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Australia, officially known as the Commonwealth of Australia, is a country comprising the mainland of the Australian continent, the island of Tasmania, and numerous smaller islands. Australia has a very warm climate and is very dry. The country's official language is English.


Australia is the best country in the world- there is no argument about it. It is large and spacious, with beautiful beaches, a large group of wildlife and many popular tourist attractions. The people are friendly, the animals sweet, and the crime rate is low. Australia is rich in minerals, and a good government. We have many races and backgrounds in Australia, including Native Aboriginals, Europeans, Asians and Americans. We don't have wars, and our states get along. We have an impressive health system, and our education is top priority. We have a wide range of sports for children to get involved in, and many jobs for our adults and graduating students. It is the best country in the world, for the above reasons and more.

Are you serious? Australia at Number 4?

We should be Number 1!

I'm proud to live in Australia, we have amazing beaches, a wide diversity of wildlife..

It's simply Amazing! The sunsets are spectacular and the scenery is to die for!

Australia is an amazing place to live! Our way of life defines us by our willingness to give opportunities "A Fair Go". The political parties are stable, and voting is compulsory, meaning not only is the voting open for everyone above the age of 18 but you must vote to ensure that your opinion is considered to make the society a true democracy. Health care is free and Education is mostly free and also compulsory. We have an abundance of natural resources and beautiful landscapes ranging from tropical to forest to desert and even to snow. We are one of the largest, if not the largest culturally diverse countries in the world. Even though our history since colonisation may be short, it is very rich. We are one of the worlds leading nations in spearheading medical research and technology research in general. But, in my opinion the best thing about living in Australia and growing up here- after visiting other countries and speaking with many other nationalities- is the easy going nature ...more

Australia is the best. Bold sentence I know, but I didn't hesitate to say it because it is my belief, as it is some yours for other countries. We have the best beaches, the best trained army in the world, and the best people. We have helped out other countries during on so many occasions. We jumped in the trenches with the Canadians and British just 16 years after we became a federation. We have some of the most interesting natives, who stretch back to over 80 000 years on this incredible land. It makes me proud to be fourth on the list, when we are SO much smaller than other countries below us. Australia would be 1st if you did the math to average the population to number of votes. 100% Aussie pride.

Australia is by far the best country in the world its geographically beautiful, wealthy very rich in gold minerals and ores. The schools aren't that great in the respect that drugs are very easily sold by students for drug dealers but the academic rate is high the beaches are stunning I spent a weekend at byron bay last year on the eats most point of Australia miid summer with a maori friend the water was blue as and rich with fish also the citys are easy to travel through compered to auckland also it is problem atic with the younger indigenous population being brought up in the midst off drugs but its by far the best country

I agree with the first guy. Australia is amazing!
Of course, I live there, but still...
It is a great place to raise children, especially, because it's so much safer than any other country, as much as Americans might like to disagree...

Having lived overseas, travelled extensively and worked alongside many Americans, I am truly grateful that I won the lottery of life in being born an Australian. Whilst there are some current issues with infrastructure (namely internet and trains) there is just so much Australia does right. The way our democracy works through compulsory voting and preferential voting, to universal healthcare in Medicare, these are things people are amazed at when I explain to them. Our values of a fair go, no service tipping because people are paid a fair wage (legislated by law), low taxation, high standard of living and our relaxed lifestyle, we surely must be the envy of the world. Flying home into Sydney, seeing that sparkling harbour and beautiful landscape... there's no better feeling. So lucky to call Australia home.

Beautiful landscape with it's harsh outback, refreshing coastline, green hinterlands. Best of all worlds. The land shapes who we are, hard-working but full of mateship and companionship. Becoming very multicultural which is slowly becoming our national image. Which I love! I'm Australian and lived overseas and seen the world. The world is full of wonderful and beautiful places. All special in their own way. Full of culture and flavour. Australia, is what I call paradise. Our national identity can be debatable cause there are so many elements to Australia. That's what I like the most about it. I love Australia, every element of it.

Australia is the best country for numerous reasons and it is clearly a more stable country than most countries in the world. Here I. Australia, there is a sense of multiculturalism not seen in any other place in the world, with there being a landmark representing all cultures, showing the multicultural society that exists here. Also in Australia, there lies 6 of the top 10 most live able cities in the world. I could just go on for days how good Australia is!

It was hard to choose between Australia and the USA but, the people in Australia seem a lot nicer. I'm not one to believe stupid stereotypes but... I have met Americans and seen them on the internet etc, and they come across very obnoxious and self-absorbed. I know not all people are like this and I do still love the USA but Australia is gorgeous and I don't believe ALL of them are racist.. I'm half black

Obviously, been born and bred in Australia I think it's fantastic! But I have only been out of Australia once and I need to travel around a lot to justify my point, as I have known what life is Australia and nothing else, I really need to see the living conditions of others around the world to say claim Australia is the best. But you should take advice from others as being an Australian I will probably end up going with Australia no matter what. But just my opinion, I love living here and don't want to be anywhere else!

