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Turkey, officially the Republic of Turkey, is a transcontinental country in Eurasia, mainly in Anatolia in Western Asia, with a smaller portion on the Balkan peninsula in Southeast Europe. Turkey is bordered by eight countries with Greece and Bulgaria to the northwest; Georgia to the northeast; Armenia, ...read more.


Most of the people has wrong prejudices about Turkey and some of the most disturbing ones for me is that they think turks are conservative people, most of the women wear hijab, turks don't drink alcohol hence they don't like people drinking etc. These all are totally wrong and this thoughts disturbing me really. Turkey's population is mostly Muslim yes but it's a secular country, so there are many women wearing a head scarf, but there are also women not wearing head scarf as much as the wearing ones. Some of the turks especially through the east part of Turkey, might be conservative, but there is much more people that are not. Even if you go to a city let say that is the most conservative one, nobody cares whether you're wearing a head scarf or drinking alcohol. Most of us drink alcohol here in Turkey, but the people aged over 60 years usually don't. There are lots of bars, pubs, night clubs etc. Because Turkey's population is mostly Muslim, people think that we are like Iran, Iraq ...more

I am from Armenia, I know we have problems with Turkey. I visited Turkey Last year it's the best country that ı visited.

Turkey is a country where man still treats woman like woman. This country is totally unique, they are neither Arabs, Asians nor Europeans; they are the perfect mixture of cultures. You can even see this from architect and human behaviors. I would recommend you to take a huge tour in Turkey. At least you should see Istanbul, the best city in the world.

Food is very cheap, people is very nice, and economy better than EU

I am living in Canada and it is a best country to live, and I visit may country in the world, Turkey really different you have to visit.
Turkey is great country, very rich culture and friendly people
Impressive history

Turkey's the best natural country ever and Turkish people are the most lovely people ever!

You have to go there to believe it. Turkey is a world apart. What to say... I have visited Istanbul, Bursa, Imir & Yalova. Breathless, Breathtaking... Beyond imagination. My only wish is if I could live there forever 1 day. Love to Turkish people & hospitality from Pakistan

The way people treat eachother in day to day things is very rare in Turkey. E.G. : When I take a walk with my son (baby), everybody, men, women, teenage boys, girls, older kids, everybody wants to hold him, kiss him, squeeze his cheeks etc. Etc.. Cats with and dogs are not owned by one person, but taken care of by the whole neigbourhood. During the 60 year recession we had, the only reason we did not crack down and stayed a civilized country, is because everybody helps everybody. Hospitality towards everybody is our fuel. I think that is the main reason why tourism is growing and growing, and not the beautiful sites and beaches.

Even though we're the 16. Biggest economy in the world we're the 3rd biggest country that does global aid.
Even though 98.6% of Turkey is muslim there are still many churches and some of them are historic and we don't claim this country is ours so we can destroy the history of other peoples lived here before anyone can come and visit.
If you wonder how a muslim country is just don't go Iran to find it out because you won't Turkey is the place.
We have a very deep history in Turkey and lost of historic places.
We don't have patents for our every food but we have tons of orijinal and food and they taste fine. I say this because Greeks just claim some of them are theirs.
People of Turkey is really hospitable.

Turkey is really a good country but still if you're a foreigner you'll have to find out but I assure you it will worth you're time :D

Turkey is by far the greatest country in the world and is certainly the country with greatest history. And whoever thinks that turkey is a bad country should go there and see how it really is. Turkeys awesome

There are peoples who has stereotypes about Turkey in their minds. Because they haven't visited here yet. I can say that foreign people love here when they come here. And Turkey has a very good location, beautiful places- both historical and natural-delicious food and very friendly people...

A lot of things to see. Great culture, delicious food and nice weather, also cheaper than in any European countries. What more do you want?

Only real: Turkey is best country in the world.

Turkey definitely deserves to be in at least Top15. I know because I visited there last year.

I Loved the experience I had there and I'm looking forward to go there again it is highly recommended you do go there. The weather is really good and the people there are really kind you should go there. Best place.

One of the most beautiful country in the world. Look at the world map, you will see that is placed between Asia, Europe and Africa. Full of history and natural beauty. you can find everything what you need...

Turkey is a very beautiful place (especially Istanbul at night)

(i'm apologizing for mistakes)
I watched a video on YouTube about the thoughts of American people on Turkey a mounth ago I believe. And most of them said that they don't know Turkey was a country. And nearly every one said that women in Turkey wear veils. But they're not. And nearly everyone hate Turkey. Because they didn't visit there and from what they heard in social media, they don't want to believe that Turkey is a good country. But if they visit Turkey for once, I know they will love it because that's what happened to me. I was living in Germany before I moved to Turkey. My friends were saying that I shouldn't visit Turkey because of the religion. They though Turks were going to do something to me. But when the holiday came and my family and I visited Turkey, I understood that Turkey,espicially Istanbul, is the gretest place to live. So I'm suggesting you to visit Turkey. Because when you visit, you will fall in love with it.

we are turkish air lines we are globally yours.. love turkey

Modern, civilized, history, beautiful nature, big, strong, industry, business, moderate Islam, and mixture of different cultures.

Turkey is a beautiful country. It has everything: delicious food, great places, nice people. LOVE IT!

Kind people - beautifull girls - great tasty cheap food - great historical places - good weather (especially in the summer! ) - no arabic alphabet - nr 1 hotels - great culture - and many more!

Best place to visit if you don't want to spend lots of money and want a great time!

This country should be at least in the top 10 in my opinion!

Turkish people are not Arab, they don't talk Arabic and they don't use Arabic alphabet. Turkey is a secular country.

I don't know how but Poland being just above Turkey for some reason for everything continues to haunt me! Turkey should be in the top 15! NAME ONE DAMN REASON WHY Poland IS BETTER THAN Turkey? Its Poland! There is nothing cool or great about a country like Poland!

I think its the best place to go everyone is really nice and calm, the sea is near our hotel and it gets to 30-40 degrees so its quite hot. Turkey icludes:
And they are not morons so give some respect cause we have differant things in other countrys.