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Germany was formally united in 1871 under the initiative of Bismarck with King Wilhelm of Prussia as emperor. The previous 'Holy Roman Empire', basically a continuation of the empire of Charlemagne/Karl der Grosse was dissolved in 1806. more.


Lovely countryside and beautiful mountains. Nice cities going from big international and historical Berlin to small beautiful and cultural Heidelberg, one of the few cultural cities that weren't destroyed in the war. People are good just as good as any other person in another country. Some are funny and nice some are rude and some are just reserved but helpful. A very economically strong country, which doesn't need to rely on other countries. Can help themselves and solve problems mostly on their own. don't have to depend on anyone. Is the centre of Europe. Has many neighbours and is very well connected to these other countries. You can get very far very fast ( Autobahn or other public transport). Transportation system is very good. Trains are 'mostly' on time. Many Universities. Education is free for everyone, even those who come from other countries. Have many good movies, although many Germans don't think so but I do. Comedy does exist but is manly for Germans because its not ...more

Germany is always the best I am an Indian but I still love Germany because they have the strongest economy, they have the best cities and the most safest cities in the world corruption is very very low and people are helpful and supportive also Germany is a beautiful nation there are many beautiful and historic places and they maintain it well but in my country nothing is there what we have is been spoiled by our own people. I also like USA but recently USA is not the safest place to live in

With Germany facing the migration crisis and having its reputation both improved and tarnished, and also with things like the Volkswagen scandal, I have some words of comfort for the Germans.

First of all, let me be holistic. In the Western World, we have a culture of trying out new things. We do apply logic and we do think before we act, but we don't let that stop us because we accept failure much more than places like East Asia. In East Asia, they have a saving face mentality and failure is a lot less accepted. Therefore, a lot of things they want to do, they end up not doing because they fear the risk of failure (which is present in everything we do, so what excuse do they have for doing the things they have already done? )

Now let's zoom in on Europe's open borders. This is something that many other parts of the world haven't been very strong with. First of all, I would agree that by opening up their borders to third world countries, a lot of problems associated with ...more

Other than the fact that for us Italians is Germany the scum of Europe, the disgusting comments which you refer was written by an anti-Italian troll. I would also remind you that the terrorist author of the massacre in Berlin was killed by the Italian Carabinieri, so you better thank the Italians, instead of insulting them. Not to mention that, among the victims, there is also an Italian girl. About immigrants in Germany, you should ask for an explanation to your "beloved" German prime minister. Merry Xmas from Rome.

Immigration is an issue that basically concern Germany, considering that these people want to reach that country. Italy has been left alone managing this immense problem, all the other European countries have turned their backs on us. If everyone had worked to stem these migratory flows, and if German politicians had not implemented nefarious reception choices, now we had less problems. Your indifference and selfishness are the expression of a political short-sightedness. Beware: if come to power a populist coalition in Italy, we will never be the buffer state of Europe, and your troubles will become unmanageable. If it's your own fault, cry to yourself.

It is just the best country in the world, because it has a great economy and the people are just nice. Also you are allowed to drink with 16 which is fun and good for all young people in Germany. The Autobahn is the best part of Germany, you can go as fast as you want and it is just fun to drive with the best cars of the world (German cars) on the Autobahn.

Strongest Economy in Europe and best exporter.

I'm a Ruso-Ukrainian born in America and I don't know why the US is No. 3 and Germany isn't No. 1. Germany has fought major wars and has been broken apart several times (Western Germany/Eastern Germany). Instead of borrowing money from other nations it gives money. The economy, education, and technology will soon be envied by the rest of the world.

I wonder why Germany is not on the first place? I am proud German and I visited nearly the whole world. I can say no country is like Germany. Americans belive they have a good country, but USA is awful! Germany is beautiful, here are good doctors, here you can eat good food which is not expansive. OUr cars are the best and many other things are only possible because of Germany. we have a great culture. I think there is no country better then Germany!

I am an American-Canadian and I am a second generation North American (My grandparents fled Poland). I wouldn't necessarily say the USA is awful, but Germany is so beautiful and has such a rich culture. I hope to live there for a small time when I am older. - BananaGunEthan

One of the strongest and most powerful nations in the whole world
70 years ago, it was one of the poorest countries after the war and now it's just great to see how it changed. Keep it up!