Australia is by far the best country to live in. Look at americas health care it is very expensive! In a recent study of top 10 most livable countries in the world Australia had 4 cities of their own, Canada with 3 and a few other countries placed. None of the American cities came close to being in the top 10. I guess most Americans are too selfish to admit that their country does have some faults. - dragon13304

I love Australia this place has it's faults yes, but we have one of the best governments in the world, best education in the world, one of the best economy's, the worlds best beaches, famous food, ONE OF THE MOST FAMOUS WILDLIFE IN THE OWRLD, and statistics show that Australians are 5 more times to choose someone who is funny, whether they are ugly or attractive, we have some of the best landmarks to visit, WE are known all over the world for having the biggest and best New Year's Eve party AND! We are known to have the funniest, kindest, nicest, people. That's why so many celebrities and musicians that come to our country say that they love Australia, and we are one of their favorite places to be in, and they love us! That is why I think we are a great country.

Australia, who wouldn't want to live here! We are a beautiful country and everyone here is proud of it. No wars or racism or sexism. We are amazing, definitely one of the best, and one of the most successful places to be. Wether you want a hustling city or a quiet country side, we have it all. Our beaches are amazing and our country side, dazzling. If people want to risk their lives to get here their must be a reason why. Never look back because this is where you want to be.

I'm Australian I don't know if we are the best country. But in terms of quality of our land and the fact that if we all spread out we would still have 3 square kilometres per person. Mean while china has more people living inappropriate stances then live in all of Australia. I just think we all need to live in a world of peace as a multicultural world gods and religions always collide but who are we to say who has the true got or if there is we will find out when we are dead. And going on the fact that there is a almost %100 chance there is other life forms out there not so likely intelegent though we fight each other on our own planet that we should be at peace with mean while if there is another existence out there we look like undeveloped life forms fighting amongst one another who are we to say we are the smart ones..

Hi guys! I live in Australia and its a great country I live in a good house a mum, dad an awesome sister and at school we have all the resources we need for the future. Also for example at my school we have a big learning centre built in 2011. We have a total of 65 computers and also 65 ipads. We have smart boards we have the appropriate furniture.

Thanks guys.

Life here is good. We got everything from sandy deserts to hot rain forests. Flawless beaches and amazing views. Not only the landscape and the Animals are different. We have some of the most livable city's in the world. You have a 97% chance to live in Melbourne. Iconic building include the Sydney harbor bridge, the opera house and parament house. We are also very friendly people. Plus it's not unusual to see a kangaroo jump across the road!

We're better than the US because we don't have more guns then people. I was also going to say that we don't elect dip Presidents... But we do elect our fair share of dip Prime Ministers.

We're better than the UK because summer for us is a season, as opposed to a postcard.

We're better than Canada because we don't border the US; otherwise, Canada would have it in the bag.

There are there are a few things that I hate about being an Aussie:

I sometimes grow weary of being hit on by the same blonde bombshells who spend far too much time taking care of themselves, swimming, running, flirting... gross!

I also get annoyed that we don't have enough hate crimes in Australia. Like, why can't we have more religious zealots and extreme views on stuff... we're so middle lane... more like middle Lame... anyway.

I hate how you don't need to go to Ivy League Colleges or Public Schools to do really well here. Working hard and smart to be successful should not ...more

Huge, wealthy country with a low population, great year-round weather, beautiful beaches & outdoor lifestyle, modern vibrant cities, safe, casual & relaxed way of life, friendly people, amazing food & wine, high paying jobs, strong economy, unique wildlife and natural assets, excellent health, education, welfare systems, multicultural and dynamic, and a long long way from the rest of the world's problems. What more could you want?

Australia is the best country in the world because we have beaches, rain forest to deserts, we have landmarks like the sydney opera house and Ularu. I am proud to be an aussie because we are nice and easy to get to know people. I love this country and it screams out that it is simply the best. AUSSIE.

For me Australia is the greatest country on the planet. I've lived here now for 13 years and I honestly cannot think of any other place that can offer me what Australia has and continues to offer. First of all, we've got one of the highest ratings on the HDI, Brilliant economy, high wages, high life expectancy, a brilliant health care system, incredibly friendly people and the greatest 'culture' I could convince ( beer, beach, bbq). The country is surrounded in endless natural wealth where some of the most amazing views I've ever seen are literally minutes from my house. This natural wealth is quite literally everywhere, wherever you go you are surrounded by luscious flora, incredible beaches and animals, this is achieved through a synergy kept between the natural environment and our built environment. We've got perfect weather nearly year round and a solid beach culture. Every facility I could imagine myself needing is within a short drive, everything is fantastically built and ...more

I'm from india, I love it there but australia is just so awesome. After living in the us where is was racially discriminated I was afraid that once I moved to australia I would be bullied too. But man australia has evertying, great love and caring people, great scenery, great country ready to help others and respect all other cultures. AUSTRALIA FOR THE WIN! 1

Australia has less deficit than the USA. We also engage in most conflicts that USA does. We have jobs and even share with foreign workers. There are 170k jobs in Western Australia open recently for people who don't mind working in mines and perhaps having to work hard. Why wouldn't you live here and feel safe in being able to work if you want.

Exemplary place to visit and settle. A wonderful place to go and have fun. Australia is a very beautiful country with congestion level quite low. An environment friendly nation to live

I was born and raised in Australia and travelled and lived in many countries. With out a doubt there is something unique about Australia. It is a positive place with good positive people. A place where any person of any nationality is excepted. As I say to my friends being Australian is not where you from it's an attitude.