quality in the whole world.

Paella looks like the contents of a trash can.

Spanish food is the healthiest and tastiest food of the world. Spanish people live more time than people from other countries in Europe, and it's because of their food

Spain is the soup kitchen of Europe.

Spain is just bush league paella, rudeness & roughness. E.g., style and traditions as those of of France are missing.

I agree, how can we be so far down this list? Are you telling me that English food is good? There are many good and interesting things in England but definitely not its food!