Countries With the Hottest Girls

The country that you believe has the most beautiful women.

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81 Chile Chile Chile, officially the Republic of Chile, is a South American country occupying a long, narrow strip of land between the Andes to the east and the Pacific Ocean to the west.

Girls from chile have the most beautiful eyes and nice boobs

Chilean women are the finest and smartest of them all. They've got beautiful hair, eyes and body.

You person that you said there ugly, is the same!

Cuties since 15 yr old

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82 Eritrea Eritrea Eritrea officially the State of Eritrea, is a country in East Africa. With its capital at Asmara, it is bordered by Sudan in the west, Ethiopia in the south, and Djibouti in the southeast.

The country that has the hottest girls is Eritrea, when I saw this I surprised because hot girl found in that country and go search for Eritrea you will find best girls ever

They are very honest when they get once marred mostly they don't get divorce and good tempered.

Girls in Eritrea are preety sweet, and patient they can tolerate the mistreat mentioned and think home violence is just a property of a man because of their culture love them

Very ugly

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83 Kenya Kenya Kenya, officially the Republic of Kenya, is a country in Africa and a founding member of the East African Community.

Kenyan women are very sexy, classy, hardworking. Truly charming and courteous and friendly. They make good wives and have diverse cultures based on the many tribes.
Examples of some of the hottest women in Kenya are
Debra Sanaipei
Emma Too
Maryanne Kariuki
Lilian Muli
Sanaipei Tande
Sheila Mwanyigha
Talia Oyando

Kenyan women are simply the sexiest Hot and hard working they make the best wives Example Magdalene muya

Should be number one in my book! This is where my wife comes from.

Kenya currently has miss Africa2017 and miss universe Africa 2017

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84 Jordan Jordan Jordan, officially the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, is an Arab kingdom in Western Asia, on the East Bank of the Jordan River.

Jordanian girls are the ugliest most stuck up I've ever seen

Jordanian girls should be in the top of this list,actually most of the hottest and beautiful live outside Jordan. personally I hear compliment every each single day and when people ask about my nationality I proudly say I'm jordanian also there is some known beautiful jordanian famous you must check them out before judge

85 Switzerland Switzerland Switzerland, officially the Swiss Confederation, is a federal republic in Europe . It consists of 26 cantons, and the city of Bern is the seat of the federal authorities . more.

They are very good looking, sporty, smart. Great to hang out with. Awesome people.

Here you can see a diversity of races, but trust me, most of them are really great!

There's blondes, brunettes and redheads... The majority have beautiful eyes and there are even quite a few scandinavian-like, very tall and thin... And ALL very polite - they 'bonjour' you back when you greet them: always, even when they don't know you.. Often with a gentle smile along with than. The best mix of old and new world charm!

They are neighboring Germany, Italy, France, and Austria and they also have a lot of hot girls even thought the countrie is small

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86 Georgia Georgia Georgia is a country in the Caucasus region. Located at the crossroads between Eastern Europe and Western Asia it is bounded to the west by the Black Sea, to the north by Russian Federation, to the south by Turkey and Armenia, and to the southeast by Azerbaijan. The country's capital and a largest city more.

Very beautiful girls.

They are very hairy

Georgian girs are very beautiful and sexy!

Georgian girls are very beautiful, if you don't know them Google tako natsvlishvili, janet kerdiyoshvili and etc.

87 Ecuador Ecuador Ecuador, officially the Republic of Ecuador, is a representative democratic republic in northwestern South America, bordered by Colombia on the north, Peru on the east and south, and the Pacific Ocean to the west.

This country has the hottest girls laugh out loud

Venezuela Colombia and Ecuador are pretty much the same girl style. Check and visit. Awesomely buttie girls! :D

I think they are beautiful but I can't believe they are 101

They have natural beauty. They don’t have to wear a pound of makeup and be fake. They are the most beautiful woman you will ever meet

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88 Mauritius Mauritius Mauritius, officially the Republic of Mauritius, is an island nation in the Indian Ocean about 2,000 kilometres off the southeast coast of the African continent.

A mix of different origins, so beautiful girls and women.

People must be blind, deaf and dumb (dumb in the stupid sense) to have voted for this this high. The girls are extremely ugly, and are really superficial in terms of personality. They are basically Mauritian in and out

Mauritian girls are very hot, sexy and with an authentic beauty, exotically with the best tan and beautiful body. They enjoyed life at it best and truely humble at heart.

