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The United States of America, or the U.S.A. for short, is a federal republic composed of 50 states, 48 of them are contiguous states. There are two other states, Alaska and Hawaii, which are north and south of the contiguous states, respectively. The United States declared its independence from the ...read more.


The United States is the greatest country in the world because of the endless opportunity. No matter what gender, race, social class, religion, you name it, every person has the same chance to succeed. You can immigrate from any country on earth and be welcomed with open arms. The United States has the most diverse culture of anywhere in the world. You will find people from every country and every background in the USA. You don't need to travel out of the country for vacation, because the US offers it all. There is skiing on the mountains, hiking in dense forests, relaxing on the beach. You will never run out of places to explore in your own country, and unlike in Europe, you can drive for 6 hours in a straight line and never leave your own state. Sure, we have our faults. However, the American people are the most compassionate and giving of anyone on earth. We are not the typical American person other countries see us as, unintelligent, wielding guns, obese and eating a mcdonalds. ...more

People lets get real, no country is perfect, but then again some are better than others... So my vote goes to U.S., where my home is. Of coarse I would love to visit all the countries around the world and compare but I can't, just like many of us. So that says it: we aren't in the place to judge, maybe brag a little, but certainly not judge because everybody has different experiences around the world both good and bad, but nothing beats home, that's for sure. So my vote goes to the usa. The main reason is because I reside here, also its a multiracial place with so many cultures from all around the world, different places to go (whether it be new york city, los angeles, snowcapped mountains, the beach, the dessert, forest, etc and so many other places around the country). I can't say everyone here is nice, but from where I live majority of the people are really friendly. Also we're not fat piggys (stereotype), even though the food is delish. And well, overall this country is amazing, ...more

1. Low Taxes/Low cost of living, America is the only developed country that can say that
2. Best universities in the world, Mass. Technology, Harvard, Yale...
3. Top movies worldwide come from here, largest music industry in the world
4.World Supper power, has most top alpha cities with the one of the greatest cities in the world NYC
5. First man to land on the moon, Great advanced NASA technology
6. Highest amount of tourism PER CAPITA than any other country, tourists spend the most money here
7. Large diverse land with the most foreign born population
8. Great freeway system, and good transportation in places like NYC, Boston, DC, SF, Seattle...
9. Great weather, such diverse options
10, first country to have a national park
11. Most gold medals than any other country in the Olympics
12. Great quality of life (ranked third)
13. Great economy, low unemployment compared to European countries, LOTS OF DIVERSE OPTIONS
14. Invented the internet, ...more - JC123

You can find all types of doctors, nurses, lawyers, and so on from a different ethnic backgrounds.

I'm an Asian studying medicine in US. Over here, I have learned about people while I also face challenges with bigots (no color exemption).

Overall, I feel comfortable in US.. I love their cops better than my own country's authorities.

Fair is fair and I hope that it will work in both authorities and civilians.

You can choose where to live in the USA... Some places are still low in taxes while others are killing you with taxation.

America is, in many ways and opinions, flawed. And it is. However, it is still the greatest country that still exists today, and one of the most influential in the world today. The country controls many of the trade routes, yet is not vulnerable to attacks. If, say an African country's economy falls, America's will not. However, if America's economy falls, it is likely that the entire civilized world will too. To add onto that, while Americans may seem rude and self-absorbent, underneath that, they are very friendly and kind. Americans are some of the nicest people, and happiest. They spend the most on charities and international aid. American companies are the biggest in the world, such as Apple, Microsoft, and Boeing. You name it, the chances are high that it is an American-based company. But one of the most remarkable things about America is the population itself as whole. In very few other countries, even the democratic ones, do people protest over things. Social media is ...more

I love both America and Great Britain, but on which one is truly the best overall, I'd have to go with the US just by a bit. America is what keeps the free world alive. Yes we do have issues, but as far as it goes, America is the least imperfect. In America, you can be sure that what you earn is according to your ability and effort. You just can't be sure of that anywhere else. The rest of the world, with the possible exceptions of South Korea and Israel, are more socialist or communist. Secondly, there is a reason that even Europeans, many of whom think they are culturally superior, still flock to our side of the pond for financial and/or physical security. The unemployment rate is lower here. My proud Greek friend claimed that until there is better opportunity in Greece, they will just stay in "unsatisfactory" America. Anybody who says that Europe is better than the US should understand that they would not be around if we didn't save them in the war. We still spend $30 ...more

