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The United States of America, or the U.S.A. for short, is a federal republic composed of 50 states, 48 of them are contiguous states. There are two other states, Alaska and Hawaii, which are north and south of the contiguous states, respectively. The United States declared its independence from the ...read more.


I went to New York and ordered a small breakfast, and it was horrible, everything was deep-fried, too big and fatty and just didn't taste natural. I enjoyed the Philadelphia cheese steaks there, but America is also known for loads of horrible overly fatty meals and combination meals like bacon doughnuts and Kentucky-fried cheeseburgers, that sort of rubbish. They lead the world in crappy fast food and over-sized indulgent desserts, plus the candy and chocolate is just god-awful. British chocolate is heaven, but American chocolate tastes worse than Kinder egg chocolate, and that's saying something (Kinder eggs suck).

When you think of the United States' food you think of Mcdonalds. But have you ever tried southern cooking? It's really good.

I'm voting for this just because we have too many fast food restaurants that don't make good food and the US's food is mainly just Americanized some dish that another country already created. I mean there are good foods that originate in the US (like Cajun food and mac and cheese) but other than that the original foods in the US (hamburgers and hotdogs. I don't know where donuts originated but I think they taste horrible) aren't very good. Sorry guys I love America but we need to work on our food originality too. - Anonymousxcxc

It seems that everything has added preservatives. We had been buying our meat from the regular franchise stores, and the chicken breast are huge, enlarged with hormones that has no taste at all. Of course I am sure there are healthier options available, but due to time constraints, and prices, we opt for easier way out.

Idiots, There is so much food diversity in the United States. Southern food is amazing. I am an American and I do admit that there is a lot of processed food around but we have amazing restaurants especially on New York so shut up and don't visit us

I was born in America I live in America til this day but I really hate the food everyone I know says I'm not American for disliking the food. But its not my fault all the food people eat in America is fat and sugar all my favorite food everyone I know is so confused because I like it " besides Mac n Cheese now that I can accept " but please America I hate being judged for not liking fried chicken and hot dogs. again its not my fault I get sick from it.

I may live in America and was born in America but seriously I don't like hot dogs cheeseburgers in fact I'm trying my best to become vegetarian but its really hard with all the meat in the world. Plus everyone I know says I'm not American for not liking the food but now I see I'm not the only one

Burgers are greasy and disgusting. But anybody who hates American food visited like Kansas or something. Have you ever tasted seafood or jambalaya from Lousiana? Sweet tea from Mississippi? Lobster from Maine? Clam chowder from New England? Mexican food from the Southwest? Barbecue? Even the pizza is good if you know where to get it. America has some of the best food in the world!

Why is this on the list, there's cities throughout the US that have amazing food like Chicago, New York City, Kansas City, New Orleans, and Milwaukee, there's places where food is good and some areas don't really have good food

Spent five weeks in the US, two weeks on thr east coast and three weeks on the west coast. Apart from the fancier restaurants that serve European cuisine, the general quality of US American dishes is abysmal! The first measure for a 'good' food is quantity! Everything is so crude and fatty without any subtlety. It's like they neither know what dish design is nor what the real quality food should look like and should be prepared. The raw ingredients in the supermarkets look awful too, especially the meat. It looks highly unappealing. I would lose my appetite entirely just looking at the meat in their supermarkets. All in all,by far the worst country for food that I have been to, and I have visited 25+ countries.

Have you guys heard of the AMERICAN home-made food?!? Arrogant people say fast food and tasteless chocolate.

It's funny because if you think about it, most of our food comes from other countries. So if you're saying it's terrible is like saying your own countries food is terrible. - Icantbelieveitsnotbutter

I believe that one of the most important factors of judging a cuisine is its cheese. But, the thing is, they don't even have cheese! It's just yellow plastic.

Moved here from the UK. The food tastes either like nothing, sugar or fat. It is revolting. Luckily I can grow my own food and cook. The low to mid range places are vile to eat out at, the expensive ones are okay, definitely a step in the right direction. The super expensive, I don't know, but they are specialist and global. The supermarket food makes me cringe, Americans seem to think a lot of processed food is an ingredient. I have travelled a lot and this is easily the worst food. After travelling Europe, my husband agrees. His father and wife are starting to travel now and also agree. The cheese here,, gross. The artisan cheese is okay, like cheap supermarket cheese from home e.g. cathedral city. I miss decent food. On the plus side, I lost my baby weight and 10lb within 3 months as I have no choice but to eat well, the food is that bad.

It's really amusing seeing complaints. I have this food every day. There is barely any sugar foods that are american. France have more sugar. I mean, MACAROONS are pure sugar, and those are FRENCH.

Britain's food is a lot more healthy than American food. I've been to both Britain and America, and a lot more people in America are obese

For the early part of my life, I only knew what Korean ribs tasted like, and I expected others to taste the same. Then I tried American ribs. Half of the entire thing (counting the bone) was sauce! My first three bites of the rib was sauce! The worst thing is, I've lived in five different cities and four different states and the ribs were all the same. P.S. They were all in different parts of the US. (East, south, and west.)

This is where all the foods from the world come together and get highly processed

Fried or covered in sauce which masks the flavor. America has some of the best meat, vegetables and fruit in the world but it is overseasoned, covered in sauces or dressings which overwhelm rather than enhance the food. Listen America - bacon, cheese, fat, salt and thick dressings/sauces detract from the food not improve it.

Synthetic junk. (What goes in "liquid smoke"?! ) Globaliser of obesity. Nothing is natural. Been there loads of times and never eaten anything I couldn't cook better myself,even in the better restaurants. "Grits...! ":Some kind of mammoth failure at making gnocchi. Awful bread, the worst cheese of any country (dyed jelly... Kraft singles); chicken has yellow fat on it probably due to the cocktail of drugs and growth hormones America gives to its farmed animals. Everything is processed or GM. Disastrous salty, plastic cheese pizzas compared to what Italians invented; Chinese food all covered in bright orange glue; everything ladened with sugar, salt and fat. Possibly the worst abetoires anywhere and therefore the most tasteless meat. Rubbish. - Matosc

Yes, you are right that most of the USA's food comes from other countries. But we're talking about what comes from the USA. Hot dogs, corn dogs, bacon, why is everything so greasy?

Whatever, we have great food here in the US. Great food with so many different ways to prepare it - Johnnyt800

You are all right. All Americans like to eat is CHEESEBURGERS and French FRIES and CHICKEN NUGGETS all they eat is junk and to spice it up the only sauce they like is BBQ.

Americans seem to have a knack for making everything bad for you. Too much fat and sugar. Widely regarded as the worst food in the world.

Ok whoever posted this is probably from a part of america where the food is not so great, if you want good food, I suggest going to the midwest and northeast, those two regions tend to have the best cooking around, especially in cities like Chicago, New York, Philadelphia, Milwaukee, Boston, and Kansas City