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Nepal, officially the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal, is a sovereign state located in South Asia. more.


I am proud to be a nepalese. it deserves first position in this list.

Problems exist in heaven too... But heaven is heaven... And truly without exaggeration, NEPAL is a heaven... It's a paradise... Flora, fauna, Himalayas, ethnic and cultural diversity... Hinduism and Buddhism centre... Pasupatinath ( billions of Hindus pay full devotion)... Lumbini( birthplace of Buddha)... And numerous other religious monuments, natural and cultural heritages... A serene valley...

I am a Pakistani American who has lived 38 years in USA.. I am now evaluating a peaceful country to settle down into and I think Nepal is a good choice but will they let me become an expat? I had a Nepalese friend in Santa Barbara by the name of Uttam and by observing him, I can conclude that Nepalese must be a very nice people...

Nepal is a very beautiful country and it deserves to be ;in the top 5 or even in the top of the list. Frankly speaking I'm quite shocked seeing Indias name on the top really, the best country? I don't think so. I request all the voters out there in the world who voted for india to go and visit nepal once and know about their geographical, cultural, biological, natural and ethnic diversity how the people of different religion live in here in peace and prosperity promoting "unity in diversity" unike india where we frequently come to hear abaut clashes between hindus and muslims and so on. And also I've heard that now india are trying to promote their countries tourism by spreading the rumors that Gautam Buddha, the founder of buddhism and the light of asia was born in their country after knowing about it I felt like si damn killing all those bloody bastards who promoted this false news. The truth is he was born in nepal. In all facts india is taking advantage of nepal being a weak land ...more

Best and most beautiful country on the world, with the diversity of multi culture and ethnic group of peoples, and very rich on natural beauty, its small but you can see the world on it, and I found the people are very honest and loyal for others, I read the comment below AND REMEMBER that I was travelling to Nepal through India on 2009 summer and my hand bag was stolen from the Delhi airport but travelling to nepal is very safe and its very peaceful country with best peoples... Long live nepal and Nepalese!

So beautiful country in the world. I have visited many countries but I have not seen such a naturally beautiful country where we can get cold n hot with in a drive of a hours.. People are so co-operative and respects tourists as their guest. I want to visit Nepal again. Love Nepal and Nepalese people...

Nepal is a wonderful place for trekking. If you like to walk, there is no more inspiring place to do it. Traveling to Nepal is actually not very difficult, and the country is well-prepared to receive trekkers.

Finally, I visited the Royal Chitwan National Park for some elephant rides and jungle walks among the rhinos, monkeys, and other wildlife. Nepal is a beautiful country with wonderful people. I was so happy with my first trip that I returned in 2000 with friends for a camping trek around the Annapurna Circuit (and an anticipated peak climb, which was canceled due to heavy snow).

This is the most beautiful country in this Universe. My First trip to Nepal was best... Thank's to Nepali

Best country shangrila (paradise on earth) birth place of Buddha, only Hindu country in the world, beautiful sceneries, 8 out of 10 highest peak of the world including mount everest, beautiful natural sceneries, second largest water resource in the world, beautiful girls, adventure sporty, low cost of living, hidden natural resources god so much more.. You need to visit Nepal... They say once is never enough

Nepal is the best country ever I travelled. People are very nice and country is really beautiful. I feel like I was in the different world of natural beauty and innocent people.

Nepal is the best country in the world with the best people. It's a world of it's own with plains in the south hills in the middle and mountains in the north it has the highest pointn on earth it has the most important Hindu and Buddhist temples in the world and how can India first it's the worst they treat Nepal like is real does to Palestine and they are slowly eating Nepal

When anyone talks about his home country, he/she will sure cross the line to boast above real. And that's what a loyal national does, right? I love my Nepal, it's my pride. The land of mountains, the land of resources, the land of beautiful kindhearted people.. If you ever get to visit this beautiful country, you will for sure gather some valuable experience that you won't be able to forget in your lifetime. NO- that's not because you are gonna get robbed here. That's because you will find joy, happiness, adventure, emotions, attachment in every person you meet, every place you see.. You will feel like home away from home, friends away from home.. Thumbs up for NEPAL, jaya Nepal!

I think I don't have to Put any more word to describe This country. Name " NEPAL" it self is unique, in may aspect : Look at its Natural beauty its not less then Switzerland.. :: Flag of Nepal is only the flag with triangular shape rest are rectangular, which represent the country of mountain. :: its only the country in the world with top 8 highest peak in the world. :: its only the country where people are united even they are from different cast and background, but when they have to represent them self they present in front of the world as single Nepali. :: Gurkha " BRAVE NEPALEASE ARMED FORCE " renowned for their bravery and courage.. :)). And its the best country where you can get the best HOSPITALITY from the people :))

Nepal is a wonderful country, with wonderful people. Worlds highest peak Mt. Everest lies here. Nepal is a country which is moving with the motto of unity in diversity. Being so many ethnic group Nepal has maintain its harmony and it is one of the lesson which world should learn from Nepal. Nepal is a only sovereign country in the world. The brave Gurkha are famous all around the for their bravery. Nepalese better love to die, then ruled by other.