US is the best country in the world and it will always be. America is #1 almost everything, best economy, military, most successful people, best sports, best places to go for visit or living, richest, strongest, most successful and powerful country. US is a big country. What I mean by that is it's a very powerful country. The size is also big, not the biggest country but it's at lest either 3rd or 4th biggest country in the world for their size. We have lots of people. You can even see almost every race. It's the third most populated country in the world. First is China, then second is India. It's also a popular country too. A lot of people wants to either live or visit USA. We even have all the good new technology. Our country has two types of governor which is Democracy and Republic. Now it's Democratic until every 4-8 years, when the election happens, it could either Change or be the same. It depends what people vote more of, either democracy or republic. Also we have liberty and ...more - JustRandomDude

Look, I love America, but I can respect other countries too. People think Americans are just a bunch of rude intolerable idiots, but if you lived in America, you would know that that's not true at all. In my opinion, America is the best country in the world because of its individual freedoms, rights, and the wonderful people that live there. The only country that I can't for the life of me respect is India. Indians think they are the very best and the only decent place to be raised in is India. That is so wrong in so many ways. For anyone who thinks India is beautiful, I would like to remind you that every single part of India looks like Oklahoma when hit by a lethal tornado. And they also think that the way they are raised is the best. They are raised sleeping in wooden beds and dirty houses with servants who don't give a damn about their lives. To them, living dirty is normal, and apparently that's the "best" way to live. Also they do everything with their hands, even ...more

I say the United States of America because without it, the world would crumble. I do not mean to be rude or offensive but it is true. Where does everybody look to in a time of crisis? The United States and its affiliated allies. We have some serious issues with corruption, economics and public systems. People rely on the government too much. Too many people are jobless. Our economy was destroyed, and is slowly inching back to stability. The reason that I put the United States at the top is due to the fact that we are the last country on Earth to still have the morals and values we had when we were founded. America was conceived after the Roman, Persian and British Empires. We learned from their mistakes. Look where we are today. Democracy was the answer. So, all of you from Canada and the United Kingdom who seem to think that the United States is filled with fools, for your information, it's not! Most of the greatest things the world have ever seen came out of America. The Wright ...more

Wrong, The Wright brother were Born in Australia with Australian parents, who lived in America as citizens. Australia is the Transportation masters. The Potato chip was invented by the Irish, Microsoft and apple are destroying the environment and ruining kids health, Ford is an Australian Company, Delta airlines? Delta was founded in 1924, QANTAS was founded in 1922, QANTAS is the oldest airline on EARTH

The United States is the greatest country because it has a conscience unlike other nations. When the US errs, the political will and freedom of its citizens influences its government to correct abhorrent policy, environmental pollution, social ills and promote liberty across the world. When the US is militarily strong, the people of the world benefit because peace and prosperity occurs across the globe. The Constitution and the bill of rights guarantees liberty for all citizens. Americans are among the most generous people and always support nations that have suffered great catastrophes and disasters. People forget that the US rebuilt Germany and Japan after World War 2 and wrote a new constitution for Japan. The rebuilding of Germany and Japan led to the rise of economically powerful nations that facilitated the development of the modern technological era we are living in. The US has made the world a better place to live and when the world is finally peaceful, stable and very ...more

God bless America. The greatest there ever was or will be. The country where you can literally come with nothing and become more successful that most of the world. The country that lets you enjoy the spoils of your success. The country that lends you money to buy the house of your dreams and doesn't require all their money back for 30 years (mortgage).The country that help countless lives fighting terrorism, overthrowing dictators, tyrants and corrupt rulers. The country that, to the best of its ability, will help preserve freedom in it's allied nations. The country that sees turmoil in a country and aids. The country that breaks nations, takes nations, and makes nations better then they were. The country that saved my fathers country giving him a chance to live, spared his life and houses me. If it wasn't for America the world would be far behind where it is now. Gob bless America.

The United States is the greatest country our planet has ever known. We have the most beautiful landmarks in the world, the largest ECONOMY, and the worlds MOST POWERFUL MILITARY FORCE. We invented free market capitalism, and were the first developed country to end slavery. We were the first to put a man on the MOON, and invented the plane, car, computer, electricity, the phone, and countless other things. We have the largest upper and middle class of any nation in the world. We survived 9/11, ended WWII, and are leading the fight against international terrorism. America is diverse too, in its people, politics, and territories. We have the largest countryside in the world, and the worlds most prosperous cities. Americans were the first people in the world to have freedom of speech, religion, and expression. America tore down the Berlin WALL (your welcome Germans) and was responsible for the fall of the fascist Soviet Union. We are the policemen of the world, and are the only nuclear ...more

No doubt is the land of the free, and the biggest superpower.
But the world is not your backyard, jerks!

Why don't you allow to Puerto Rico to vote?
Why do you carry so much weapons?
Why do your kids kill each other in schools?
Why so many offensive wars?
Why do you have so many racist folks?
Why so many gangs?


