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Pakistan was established in 1947 and is located in South Asia. Islamabad is the capital city of Pakistan and is known as the world's second most beautiful capital city. Karachi, Lahore and Peshawar are other major cities of Pakistan. Urdu and English are official languages of Pakistan. World's second more.


Its just a media propaganda, Pakistan is safe place its just a media hype, As China has Tibet, India has Kashmir then some other areas, America has some places, so every country have some places with some issues, Pakistan have some area boarding Afghanistan and terrorists come from there when ever they have faced attack they run into Pakistan's mentioned areas, otherwise we are living happily here with peace. Pakistan has some great places also part of World Heritage sites lists, you can search some more places who are knowed world wide, people are very friendly they love foreigners. Pakistan is Peaceful country.

Despite the recent drastic deforestation of the north, the heavy pollution of its cities, the over populated and congested urban and rural areas, lack of efficiency in providing utilities, rolling blackouts, awful public transportation system, unregulated food industry, lack of potable tap water in most areas, unregulated healthcare, lack of national security, lack of public and foreign safety and no system of checks and balances in place, the people are still hospitable, mostly educated, open minded and well informed.

There are quite a few bureaucratic hurdles that need to be crossed and the mix of cultural, feudal and religious rhetoric into the country's political system has created havoc of its basic human rights. Politicians with a skewed sense of patriotism mirroring fanaticism have supersized, upon the fears of the citizens, their bank accounts. A lack of free media has also only aided the growing viewpoint of the illiterate or mostly ill-educated religious leaders that ...more

Meri Pehchan Pakistan
Keeping in view the potential of our nation and Pakistan, its geostatic location, its natural resources etc we can achieve much more. Pakistan with 2nd largest salt mine, 4th largest coal reserves, 7th largest copper mine, 5th largest gold reserves, 14th largest food producing country, 9th largest wheat producing nation, 7th nuclear power, a country with all four seasons, sea ports like Gwadar and Karachi, highest mountain ranges, most fertile lands and most brilliant mind can attain the heights of glory.

Pakistan is the most peaceful country in the world due to this if most of the countries are trying to destroy it's peace and even these circumstances people of Pakistan are living cheerfully almost. People of Pakistan are of very high potential of patience. Some day will come Inshallah when there will be nothing instead of peace, cheer, brotherhood and progress.

Pakistan isn't a piece of land only.. It's name of minds, set of believes doesn't matter if the devils bring violence and mayhem to the territory but they won't be succeeded as long as a single pakistani mind persists Because pakistan is meant to be Islam N Islam is to persist till the end of times.. Long live pakistan. PAkistan zindabd

64 years of independence and we are still here and we will continue to grow difficult times are the best times in history of nations and we are going through it sooner or later we will succeed. People who said in 1947 that Pakistan can't last more than 6 months,64 years is good answer to them.

Pakistan was made in the name of Allah. Thousands of muslims sacrificed their homes, families, lands, and way of liffor freedom of religion. The people already living in the territory of pakostan welcomed the immigrants with everlasting hospitality and gave them their own houses to live in and shared their food with them without any feelings of selfishness. We emmerged to succeed in this world where many countries thought that we collapse in days. The people of this nation have stood united as one and PAKISTAN is surely the best country in the world and PAKISTANIS are the best people in the world

I have traveled so many countries in Europe, Africa and America but I like Pakistan because Pakistani People are very polite and simple. Pakistan is Powerful country in the world in Pakistan are four weathers. Pakistani people are very brave and beautiful. Pakistani people fear only of Almighty Allah.

Pakistan has own culture and beautiful places to visit in northern areas. Tourist Comes to Pakistan to visit historical places like moenjo dara, harapa. Pakistan is full of natural resources but unfortunately we have lake in technology to make the most of it.

Lahore famous for historic sites, best food and culturally richest in the country. Karachi offers a modern side, Fast city and growing rapidly. Islamabad the most beautiful city in the country. Modern building facing mountains and valleys. Clean and tidy. I love Pakistan and I WANT THE WORLD TO SEE WHAT WE REALLY HAVE TO OFFER.

Pakistan is truly a land of opportunities, The Most Beautiful Country on the Planet earth... All we need is just good leadership we have every thing else...I.E. four seasons... Beautiful Northern areas... Rich Agricultural Land... Deserts... Rivers... And much much more

We are the best country in the world.. We are the best nation.. We are most peace full nation.. After all terrorism, earth quakes, flood, drone attacks we are still alive, happy and united. We are the most united nation of the world. We have most beautiful mountains, most productive soil,.. WE ARE THE BEST.

A country that has all the natural resources you could ask for and on top of that there's all types of climates here from Snowy Mountain Peaks to Sunny beaches to hot deserts and not to mention the Thick Forests which are the Oxygen Plants for Pakistan. The Country has borders with the likes of China and Iran which is a very huge Plus point. Fertile land, Passionate People, lively hood, all kinds of delicious Meals... What more can you ask for?

Pakistan is the best country in the world. We have best religion, best poet, best politician father of nation, best people, best land, best community, best army, best fruits, best vegetables and everything else. No one in the world can defeat us. They can try their best to overcome but but all in vain.

Pakistan is one of the loveliest countries with natures best gifts... From snowy peaks to vast deserts... It has shown the will and strength to fight worst terrorism of recent times and has contained it for peace of world... Pakistan Painda Bad

the best country. the most important country for all those who want power in the world like America, Britain, and without Pakistan it will end like Russia. Pakistani peoples are wounded tigers fought with bomb lasts, guns, terrorist, and corrupt politicians

Okay, so I am not Pakistani. But, I really did like the country thinking it was some sort of terrorism breeding ground before I went there for a business trip. Pakistan has a lot of different shades of topography. Beautiful deserts, Forests, Snow capped mountains and even these beautiful glaciers and valleys. I didn't see any sort of terrorist activity while I was there. It was perfectly safe and quite. Although some of the places aren't clean but, most other areas are. I loved Paksitan!

I love Pakistan it's the best country in the world. It experiences all four seasons with a lot of historical importance! We have our variety of languages, cultures, religions, music, sports and best of all the FOOD! People offen mistake Pakistani food for Indian but guys all the BEST tasting Indian food is actually from Pakistan and NOT India! Keep that in mind!

Mr Jinnah, are you not aware of your surroundings? This is Planet Pakistan. The spirit of the people I Love You my Pakistan and I proud to be Pakistani a nation of brave people great tradition

Pakistan is the best country in the world. It is very beautiful county. Most of Pakistan's places like K2, lake Saif-ul-malook are very beautiful. I like my country very much.

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World best country with lot of natural resources facing multiple problem locally and globally.
With these limited resources creating world best intellectuals who serving around the world.
The people of Pakistan are very peaceful, loving, friendly and more...

It is the best best best country in the world. With the most bravest soldiers, It is not surprising that others are afraid of us. We are lucky that we have the best Chief General in the world if you go to search for it. I am a proud Pakistani and we give a tribute to the martyrs of Pakistan.

Pakistan is rich in agricultural and in mineral resources. World's best quality of rice and wheat is grown in Pakistan. My country has natural beauty. And Pakistan is one of the biggest victim who faces terrorism. Pakistan is not a terrorist it's a land of loving and caring people's.

Pakistan is a beautiful country to attract the tourists
Pakistan is one of the few countries in the world where you'll see all kind of landscapes and weather. From the majestic mountains of NWFP, Northern Areas, and Azad Kashmir to the lush plains of Punjab to the deserts and beaches of Sindh and Balochistan.