Here is the reasons why I love Germany so much:
1. Has the best economy in Europe
2. My relatives come from there
3. They have great food
4. Has a well understandable language

Germany has an amazing variety of nature, reaching from the alps over huge forests, the Rhine and Mosel wine growing areas, to the shores of the Baltic and North Sea. Besides the wine the best beer is brewed in thousands of breweries, again every region or sometimes just towns make their own characteristic produce. Food varies as well a lot depending on where you are at. It has the highest number of museums, music halls, opera houses, symphonic orchestras of any country in the world. It is renowned for its engineering but other music, literature, philosophy, sciences etc. prevail as well - and I think Germans are quite modest about all that. The wars make us ashamed of who we are, but underneath we know that we are a great people because we try to learn from our own disasters. Germans are reliable and once you befriend a German, you know that you can count on them.

All the top scientists and doctors come from Germany.

Best cars.

They invented the first jet engine in WW2 (being a fighter jet).

They invented the first form of GPS.

They invented the best tanks.

They have always had the best training in combat.

They pay their debts.

Speak such a beautiful language.

They forgive.

I am German and have lived several years in Japan and the UK. I liked my years abroad but Germany is the one country I'd like to get old in. Health insurance/health system: very good value for money. Freedom of speech. Very few no-go areas. Virtues like punctuality, reliability etc held in high esteem. A constitution that favors pluralism. (Pluralism means a variety of ideas that will help find a solution in difficult times like these.) All this combined with a high degree of unassumingness, maybe caused by two world wars rightfully lost, thus causing a great desire for peace. Plus a passport that allows me to travel to almost all countries of the world.

Germany is a really safe country you have a 1 in a million chance of dying from:
And it is a country that offers jobs and a bright future
Great colleges and universities there
People there share traits such as
Like to follow rules but can be rebellious at times

When I see made in germany I have the confidence that my product bought is the best

I'm from the US and Germany is a much better country than mine. Cleaner, less crime, better education system, less poverty, more solar power (with far less sun! ), and the people aren't as shallow and anti-intellectual. It's also a beautiful country with wonderful architecture, castles, pedestrian streets and bike lanes - just a better place to live overall.

I love German concepts of life. They are always intend to think forward. This is the best place to live, education and entertain as well.

As an Asian, I really adore Germany. It's not the Nazism part, it's how the majority of Germans nowadays are very open minded, extremely honest, hard worker, rational, and have the sense of fairness. Those values are very likable in the Eastern Asian world.

I'm an American who has lived in most European countries and Germany is by far the best. Lowest crime and poverty rate, better paying jobs, and cheaper things and WAY better food

I still have a grudge over that pesky Germany. Chasing the Jews in that church corridor... How horrible? Good thing I'm not Puerto Rican, am I RIGHT, LUCY?!?! - Flowersocks2137

It's the strongest European nation, even after losing two wars (world wars for that matter). In every conceivable aspect, this nation is truly the greatest. the atmosphere is simply amazing, the people are (usually) nice, the cities are clean and organised, and the list goes on and on and on!

Can I go and retired in Germany? For American Citizen how it works? I love Peaceful life as the above person mentioned no need to worry about somebody gonna give you trouble right? :) please let me know Thanks --Ruby

I am Polish but I think that Germany deserves my vote. It is a nearly flawless country with intelligent people. It also is well developed, has a high life expectancy and so much more. - Epekov

I am a Germany fan. I know most people dislike Hitler and thus, Germans. But if you guys studied a bit, what did Germany (that is to say, go against Jews) was a mondial and active ideologism already well implemented. Second, they really believed they were doing it for the world's good sake. I honestly don't blame them on that, I know that it is shamefull, but they can't be blamed on that if you research the subject even a bit. Now, IN OUR TIME, forget about hitler and Nazis. Germans are the most open people in Europe. They're fun to be with, they are probably the most hard workers for a developed country, they have only done righteous things so far (since WW2). They are the source of Europe's good economy (Meaning without them Europe would be so much worse). And it doesn't come from a German. I'm Belgian, living in Belgium and I (sadly) do not know any words of German.