List Regarding #2 United States of America

I just wanted to point out that the majority, if not all of the items on your list placing the United States as the second ranked country in the world, are products of a firm implementation of a Democracy. In short, this list boasts the most glamerous aspects of a culture and a country rooted in a Democracy. I suppose my comment, or question would be...

Our founding fathers idolized and hoped for a country that represented the following qualities: 1) Liberty 2) A "clear and sound rule of law (Tevi Troy)" 3) Having educated, competent, willing and able leaders 4) Having the governing body held accountable by a literate and accross the board educated citizenry 5) Democracy

If what I have can be taken for truth, have the hopes and aspirations of those who founded our country been upheld? In light of this list, what items could be compensated in return for a closer version of the vision our founders had?

For myself, my greatest debate relates to the United States' undoubted allegiance to the construction of and adherence to a democracy ideal. And how that allegiance has brought us farther away, or closer to the platform laid out by our founding fathers.

In the sense that opportunity is essentially available to the majority of citizens, and independent success or failure is largely akin to work ethic and devotion to an education. What ways has the broadened availability to education, fame and prestige detracted from the fulfillment of the steps outlined by our founders? With these questions in mind, ultimately, have we been wise to develop such a strong and sustaining Democracy? And have we been wise to put blind faith in such an ideal?


Too bad Obama has broken every single reason that we left king George... - CityGuru

I am being prevented from getting a good job and have had managers in Government positions lie about me and harass me daily. Last night, someone entered my apartment -- a studio in an apartment building -- grabbed my keys from near the door and stuck them in the outside of the door. I know this because all of my windows were closed and latched and I distinctly remember removing my keys from the outside of my door when I got home yesterday evening. Nobody seems to believe me. The FBI, to my knowledge, has done NOTHING to help me, despite hundreds of messages I've sent them. People in the United States are getting hired because of their race. Is that right? I'm white. My quality of life because of it is very low. So is my income because they are getting into management positions and then hiring their own kind. This country couldn't possibly be the best. It just couldn't possibly. Unless you're a thief, a cheat, a whore, or a drug-user. - visitor