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Japan is an island country in East Asia in the Pacific Ocean. It lies off the eastern coast of the Asia Mainland (east of China, Korea, Russia) and stretching from the Sea of Okhotsk in the north to the East China Sea and near Taiwan in the southwest. ...read more.


They have absolutely great technology. They have many of the world's leading companies like Sony, Panasonic, Nintendo etc., and there are some beautiful mountains and natural sites. Mount Fuji. And also the beautiful and mysterious temples, castles etc. The Tokyo skyline now is amazing, with its new Tokyo Sky Tree making it even better.
The people of Japan are the kindest, and everyone is very punctual - this is reflected in how Japanese trains are hardly ever late. The cities are really clean too. They have got great T.V. dramas and variety shows. The boybands like Smap, Tokio and Arashi are amazing too.

Actually Japan may have all of that but is not worth it because of all the earthquakes that cause tsunami's so your putting your own life at risks

Now, I'm living in Japan since 2005. Japanese people are so friendly and so smart. They are always so fare and nice to every foreign people. I love this country, their beautiful culture, and so nice people.

Love Japan, I'm English, but have family in Japan and visit them every so often. I have to say the Japanese are the most polite people on Earth, walking down the station I saw a lady drop some money, about 10 people scrambled to pick it up for her, very sweet. The food is gorgeous! The culture is amazing, scenery breath taking and the mix of old and new is apt for this country, with their long history and technological advancements.

UK's not bad too

I thank you all who vote to like Japan. If you have chance, please visit our country to make a good experience which many other visitors made. Japan has clear four season, which each gave you a different image. But if you do not like hit temperature and high humidity, avoid to come in July, August and September. Have lots of fun visiting Japan!

You can't compare other Asia, Japan is most beautiful place and People are polite and friendly. Also amazing foods!
I think Korean and Chinese are just jealous Japanese because everybody seems love them.
I've been there 6 times! I'd like to move there. NIppon Nippon

Japan is such a beautiful place to be in, there sushi is good, there music is very awesome (listen to music by Kiyoshi Yoshida and you see what I mean), there ancient history is interesting, all of there Japanese art is breathtaking and it is fun is learn how to speak in Japanese (I use the Google Translate thing). And lets not forget the good anime they have (Now I said GOOD anime, that does not mean all anime like the overrating ones. ) and its home to some of the most famous companies such as Sony, Sega and Nintendo. I highly respect this beautiful country.

Japanese culture is formed on BUSHI-DO. Almost all of them are really polite and kind. They are very honest. They hate people who tell a lie because Japanese are honest. Japanse kids are educated to be honest.

I love Japan!
They are so kind
But, Korean is so dangerous.
If I travel Asia country, then I will choose Japan

I think there are nice people everywhere. It doesn't matter where you go. Korean, Japanese, Chinese, we're all people.

Japanese culture is very attractive.
There is a very interesting historical buildings such as the temple has been beautifully preserved surrounding Buddhism.
Japanese is a quiet, very impressed with the place where each person lives follow the rules.
But I do mind a little nervous.

Japan is really evolving at an amazing pace, and it's people are so well mannered, there is virtually no rubbish, graffiti or cigarette butts on the street. Japan takes care of their land well.

Warm, fun-loving, and kind-hearted people who are kind and respectful. Great culture and popular media, very science-oriented and huge supporters of world peace. You walk through the streets and there is no pollution, everything looks nice, and the prices aren't ridiculous in stores. It's a westernized society that still retains aspect of Asian culture. What more can you ask for?

Why not? Food is the best, the scenery is the best, the people are... Not the best, but much better than the U.S. and the rest of the world. What else? Oh Japan has a unique history that has never been occupied by any other country since its history had begun. Japan is the only country which suffered from nuclear weapon and has the right to eliminate it from the earth.

I lived in Japan for more than 23 years and then have lived in 2 different places - New Zealand for about 20 years and the Philippines:

New Zealand: full of arrogant and rude people who discriminate people especially from Japan and some other countries especially from Asia due to their "poppy syndrome" and vain pride that they have British heritage. People are generally speaking far from polite unlike Japanese. Food is so yuk with too much fat, sugar and cholesterol. They have lots of parks around, but it is such an extremely boring backward place, with nothing to do, and with extremely dangerous UV level in summer. More than 20% of the kids are living under poverty line. And the worst about this country is that it is a "haven" for criminals, and crimes are happening everywhere and every-time so police are too busy to help you when you need help.

Philippines: Very friendly nice people, however, corruption and air-pollution is too bad and also it is too hot all the ...more

They are really polite and honest in the world.
They don't betray anyone once they trust him or her.
They forgive even enemies once they agree on peace.

I'm Japanese and I love Japan. But I think every countries are cool in their own style. But still I'm Japanese I think Japan is the best. I live in Europe and have travelled to many places in Europe and I love them! They all have nice foods, gentle people and some awesome cultures! Please vote for Japan it's just awesome and cool and JAPAN HAS EVERYTHING EVERTHING IN JAPAN IS CUTE. Japanese animes are the best. Thank you all for voting for Japan.

I think that there are nice people and good parts of every culture. I've been to many countries and I think it's important to remember that there are special things about each country. No country is "the best". We are all people, regardless of our nationality.

I traveled a lot of places, and I love all the countries.
However, if I should decide one, I choose Japan.
Because the country is beautiful, kind people, nice food there.

Best technology, nice place, industrious people - ronluna

this country has such a rich history and so many other things.It is ahead of many countries in technology too!

Japan is an old country, unlike United States, very industrious people, great technology, nice places, hot springs but beware of earthquakes - ronluna

This should be higher on the list! Japan RULES! Anime, manga, Dramas, BOYBANDS!, Johnny's, Arashi, sushi, ramen... The list goes on and on

Japan is the most beautiful Country in thw world. They are very gifted and cute people. Plus I wanna live there for it beauty.

Here in the United States we have this thing called a cultural melting pot, where there are so many people that have migrated here in the past two or three centuries that some people create their own factions of what they want to tolerate especially in the southern states of the United States. there is all of this back door racism, not everyone is, but many people I know have harsh views on people of certain ethnicities. Although America is great and I am proud of how much we have evolved as a country in the few centuries it has been around... I'm glad I was born here, but I would be happier to be born in Japan. The language is beautiful there and in the u.s. We have words like scrupulous and Kentucky. It seems as though their technology is thriving and we have people that are actually scared of 3D printers. I would love to live in a country where the culture is overflowing such as Japan, but I think the main reason I want to live there aside from the food, is the entertainment! Even ...more

Even though Japan still has many problems, I love this country as the best. Beautiful nature, heartful mind, terrific foods, great fusion of tradition and modernity, and modest but strong soul.

The Japanese make me look pathetic...

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Japan's the greatest country of all time. Let's take a look what Japan made:
-Lots of electronics: Sony, Samsung, Toshiba...
-Gaming industries: Nintendo, Sony, Sega...
-The Japan-only type of cartoon: anime

Japan isn't the best country of all time. No country is. Everyone is equal, regardless of where they're from. You have to remember that there are smart people and dumb people in every nation.