Nepal Natural beauty country.. 8 among 10 top mountains along with Mount everest. Kathmandu valley " valley with temples" pokhara valley are the beautiful cities of nepal. Lumbini where Gautam buddha was born.. Many conservation area for wildlife and mountainous places where treking are famous to tourists.. Bungee at bhote khosi, rafting at many fast flowing rivers, paragliding at pokhara are the most enjoyeble place..

We don't need the army or force to be number 1 in the world because Nepal is peaceful country.. Because Nepal is the birth palce of budhha in lumbini. Bye the way we are Gorkhali we all are 1 man army... But its not the thing we are taking about:lets talk about the beauty. "MT EVEREST" Nepal has speechless beauty. No words to describe. Nepal::"ONCE IS NOT ENOUGH"

"Nepal" is most beautiful place in world.. Nature is gift of god.. Very friendly people and many cast and culture even it is very small country. If you visit once you ill more. Its is unknown about its beauty due to lack of publicity in the world. I love Nepal and its amazing beauty.

I love Nepal not just because I born there... I feel peace when I touch the land of Nepal.. I'm proud of being Nepalese. People from NEpal very good.. The elevation of the country ranges from 70 metres above sea level to the highest point on earth, Mt. Everest, at 8,848 metres, all within a distance of 150 km with climatic conditions ranging from subtropical to arctic. This wild variation fosters an incredible variety of ecosystem, the greatest mountian range on earth, thick tropical jungles teeming with a wealth of wildlife, thundering rivers, forested hills and frozen valleys.

Nepal is the land of Himalayas, land of Mt Everest, birthplace of Buddha, There are more than 103 ethnic groups found in this very small area which you will never find anywhere else in the world. It has a very good temperature. No one ever needs Air condition to survive. Neither too hot nor too cold, very pleasant climate every time. Wild life, dense tropical forests are available here. More than 95 unique languages are spoken here, diverse culture, everyday any one of the ethnic groups have festival. You will find plains without any hills, hilly area to world's highest mountains in this small area of the country? Will you ever find such a huge diversity in such a very small country anywhere else in the world?

Nepal is the country of dream. We Nepali not only live, support, cherish our country but cherish the humanity. You may be from any part of the world but you can never forget Nepal and Nepali, we may not give you luxury but we will give you comfort. You will fell more secure in public buses of Nepal than in your bullet proof limousine. You will never feel lonely with Nepali. We serve you we respect you and most importantly we envy your feelings. Nepal is it self a country of nature. You will feel the warmth of nature, love of humanity and peace of tranquility. We are united, we are civilized enough to respect you, your feelings, your life. We can assure you that you will never be alone here, we will be there for you in each and every step of your life to support you and cherish you. You will never walk alone.

Geographically divided country Himalayans, Herai, hilly beautifuls natural seans peace loving country with 4sub-cast&36casts. Modoret climate to live with healpful citezen & birth place of Lord Buddha lumbini which is like heaven& the highest mountain in the world mount Everest

Nature has given us Mt. Everest; history has given us birth place of Buddha; we are simply recognized as the brave Gurkha around the world... What else we need now! I am so proud to be Nepali and Nepal deserves the top position.

I don't believe India is the no. 1 country. It is the most selfish country ever seen. I have no personal fight with India but as I have experienced being a neighbor country citizen, it has always gave problems like making fake information "India, as birthplace of Buddha", making a place alike to lumbini, the original place of Buddha placed in south-western part of Nepal, they have encroached our land, Indian police have threatened our bro and sis at borders for many times.

I guess non of the neighbouring countries take india as a friendly country neither china, nor srilanka, bhutan, and history shows india have fought war with pakistan and china as well.

I don't know whether Nepal is number 1 country or not but it seem as our tourist says so. And I vote for my motherland, Nepal. Some tourist says that "after making whole universe god realized that he have forgot to made a garden so then god created Nepal. "

National anthem itself says everything about our nation. Peoples with different religion, different ethnic group live here. Different ethinicity has different clothing, rituals, fooding, languages, festivals. And these different ethnic peoples live under a common roof which is NEPAL. It has the worlds best climate neither hot nor cold and it has its different climax. Its average width is just 193km but it is divided into three regions naturally I. E, Himalayan, Hilly and Terai gifted by the nature which we cannot find else where in the world. It is the country having worlds second fastest running water and we have much more things to prove our nation the best. The memory of the web gets full but the description of our country wont finish. So every foreigner must visit the country NEPAL. Proud to be Nepali. LOVE you NEPAL.

Everybody loves their country so do I just not because I was born here its all because of our history, culture and enviroment many great people of other countries like U.S. A, China or even the country which is in top now admire it somehow directly or indirectly by saying that LORD BUDDHA was born in INDIA cause they know who he was and what he did and how important part he has been for the entire world. We may not have good roads, facilities or good economic status but we have everything that makes our country peaceful, beautiful than any other country. SO KEEP CALM AND LOVE NEPAL