Why do you have to go round the internet being jerks all the time?
Why do you have to go round the world being jerks all the time?
Why don't you put to good use to the biggest military in the world and save North Koreans from their oppressive leaders?
Why do you have military bases all around the globe?
Why do you only vote on two political parties? That's a sign of a sick democracy.
Why do you have so low taxes? (aren't taxes for the greater good? )


Why do you have territories so far away from the mainland? Imperialism ended nearly a ...more

Honestly if you LIVE in America and you don't think it's the best country than you are way too edgy... The constant argument is that we have "serious" internal issues. Name one country in the WORLD that has a government that's 100% pure and that all the people in the country agree with. If you said there are none your are ignorant, there is one. North Korea... the leader has brainwashed every single citizen into thinking he's a god and in turn gives them no opportunities and most of them live rather poor lives. The fact that you have the RIGHT to think that your country is bad and that you have been educated FOR FREE on how to formulate your opinion is proof enough that our system is not experiencing "serious" issues. The glory of the United States of America is that you have the right to disagree with your government, and vote on how you want it run, this allows greater adaptation as the world changes. Stop being an edgy liberal arts major, if your idea of the ...more

United States where to begin?
1. Biggest military power in the world.
2. Home to Microsoft and Apple
3. A country made up not primarily 1 single race but a race united of various peoples.
4. Invented the Nuclear Bomb
5. The good guys where we come to almost everybody's aid around the world and intervene in conflicts between 2 countries.
6. Has one of the best histories out of almost every country even though they are fairly a young country.
7. Has a fairly large but not too large population.
8. Invented the Internet.
9. 3rd Biggest Country in the world (biggest country if you talk unused land by Russia and Canada in which most parts are in habitable).
10. House to many great things such as the Great Lakes, Disney World, National Parks, Huge Cities, a Capital of Entertainment (Hollywood), home to some of the most famous people right now.
11. Winner of the most Olympics.
12. Host to most Olympics.
13. Home of the WaterPark Capital of the World ...more

And mass murders! Oh and your cops kill so many of your citizens it's insane! - mikeyH

Okay, you haters gotta hate? Everyone in and outside of the USA is so butt-hurt of the greatness our country offers. No other country donates goods, cares for other countries, and actually have a strong economy... You people should be grateful for all the gifts this mighty nation gives us. So what about the segregation? It's over. Never gonna happen again. The racism? The corruption? Even our hubris? Those are all poor excuses by the liberal media who are too scared to stick up for their own country. Why should Americans complain about their own country? Rather, they should embrace the gifts we bring and receive from other decent countries. We fight for other countries, ourselves, and have made massive progress into changing the world. The people who complain about this country have either a bunch of excuses and lies, or are too scared to fight for their ideas. America was founded off of conservatism. They were the ones who passed the Civil Rights Act (yes, it was a Republican ...more

People will always hate the United States because of one simple reason - jealousy. It's the worlds only superpower (fact) has the biggest economy (fact) and the strongest military (fact). Strongest includes technology and nuclear power by the way and look all that stuff up if you feel the need to. Not to mention its one of the largest in the world by size too :) People can hate on America all they want but why should we care? Everyone here loves the country we have millions of people trying to get in as well. Americans don't go around hating on the uk and other countries like they do us, it's pure envy. Sorry Britain you're not the great empire you once were, but insulting Americans shows who the real arrogant and ignorant ones are. Plus Britain and the US have great relations politically and have for countless years. You try to make us out as enemies when your own prime minister has stated what close allies we are, and if he was lying then that just means he's desperate to keep good ...more

If America allows me to migrate all of my family here in US, then I'd say that shut down all the military bases all over the world except in all corners of the United States. We can all get busy here and rebuild our nation.. Anybody who messes in our radius should be shot without any further questions.

I'm tired seeing young Americans and other US soldiers getting injured or dead. This is where Liberals and I get along.

This truly is the best nation on earth. We may have issues but this country is the best. When you come to America you will see. I am 13 living in California. My grandparents came to this country in 1969 from Mexico wanting a better life. They settled in Los Angeles where they built furniture, mowed lawns, fixed clothes, and sold beauty creams. They were very poor, and they had my mom and dad. My grandparents worked hard to pay for their private Catholic school, and to get by. My mom and dad got there education and went to UCLA and SDSU. My dad became a doctor and my mom a teacher. Even though they may not have been the best or the smartest, they got so far by just working hard. They had me and my brother. I am very grateful for what I have. They have shown me what's possible with hard work and dedication, along with showing me how America gives everyone the chance to improve their lives and make something out of themselves. My grandparents were the tired hungry and poor who Lady ...more

