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Formed in 1916 after the Easter uprising, Ireland is a small country with a population of roughly 5 million.


Ireland is actually one of the safest places you can possibly live, when you think about it! Unless you go to the zoo, it's extremely rare, even impossible that you will encounter a harmful species. Also the crime rate is very low. The majority of Irish are welcoming to people from different countries that come to Ireland and don't discriminate. In addition to this, Irish have the nicest accents ever, of course.

Ireland is the absolute best country in the world. The Irish are known for being some of the hardest working people on earth, despite all of the beer jokes. But seriously, if not the physical landscape of the country, than the people. Every girl wants an Irish boyfriend, every boss wants an Irish worker, and every team wants an Irish player. What else can be said, Ireland is the best.

Ireland should be 1! Coolest accents ever! The people who hate are only jelous cause they wish they were Irish! There's so much culture! Brilliant nightclubs and pubs! They know how to have a night out! And england is horrible they think they know everything! They make complete asses of them selves! They think they own the north of Ireland but they never will! They have to get it through there thick heads the Irish are the best and nicest people! But when you mess with them or any one they care about they can take you out with the click of a finger! They can through a punch! And can handle there drink! Don't try and out do them!

Apart from Ireland I've lived in the UK, France & Canada and still think Ireland is the best of them. There's a real warmth to the place that you just can't find anywhere else. I've Italian & German friends who moved here with college and have no intention of going back to where they are from as life is too good for them here... That says it all!

A wonderful nation with a tragic past, the Irish are like Jews, you can't kill off a nation used to being occupied, you just can't! I don't support Palestine, (I am pro Israel), but I can see why they do, the Irish want to fight for the defenseless because they used to be defenseless! An unlucky country, but a very strong country nonetheless! Also, they survived genocide!

I live here. Ireland Ireland is the best - mneilan

They are nice, there tough, they are mistreated by the British, and they never let go of what they have. Its also very beautiful there, and they have great music. There coffee is awesome and there accents are badass.

Ireland has been the best country ever in the world with the best culture leprechauns music. The culture of Ireland includes customs and traditions, language, music, art, literature, folklore, cuisine and sports associated with Ireland and the Irish people. For most of its recorded history, Ireland's culture has been primarily Gaelic (see Gaelic Ireland). Ireland is the best place to live EVER!

Very great country. Ireland is packed with richness and history it made very many myths that people use today such as the leprechaun. It is a country where you can go walk on the streets at midnight and not even get mugged.
Though the only place I would look at for is Dublin. Very great city though. It's very peaceful and nice. You can start of your day by. Getting breakfast a t a nearby diner then walk around and maybe go to a nearby neighborly farmers house. But America is definitely the best

Most friendly beautiful country in the world, amazing culture and open minded country, one of a kind

Moved here from the Us a few years back! People here have such an amazing sense of humor, and are incredibly loyal. The country is absolutely beautiful and the greenery will take your breath away! I love this country, and find it to be so much better, safer and just so much more amazing than the United States.

I have no words to describe how beautiful this country is. I am honestly so glad to have escaped the prison that was my life in Australia and come here after 17 years. I am finally at home.

I like Irish people, except my boss he is Irish but not a kind guy, maybe because he left Ireland young for living in Italy.
Celtic people are nice anyway in any country they are from.
Concerning the zoo as the less safe place in Ireland, just to remind you that Human being is the worst species of the world (maybe in universe..), anyway Irish are among the most kind.

If you ever visited Ireland, and saw its great people, stunning countryside and amazing history, which saw the Irish having to leave due to famine and contributing to different aspects of the creation of all countries they encountered. For its size, what a country.

I am half Irish, have family in Ireland and used to live there. It is a great country, so beautiful. The countryside is amazing and everyone is so nice

Irish people are the best type of people in the world you have not lived if you have never met an Irish person the Country it's self is amazing and very underrated. But now it has been voted as 2014 number 1 best country in the world... Up the Irish

I moved from UK 10 years ago and I've loved every second of those 10 years in Ireland. Very welcoming, scenery is awesome and green, green everywhere.

Simply the friendliest, most hospitable country in the whole world. Everyone is guaranteed a welcome in Ireland, it's safe, free and open.

Not Northern but the country itself. Its nice It has many friendly people and it is one of the best and one of the most charitable. It is also one of the wealthiest countries

A lot of people say we are drunks, but we are actually welcoming. Our mountains are beautiful, our milk tastes amazing,the netflix is terrible but that's nothing to worry about. We are neutral, nothing terrible happens here. Our criminal rate is low, We love Americans because they are just lovely to us. Ireland is a great country

Love my country I would live no were else in the world we are so lucky to live in this beautiful country of ours and if I say so myself we are a friendly lot

Ireland should be fist we have funny accents

I don't know why I love Ireland but I think, the country, cultures, people and places are awesome and it be one of places I wanted to go.

Amazing country - incredible music, whether it's folk or rock music. This country is so full of life.

Ireland is the best country ever the closest country to the atlantic ocean and we are ChristianS the best religion of course! I will never forget that I am 100% Irish