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Russia, known as the "Russian Federation", was formed on Dec 25, 1991. It is located mainly in Asia, while a portion of it remains in Europe. The capital and largest city is Moscow, followed by Saint Petersburg in terms of population. The country primarily speaks Russian, a Slavic language. more.


Russian spirit is pure and noble.. I do not speak of political decisions, I speak of the people and their hearts. We always welcomed foreigners and offered our best to them. We always protected those who have asked for our aid. This is the Russian way.

I am russian:) But I know English cause I live in the United Kingdom, Russia is the biggest country in the world, Which is actually amazing! The people are wonderful, they will always greet you with a smile, it is worth a visit so you decide yourself. I've only been to Moscow though but it seems like heaven, the food, clothes, people, its a trip that you will remover for life. The houses are beautiful and the streets and the views from mountains (My mum and dad lived in Russia for 23 years) So please vote if you can.

Russia is the best Country. It has the most beautiful landscapes, a wonderful language which can express anything, a great history and especially the most wonderful People: they know justice, liberty, are strong but caring. They are just being raised like that and this is right. There surely are People who are addicted to Money and might but even they become pure and truthful when it's needed. Russia is the Country of fairy-tales and fables. In Russia live about 185 ethnic Groups together in peace. Russian Humor is so specific but still the funniest I could ever find: it is somehow dark, racist and extreme, but still kept adequate and even a bit conservative. This Country of Course does not have much Money, but I think that other nations should take it as a good role model because of ist natural kindness.

I agree with you on 75% percent, but personally I would like to know. How is Russia connected with your life, or in the biography of the country in which you live? - RussianSOul385

As a Russian, I invite all of you people, to explore the beauty of my giant country. Unbelievable views, architecture, cuisine and history. My country is a country of contrasts. You can see how ancient weave with hi-tech. One step from the city and you plunge into beautiful nature. And our winter, mmm, there is a lack of such beautiful things in the world. So, once you have tried the northern spirit, you won't forget it.

Italy is Russia's best friend in Europe as a whole.

Russia was once one of the greatest empires in the world. But now is a shell of itself. It's current leader is trying to regain its glory much to the fear of its neighbors and Europe. It constantly interferes in the affairs of other countries. It's economy is in tatters and backward and is going nowhere. A couple of friends of mine left there because things are going back to the old Soviet style. But that's what ordinary Russians want. They would rather give up their liberties and starve to just regain their glory and imperial nationalism.

Mark my words comrades the Soviet Union will rise again and with it a new world, a better world, a Soviet world. For as long as the Soviet ideal lives on in the mind of 1 person the heart of the Soviet Union will never be broken! - Templar

Invaded by Napoleon and Hitler, but never conquered, partly because it was so cold. A very tough people and strong country!

Every one thinks that their a bad place especially coming from the Americans. I also understand that countries that used to part of Russia (back then, the Soviet Union) still have wounds from that time but they've really made a turn for the better. So don't listen to what stereotypical garbage from the Americans because they're quit a nice nation.

Russia's always being shown as a horrible place in the western media but it's honestly one of the greatest countries ever! I love Russia! I love Russian people! And I love the Russian language!

I am not even from Russia but it's so beautiful.. I love their languages it's so nice. My favorite thing about Russia are those tall buildings. I would love to go there some day. I LOVE Russia!

Life is so easy and fun.
It's so cold in the winter and it's so hot in the summer and I live there. It's clean. I have so many friends. The Government is doing great no problems we have a great ruler and a Very and The BEST anthem in the world. There is no pollution there just nice and healthy fresh air when you are near forests and rivers. Celebrations and very rich History it's just amazing and worth living.

(also very beautiful women so easy to get a girl like you)

Citizens of the World! Please, do not be fooled by western media BS-propaganda about this country! Come visit Russia, YOU WILL NOT GET HURT. Russia has a LOT of sights BESIDES Moscow and St.Petersburg. Not all cities are broke! Look at any Center of Oblast' they have all you need for a decent life. (Though poverty may still be an issue in small rural towns and villages)

Russia is the best country in the world because they are happy and they are not biased to America. America is the most biased country in the world. Russia is also very free and they are a democracy. people do not get killed for not liking Vladimir putin also.

Russia good developed 10 years was born from the ashes, and continues to evolve, I think of Russia as a great future. I love Russia. And I hate stupid uneducated Ukrainian and Polish savages. (I'm from France)

I agree, no one ever have defeated Russia!

I heared more about russia I'm so impressed with russians

I'll be honest. Russians are even more friendlier and honest than Canadians once you get to know them. I'm a Canadian. I can't even talk about politics with my Canadian friends because it's almost like a taboo to talk intellectually with them about politics and the world... it's SUCH a sensitive topic to them. Don't believe in any media.

Russia is a great country! The people are great and friendly, at start they don't look very friendly but after you get to know them a bit more they'll be your BFF!

I also like the Russian government and Putin. Putin does everything for his country and that's what a great leader does.

Russia is a great ally. They are supporting Bashar Al Assad fight against ISIS. They are helping Russians in East Ukraine. - i-am-great-but-crazy

Huge country, rising economically. Will be a superpower again very soon.

How can you not like Russian accent? Russian sense of humour? Russian blue-blue eyed cute blondies? Oh and forget the stereotypes about Russians 95 % of them are complete crap

Russia is the best country! It is revives from ashes. At the next 8 years Russia host Olympic Games - Sochi-2014, in 2018 - FIFA world cup, Russia is the strongest, I respect this country!

Russia is not the best country in the world. Our country is rules by oligarchs and billionaires. Are you proud of that? We do not have that much freedom like they do in the west. Are you proud of that? Our past is very dark of the Soviet Union causing many deaths to innocents. Are you proud of that? We are discriminatory to almost every other nationality but our own. Are you proud of that? You are part of this country that you call home... That you call Russia... Are you proud of that?

Russia is the absolutely best country in the world. We have universal healthcare and people are loving and kind to each other. We respect our elders and we have the best education in the world which is still often free.

Russia is the greatest country with the most beautiful nature, good people and great history.