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The United Kingdom (UK) is a sovereign state which consists of the political and economic union of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. It was a member of the European Union (EU) from 1973 to 2016. ...read more.


Now America is a great country you know!? But one thing is for sure. They stole invention ideas like the rocket. That idea is actually from the Germans (sorry I am not a big fan of defending the horrid Nazis either here) but the German that invented the rocket LAUNCHER is also one of the main guys that produced the rocket in the first place! But now I'd like to say this UK has got racist problems as well but only because the Asians have immigrated here just to offend us but Asia is awesome too. GO BOLLYWOOD! Anyways WE invented the usage of coal WE invented the telephone WE invented the camera WE created the cruise ship (ok so the first one didn't go so well) WE created real football or that weird word soccer you Americans call it and your football barely uses feet anyways! What kind of STOLEN name are you thinking of!? WE took a great load of history including the Romans (YAY ITALY! Even though you invaded us. ) The Saxons which I am pretty sure is us and the Vikings (Scandinavia if ...more - Gregorology11

To respond to a comment under the USA..
1. New Zealand, Switzerland, Canada & The UK can all say that.
2. The best Universities are Oxford and Cambridge, both in the UK.
3. Fair enough
4. The US is only a major superpower because it bullied and extorted smaller countries into giving up their money and resources.
5. The most advanced aeronautics company in the world (BAE Systems) is British.
6. the USA is only 6th on the list of countries that earn the most from tourism per capita (after Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Spain, and The UK).
7. Relative to its overall population, the US is way down the list on immigrant population.
8. Okay
9. Pretty much any country of any decent size has the same diverse weather.
10. Alright.
11. The USA is 49th on the list of Olympic medals per capita.
12. True, but its long long way off Norway.
13. You're a moron. The unemployment/homelessness in the USA is higher than almost any other first-world country.
14. ...more

1) Britain has free healthcare (the NHS) which gives everyone an equal opportunity to be healthy, no matter what your income is.

2) Britain has a benefits system which supports those in need (disabled people, single parents, the unemployed, those on a low income). Yes this is sometimes abused, but the benefits of this system greatly outweigh the negatives.

3) Britain has made major contributions to society in a number of ways; musically (the Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Queen, and more recently Adele), scientifically ( Ernest Rutherford, Stephen Hawking, Charles Darwin, Alexander Fleming), socially (Britain was the first country to abolish slavery, same sex marriage was allowed in England before America) 4) England stands up for the 'little guy'. For example, Britain entered the First World War after the Schliffen Plan as they had promised Belgium to defend their neutrality and they entered the Second World War as they kept their promise to Poland when Germany ...more

We are one of the best countries. We might be small but we are mighty.

Full of the nicest people in the world. More tolerant than any other.

Regardless of any votes on here, the leading world nation is still the UK by a long way you can't argue with the invention and creation that the Brits have brought to the world, why the Brits where laying railways and building massive ships, the rest of the world were using sticks to light fires, if it was Not for Britain/UK then India, US, Canada, Aus, New Zealand etc would simply not be the same, the world would be Spanish and we all know how corrupt Spanish speaking nations are, next time you open your mouth to speak English thank god the Brits got there first, this would be a very different world without us. Rule Britannia

These islands may have their flaws e.g Chavs and Extreme political correctness, but it has all of the reasons why other people think their countries are good and more as it is a greatly free land has so many different cultures and possibly the best history, had one of the greatest empires (which one third of the world's population lived in) and great people and traditions and a monarchy and beautiful natural wonders and amazingly unique and iconic terrible weather. Rule Brittania!

I'd say based on the size of the population of Great Britain and how much it has accomplished in the modern world it is by far the most greatest. We gave rise to the West and how it is today, without our influence on the world we would still be clearly years back in advancement of modern civilization.

- The first country to abolish slavery in the world
- We were one of the few countries in the west to not use racially segregated toilets
- We have the most diverse capital in the world
- Made every international sport recognized internationally
- We had an aim to make every country equal and fair when we were the British Empire
- Scientific contributions are massive in conjunction to our population size
Many many more...

Rich in history and full of modern culture, the country "that invented modern sport" and simply a beautiful place to live - Chimpchomp

Spectacular scenery, fresh countryside and rustic beaches, brilliant pubs, awesome diversity of culture and food, in close proximity to European countries such as Spain and France. Lovely people. Cool little cities, towns and villages. Tons of history and character.