The United States is the greatest country in the world for many reasons but for one, it is untouchable. The United States is the only country in the world that could be completely self reliant. We have all the resources we need in our own country. No other country can say they would survive without importing from other places. Second, in the USA behind every blade of grass there is a gun. If a country somehow miraculously defeated the greatest army this world had ever seen, they'd be up against several million Americans that own and use weapons. Unless you nuke the entire country, which wouldn't be possible due to extensive missile defense systems, the United States will never fall to another country. Despite the capability to be totally independent, the United States is the most giving country in the world. We help others to experience what our country was founded on: Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The USA will always be a beacon of hope for the world, the protector ...more

This country has the most beautiful spirit anyone has ever seen. The people there are so different. The people there act like themselves. The act as if the eagle was there friend and the land was their mother. United States also is excellent because of the culture there. Everyone who lives there has a different ancestry than his neighbor. British, German, Chinese, Dutch, etc. But the one that makes me the most proud is the Native American culture. I mean yes they were a tad bit rude to them but the point is the fact that we have them on our land makes me smile. Finally, there army. The United States has the strongest army in both emotion and physical force. The U. S army doesn't quit, they fight for their country. They DIE for their country. It is true what they say. America is the brave and the beautiful... And I know because I live there...

What you are saying is very racist, you are simply assuming that all of America is the exact same with all of the people being arrogant slobs. Another thing that I would like to bring up is the common belief that Americans are fat or overweight, this is simply false because for one, America is statistically not the most overweight/fat country, America also wins many medals in the Olympics every 2 years which you may say is because of the statistical probability of that happening because of our large population when in reality, America is the third largest country in terms of population. In conclusion America is not the self centered country you portray it as.

A too large and corrupt government, too powerful corporatism, fake politicians, horribly fragile economy, corrupt justice system, crappy education system, clowns in office for the past 25 years, etc. I could literally go on forever about how screwed we the people are. But despite all of that, I still put USA at the top because of where we came from. We had wonderful founding fathers who hate tyranny and love liberty, yet they are demonized today. These great men forged the greatest piece of writing ever created in this country called The Constitution of the United States of America. This is what makes the USA great. This is why we have had such glorious freedom for so long now. This Constitution has outdone every other constitution in existence and its principles can even help us in the mess we are in today. But our leaders are violating it every day without a care and without punishment. But I digress. This country is my pick for number one because it was founded on the God- given ...more

I believe that The United States of America is one of the best countries in the world, if not the best. I think this because it is incredibly powerful and could easily take over many nations, but instead it uses it's powers for good helping fellow nations instead of conquering them. It stands for freedom and it opens it arms in welcome immigrants from far and wide. The proof of that is the words on one of it's most well known national monuments, the Statue of liberty the words are "Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free. " It may have faults but no country is without them. The U.S.A.'s influence extends all over the globe, and even to the moon as Americans were the first ones to land on it. In conclusion, the United States is the best country in the world and possibly even the history of mankind.

First first of all, I am Canadian and love my country more than anything..so many wonderful things about it..too many to list.. but I am sick and tired when people bash the US. Sure, there are some attributes that may come across as arrogance and self righteous, but is that not every other country as well?.. personally I wouldn't want to live anywhere else other than Canada.. but the US is a close second..

I have met so many wonderful people in the states, the cities are amazing, the country is beautiful, the food is incredible and I admire the pride the citizens carry out.. people complain about the states, but who do they call on when things in the world go wrong? The US.

Try being positive for once.. another thing? Canadians love their sister (US). The US is a great country...a country I would proudly fight for along with my native land Canada. I love you America :) and thank you! - canadarocks75

America is the most powerful country in the world, has the best education system in the world, has the largest military in the world, and has the biggest economy in the world. It has beautiful landscapes of all different climates, such as deserts, grasslands, tropics, mountains, etc. America pretty much has every climate possible! It is also a free country, where you can live as you please, as long as you respect others and obey the law. It is also very clean and has great food. We also have brilliant minds here, always coming up with new ideas. America is also a land of opportunity, with jobs ALWAYS available. This is why America has the most billionaires in the world, at about 350. I LOVE THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!

More than half of all Nobel Prizes in Medicine, Engineering, and Science, every single year for several decades. Spearheaded the Internet, invented flight, and home to all the major tech companies. Truly the most innovate country ever.

And that doesn't even begin to scratch the surface. There's also economic vitality despite having overcome enormous strife from being (by far) the most racially diverse country in the world. And our music and Television and movies are beloved worldwide.

Oh, yeah, and we lead the free world diplomatically and militarily and in humanitarian efforts. We make the world a better place to live in for good people, hell for the bad ones.