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Malaysia is a Southeast Asian country occupying the Malaysian Peninsula and part of the island of Borneo. It's known for its beaches, rain forests and mix of Malay, Chinese, Indian and European influences. The sprawling capital, Kuala Lumpur, is home to colonial buildings, busy shopping districts such more.


c'mon guys, malaysia is the best country in the world. beautiful landscape, nice people, peaceful, ultimate cities, and even high clas economic region. Also known as Pearl of South East Asia n been voted 'WORLD'S MOST VISITED COUNTRY' by UNESCO.. proud to be Malaysian..

Malaysia has everything to offer and not expensive. Of course is not for those who has very high expectation of everything but Malaysian has lots to offer. The best food and always craving for it, the best environment, the best places to outsource anything, Alhamdulillah not in the earthquake, volcanoes or etc regions. With friendly people suitable for families, English speaking. Good place to do business. Quite fair and moderate place and cheap eventhough the facilities are abundant. Love Malaysia always.

The rich diversity here are freaking amazing! the chinese indians ibans kadazandusun and malays are very close together and its always in peace. No earthquake or tsunamis here and the tourist hotspots are the fantastic! the beach are very pure that you can see the fish swimming inside... a truly wonderful place to live in! everyone here are nice and heartwarming. The delicacies are extravaganza!

Malaysia is the best country. Why I said like that? It is because I've been in many places such as UK, Paris, Amsterdam, Brussel, several part of Germany, Praha, Budapest, Viena, Venezia, Roma, Vertican City, Milano, and also Swiss. I think Malaysia is the best country because of the culture, the environment, and also the good people will easily to help you when you need a help. To foreigner, please visit Malaysia before you start think something about Malaysia.

It must be Malaysia... Talk about different races, religion. We are living together with peace and harmony... If other people with same religion are fighting. But not in Malaysia.. He.. So happy and proud to be Malaysian.

Malaysia is the best ever place to live a life.. People with full of respect, hospitality, smiley, and so on..

Cool Mother nature as its climate of warm n rainy all year long..

Varieties of foods from all kind of races.

1 Malaysia...!

Well, malaysia is free from most of natural disaster like earthquake, volcano and tsunami.
Malaysia's economy is quite stable, most of people have job which make the crime case in this country is quite low compared to other countries in this region.
People is very nice, they smile a lot. Although most of them is quite shy, they will help any foreigner/ tourist when they are in need.

Malaysia is the best! No tsunamis or earthquakes because our land is the best! Proud 2 be a Malaysia. Dun care if people say it's the 7th best in my heart it's the 1st! Nice people! Nice places! Even tourists will have fun. And be like home

I'm not Malaysian but who cares. I love it there. I love my country, yes, but I miss Malaysia with its warm hospitality and beautiful places. And the FOODS, the glorious foods!

I love Malaysia and proud to be Malaysian. Beautiful and peaceful. We have many races and religions yet we live peacefully as a nation. No earthquakes or tsunami. Best variety of food in the world! Best shopping! Best beaches and mountains. I love the cities too.

Cannot beat it, I have lived in a number of countries including the UK and USA each for a minimum of 14 years.
When I could make my own choice of where to live I choice was Malaysia.
Wonderful place.

The beautiful country and the warm heart people only can find it in Malaysia.
They are special, lovely and supportive to each other.
The lovely weather which has no any nature disaster... Sunshine through all the year and with tropical weather who always bring the happiness and smile.
I just LOVE it

Beautiful and peaceful country... Good manner and very friendly people... That s make Malaysia one of the best country in the world... And you can find every types of foods in Malaysia... I like Malaysia too much

Love Malaysia so much I and my friend was planning want to stay just a week instead we're staying 3 month! Very nice and frindly people. We're planning to celebrate Christmas for this year.

I love how the skies are so blue and the trees are so green and the sun shines every single day. Malaysia is surprisingly beautiful. We have beautiful crystal clear island and one of the top diving sites.

Malaysia is the best simply because Malaysia is "Truly Asia". It's culture
Diversities is second to non where people from so many ethnics can live peacefully and harmony. Petronas Twin Towers and Bukit Bintang are the two place you can't miss. Come and experience it yourself and you will understand what I mean.

Malaysia... even under development... but the government still kept the natural rainforest and the surrounding ecosystems...

I love Malaysia because it is simply amazing and there are no other words to describe the feeling you have when you're there.

Beautiful country to be visited.. Many best places to go. Nice people too.

Malaysia is a big happy family to me.. So please do visit. We got lots of thing to try and show.. You can use many language here.

Believe it or not I am an American and Malaysia is my favorite country because they aren't quite like us there isn't a shooting everyday and they don't brag so much about their country like we do!

My mother is from Malaysia and the people there are really nice and their food is delcious, unlike the other countries, Malaysia is an elegant country with beaches and awesome people. It's prefect for vacation! Malaysia is one of the best countries in the world.

I was surprised to find my country here. Nevertheless, Malaysia is a beautiful country with a lot of cultures. There are beautiful rainforests, friendly people, and the food! Oh, the food! I have to say that it's my favourite thing about this country,

Malaysia.. Truly Asia. Time for visiting Malaysia this year. It's like no other countries. A combination of Asia country. All are living in harmony and peaceful. Very nice islands to go. A very beautiful rainforest. It's there. When talking about food.. you can have everything there.

Malaysia is one of the beautiful, peaceful and clear country in the world... Nice and friendly people, all kind of foods are available in Malaysia, I like Malaysia too much... And specially I like genting highlad