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Turkey, officially the Republic of Turkey, is a transcontinental country in Eurasia, mainly in Anatolia in Western Asia, with a smaller portion on the Balkan peninsula in Southeast Europe. Turkey is bordered by eight countries with Greece and Bulgaria to the northwest; Georgia to the northeast; Armenia, ...read more.



Turkish food is one of the world's largest cusine and it tastes incredibly delicious. The climate and nature creates this diversity in turkish kitchen. Every region has their own traditional meals. And actually it is much more than what you can even read on wikipedia. To learn and taste real turkish food, you should have a trip to Turkey and from north to south, from west to east, you should have breaks in traditional restaurants. Turkish people have a great taste of food and their hospitality makes the food much more attractive. Once you taste turkish food, I guarantee that you will be biggest fan of turkish food. It is very healty and rich. Just the sad thing is that its neighbour countries are stealing some of the food and introduce as it belongs to their kitchen. Turkey should do more commercial for their delicious food! Definitely! They deserve to be the best kitchen on the world!

Hink of it this way. The Ottoman Empire controlled all these Mediterranean countries and Slavic countries and took their cuisine. Throughout the years, they improved upon all the food they gained. A small shop selling food in Turkey taste just as good as any extremely expensive restaurant in countries like the United States or England. Turkish food is healthy and delicious. Nothing can compare. If you want to go to a country for food, you can't go wrong with Turkey. They understand food better than anyone.

Any form of food has to taste delicious, otherwise people would never buy it. This includes the cheapest meal you could buy for $1 to fancy restaurants where a meal could cost over $100. There is no need to pay more if your goal is only eating something extremely delicious. Furthermore, this cuisine is capable of cooking every single vegetable on earth in an extremely delicious way. Finding home style vegetarian meals on streets can become a bit challenging than finding less healthier options. However, inside homes, Turkish people do eat these mastered vegetarian gems more frequently than anything else.

Turkey has to have the most variety in cuisine per square foot in all the world. It ranges from typically Mediterranean vegetable dishes cooked in olive oil, grilled fish and kebabs, a multitude of stews and pastries to intricate specialties left over from it's imperial past.

Turkey has the best food in the whole wide world!
I ones went there to vacation and everywhere I go I was eating stuf,
The best food I remember: baklava, cig kofte, borek, dolma, adana kebab, simit, turkish cofee and 100+ more!

Everything is so delicious and also healthy I doubt you see there people putting sugar or something like that in there food (besides desert)!

Can't wait for next year!

I have never to turkey but my step dad was born in Istanbul and he cooks awesome Turkish food - nappyboy

Because of the variety of cultures, Turkey, who affected by Ottoman(mostly), Greeks, Syrians, Balkanises has a large and different meals. I have to say that the meals are depends on meat mostly and oily. BUT everybody must confirm that the meals in Turkey are ABSOLUTELY PERFECT!

The best food in the World. The best people in the World.
Turkey is an amazing country that serves as a model culture for emerging powers; and most of all, its history is rich with deep rooted culture. I like the country and the people. I do wish it works towards democratizing its values and finds a good mix of religion and freedom. The concept of democracy and individual liberty transcends generations, cultures, national borders, and faiths. All countries in the region look to Turkey to become the modern democratic country that other countries can model themselves after. Turkish women are beautiful, smart and very charming. It will be a shame to see them wrapped up like burritos like in other countries. I wish that Turkish men liberate their mothers, sisters and wives and create a more even and equal community that respects and adheres to faith but also the greater global community.

Hello everyone! I would say best in the world and I do not think Turkey took other countries cuisine. It was there it has history first civilization start there on the world this is why their kitchen as much as supposed to be!
Just awesome number one on the world. There is a research regarding "Yogurt" found in Turkey and baklava found in Turkey, gyros that's not the real name it's call Doner found in Turkey, if you check real article and source you will find true information and if you have time and money to visit you will see tasty food very rich kitchen..
Thank you

We can see the combination of a lot of regions' food due to Ottoman Empire, so turkish cuisine may be attractive for many people. Furhermore in last century, Turkish foods have reached to big successful by merging their tastes with european tastes.

Simply fantastic, everything I tried in Turkey was so delicious... Especially the food which is made with olive-oil and every kind of "meze". As soon as possible I want to make another visit to Turkey.

Classy simplicity in taste... Long history of turkish culture created a culmination of different styles in cooking. Turks have a refined cuisine thru the ages. Just like the culture itself, the turkish food is both east and west; rare to find elsewhere.

My favourite is Kebab, and I also love Blacksea food. It's just delicious. Also Mediterraneans use olive oil in meals, which makes them digestible and healthy.

Turkish cuisine is rich in culture and flavor. The Ottoman Empire has had a major influence in shaping the cuisine. There is so much variety. Every region you go to, you are presented with a different menu. The cuisine is all about fresh produce and diverse spices. Not only is the food amazing but the service at the restaurants are 5 star.

Turkish food is the best. If you like the Meditereanean cuisine, you will definitely like Turkish food.

Turks love good food. And also have a great cuisine themselves. Because they're between Europe and the Middle East, you can often find food from both kitchens or a variation on them. Wherever you visit Turkey, they will almost always have their own speciality.

I wanted to make a short list of where to eat what. But it was going to be too long. Which should explain a lot.

I'm not saying that Turkish food is the best out there but I lived there for 2 years and I have to say it deserves to be in top 5. Almost everything you eat tastes good. Only down side is that most of them can give you a little bit hard time while in toilet

Much better than other foods. It doesn't matter wherever that food from. Turkish foods are great.

Incredibly diverse and tasty cuisine with healthy food prepared with olive oil and fresh vegetables. You should try it in Turkey (not in a Turkish restaurant outside Turkey) and your taste buds will never be the same.

Turkish foods are amazing! You must absolutely eat at turkey. Specially Gaziantep and Adana and Hatay

Turkish food is DELICIOUS. Best country in Central Asia and one of best in Europe and the Mediterranean, Turkish food is extremely delicious, the reason why barely anyone is hungry in Turkey. Turkey's also the Muslim country with the best food, and notice how it's not Arabic. - Aisu

It's quite simple, ottoman empire controlled almost all over the world so they give and they took too many things, styles, food, mix, and they combined them with each other. The result: Turkish cuisine.

Turkish food is such amazing! They should be higher in the list. At least higher then the USA. They have got only fat in a bread. - godeniz

Turkey has the best most delicious food I have ever tasted I am trying to learn how to cook their food because I love it so much and crave it 24/7 they have so many wonderful dishes that you really must try in the end there is no better place to go if you want something yummy then Turkish cuisine!

I'm Syrian, So My Grandma Really Cooks A Lot Of Turkish Food. - Neosantana