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89 Puerto Rico

They are pretty beautiful women out there And they are White on very light brown skin

Some of the most beautiful women I have ever seen. A near perfect mix of Southern European, Native, and Western African genes contribute to some incredibly sexy and beautiful woman.

Very pretty women come out of Puerto Rico. They have nice light brown skin.

Some of the best looking women I have ever seen, much like Colombian women but more naturally beautiful without add ons

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90 Kurdistan

They have good personalities how ever they have very nice bodies

Goergous body... Round and tight :)
You get one of those and you set for life.

91 Sudan Sudan

Tall, slim, long haired, hot body and above all African vibe

The most cleanest ladies created so far.

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92 Vatican City Vatican City Vatican City, officially Vatican City State or the State of Vatican City, is a walled enclave within the city of Rome.

Everyone here wearing a dress, so hot, but also such ugly girls, look like men.

Do any women actually live here?

LOOL why is this even on here, there aren't even any women allowed in this country

Aj lav vatajkan city ets very sexy whämen

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93 Scotland Scotland Scotland is a country that is part of the United Kingdom and covers the northern third of the island of Great Britain.

Beautiful girls with beautiful accents. Some can look rather messed up, but you can find a lot of really nice girls there..

My future girlfriend is Scottish and is the greatest thing the world has ever seen

Very pretty women and girls especially if they have the right accent tone (not neddy or over exaggerated) and red heads are so beautiful and stunning.

If you like beards you will love scottish girls

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94 Kazakhstan Kazakhstan Kazakhstan, officially known as the Republic of Kazakhstan, is a country in northern Central Asia, with a sliver of its territory west of the Ural River extending into Eastern Europe.

Number one exporter of potassium

Cleanest prosititutes in the region!

Kazakhs are the best

95 Qatar Qatar Qatar, officially the State of Qatar, is a sovereign country located in Southwest Asia, occupying the small Qatar Peninsula on the northeastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula.


96 Turkmenistan Turkmenistan Turkmenistan is a country in Central Asia, bordered by Kazakhstan to the northwest, Uzbekistan to the north and east, Afghanistan to the southeast, Iran to the south and southwest, and the Caspian Sea to the west.

It's a hidden secret in Managua. The women are sweet. The next generation will shine as this county comes onto the international scene. It's Wall to Wall. I'm now living in Australia with my Nicaraguan wife. Saving to go back there asap

97 South Sudan South Sudan South Sudan, officially the Republic of South Sudan, is a landlocked country in northeastern Africa that gained its independence from Sudan in 2011. Its current capital is Juba, which is also its largest city.

South Sudanese women will not disappoint you at all, Beautiful smooth skin tone, gorgeous smile, kind heart, respectful, very clean.

South Sudanese, they're Africa's most beautiful women! Tall, high cheekbones, amazing figure!

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98 Yemen Yemen Yemen, officially known as the Republic of Yemen, is an Arab country in Western Asia, occupying the southwestern to the southern end of the Arabian Peninsula.

Most beautiful. Just don't show the world. Love Islam.

No offense, but I think Yemen should definitely not be in the top ten, they are pretty but their skin isn't as nice as it could be... They are a littke red for me.

Yemeni women are elegant and prosperous women. Their beauty is very much valued by the Yemeni culture and its people. Their eyes alone describe the blooming sense of purity and cleanliness of the women she is. Women like this very much value respect and loyalty. As long as humanity breathes Yemeni women will always be the most flourishing women towards the planet and the rest of its people.

Have not seen one but if they come even close to what has to be one of the best comments here then... nice, good on ya

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99 Democratic Republic of the Congo Democratic Republic of the Congo The Democratic Republic of the Congo, also known as DR Congo, DRC, DROC, Congo-Kinshasa, or simply the Congo is a country located in Central Africa.

I seen some democratic people your right there nice!

Never heard of it.

Apart from being the prettiest, they are also the kindest.

Great I guess - Outcast

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100 Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina, sometimes called Bosnia-Herzegovina or Bosnia & Herzegovina, abbreviated BiH or B&H, and, in short, often known informally as Bosnia, is a country in Southeastern Europe located on the Balkan Peninsula.

Great as croatia - Outcast

Ok I guess...

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