It's the safest place in the world where else will you live I'll rather go to hell than live in any other country it may be small but it's a fantastic country to live there football team like england are rocking the world

We are all a bit crazy and we love to laugh, even at the expense of our faults. We don't take ourselves too seriously. Just an all round bloody Great nation with bloody Great Brits! Rule Britannia!

I think Britain is the greatest country because it spread democracy around the world with its parliamentary systems, It also spread a way of life with its laws, trade and innovations.

Britain will most certainly go down in history
As one of the greatest Empires / countries
Ever to exist; simply because of inventions like calculus; Which is essentially the language of the gods and it is even enabling mankind to answer the Fundamental questions to our reality. And also the other scientists who have contributed so much to world progress, like Physicist like Ernest Rutherford, Who practically single-handedly Ushered us into
The nuclear age' He is also the first physicist to be credited with splitting atoms And is widely regarded as the "father of nuclear physics". Also with inventions like penicillin which Is known to have Saved absolutely countless of millions of Lives! And inventing things like the first digital programmable computers and the first ...more

Lol, Americans, the most gullible idiotic people on Earth. They sit there being told by their government that The USA is the greatest country to have ever existed while every other country just shakes their heads and laughs, no one does their research Britain has BY FAR been the most influential country, all those things that Americans think they invented is most likely British, we had the most influence on the outcome of the World Wars, don't believe me? In WW2 Britain and the commonwealth nations were the only allied countries to stay fighting from start to finish. The USA and USSR didn't join till halfway through, if Britain failed the Axis would have won and th USA wouldn't even be a power, weird isn't it? Britain sacrifices everything and loses its Empire while the USA drops a few nukes and becomes a world power, what's funny is Britain only joined WW2 because they promised Poland that it could have its independence, yes, Britain declared war on a global power just so that a ...more

History like no other country in the world, a society built on 1000 year old laws, inventors of democracy, a country of strong minded, hard working and free individuals. The world owes so much to this small island.

United kingdom is the best I was born here and it will always be the best country to me this should really be 1st place I love England WE MAY BE SMALL BUT WE ARE STRONG VOTE UK WHOHOH

Seeing my country listed here made me think about it for a moment, and what being a Brit meant to me. It's only then that I realized just how lucky I am to live in the greatest country in the world.

Steeped in history, and the mother of the modern world. Spreading enterprise and knowledge around the world, and taking civilization to every corner of the globe. The birth place of engineering and one of the oldest seats of learning on the planet. One of the most tolerant and liberal countries, with unrivaled personal freedom and security. With justice and equality for all it's citizens. A great overall standard of living, and the freedom of expression the envy of most of the world.
Great cuisine, fantastic culture, arts, music, film, some of the worlds greatest sports events, we've even got the BBC!
Beautiful cities, stunning countryside full of charming little villages full of thatched cottages and little pubs.

Every country has it's problems, but Britain's minor ...more

They do not care who or what you are, they accept you and accept your culture. They care not for your religion but will help you practice it, UK is live and let live, in fact I thinks they are too tolerant.

America has a very high crime rate and its overrated many great bands came from england the Beatles Led Zeppelin Pink Floyd just no name a few america only cares about the rich that's not why god put us here god hates the rich

A very good country. Friendly too (Well for the most part), very tolerant as well (Unlike other countries, now I am not going to name any names ). Religion isn't also a major part of public opinion (Nor is it very important here).

Many of the best things originate in the UK, like football! We're currently a mishmash of cultures from the world over, but we still hold a strong traditional identity and have a rich history. We once had 'the empire where the sun never sets', and although we've lost power as a global player, I think the UK is still AWESOME. (2012 olymics :D )

I've been all over and have liked stuff about everywhere I've been, but the UK will always be no1 in my heart awesome people, beautiful countryside, the fashion is great, shopping fun, so much history and culture everywhere! National Trust, steam engines, hnn! I love it and can't wait to be home

The clues in the name... GREAT Britain. Best history in the world, PLUS the NHS, free health service! Very small, yet THE first world power, we MADE India and USA what they are now. Were awesome!

UK: inventors of world-changing internet. Had it not been invented by the Great Brits, no other country would be reading thìs right now; including the top 4. VOTE UK!

Great people, great places, good humour. I liked every bit of it when I was there. Also, great culture, such an elegant and civilised country