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Sweden, officially the Kingdom of Sweden, is a Scandinavian country in Northern Europe. ...read more.


Yes I agree, I have being to Sweden couple of times and even the white blonde hair blue eye girls have average to big size butt. They do have great manners, even the black Swedish do too.

I live in Sweden and has been to many countries in Europe, Asia and to Australia. There are beautiful girls all over the world but by average Swedish girls are way more polite and self-confident than I've seen around the world. It's a fact that Swedish girls are hottest and at the same time easy to get friends with. Some of them might have some attitude but once they know you then they'll be all yours ;) Getting laid here isn't the hardest thing to be honest. Thumbs up, folks!

When I was supposed to finish school when I was younger this blond Swedish girl took pictures of us and then asked her will u send me this picture and she says yea I will and then I talked to her over the internet and then I asked again can u send me the picture and then she said yea but I don't have them here but I will send to u a other time and I was like ok and then after I waited she never came on the internet or tell me school she would give it to me and then I hade no picture of me that day when I finished school

I think that Swedish women have something that the Brazilian women (and other women) don't have. Firstly, I prefer the blonde hair, blue eyes look over the darker look that Brazilian women have. I'm not really one to inspect body parts (namely breast and buttocks) however, this is what most people notice about Brazilian women. I think that Swedish women have the best eyes of them all.

This is for the best of the choices in the time of the picking the winners and the most of each category of beauty in the manner of internal and external and also with the manners that are not for the easy time of putting into the words at this time or in past or even if this is the manner of speaking in the future times as well too. Thank you for this consideration and the kindness of your attentions.

I'm a swede and I don't like that people judge women like this! I just feel offended, Women are not objects dudes! Get an Life...

Sorry but this must be a joke, swedish girls are pretty and blonde but they are all flat ass and no curves, and very cold personalities, fast sex I didn't like it..i defiantly prefer latin women, cause they got the best curves and pretty faces and got amazing values and personalities, I think this vote was made by hitler

Hello guys! I have been to every country around the globe from Vietnam to Brazil and I must say that when I first visited Sweden I got very shocked over how attractive women were. I used to live in Japan (I happen to be from Japan) but today I live here in Sweden togheter with my beautiful girlfriend and I must say that life here is great! Cheers everyone and I hope that you too shall find true love one day!

Befor when my face was not destroyed, there was this young blond teenager neighbor that always hade new boyfriend ever month and asked them when saw me do u think she prettier then me and when she hade friends over in her home the wave in window smile at me when I was inside my family's home. And after my face got destroyed she became all ignorant all sudden and one day she was in yard in bikini tanning and I was waving at her and smiled like she did to me and she just took pictures of her self and both her stepmother and she no longer points or talk do u think she prettier then me after Sweden ruiend my face

I've been to Sweden, all the girls are blond and hot. It's like a country of freaking models.

I never seen anyone in world that hate dark women from Yugoslavia as Swedish women they pure spoiled people that do everything they want and have not helped anyone based on true facts so for some reason they deserve everything but they have done nothing towards others

They look so amazing and have best skin and are super rich, but their so many dark women that are born normal with passion as well but they make them retarded instead why. Why don't they kill them instead to end their fake sweet mission on because their fake sweet face is evil

I have been to many countries. Even if you don't like blondes, the black and the brunnettes are gorgeous too. They are skinny. They are sweet and nice. I have been to Colombia and all over Eastern Europe and Thailand. Colombia, Estonia and Ukraine rate very well. Ukraine is 2nd for me. If you like latin or African women then forget everything I am saying and go for Colombia.

Why dose Swedish people damage dark women from Yugoslavia that flew the war in the 90 s and still talk lies with them and attack them still if the are damage and poor and miserable Sense Swedish women the normal once that hide that have not this problem. Why dose this make pretty from inside and out if they expert. On make dark women ugly and live in nightmare with fake surroundings.

In Sweden Swedish people say that Victoria Beckham family is not real that the kids and husband are actors playing a role pretending to be husband and kiss to Victoria Beckham so she can afford to drink water Swedish people say she to ugly to be women

It's so easy to get laid in Sweden : ). And what to the people voting for England, I mean really? ENGLAND. Their fat yellow teethed women are not attractive at all.

It is this guy and older women spying on me everyday in my room and talking sarcastic voice and and saying rude things why can't the Swedish guy go find a girlfriend and go to raven party instead of spying on peoples and why can't the old women die

Many there wear no make up and look amazing still! I been lucky to traveled to about 31 countries and there some of the most amazing women that I have seen in my life!

My girlfriend is Swedish and she has highest quality of girl hot, sexy, amazingly beautiful you can even judge them only by their face and how they are like.

I want to thank other countries with goddess and allah that loves all human kind to live in peace and I hope one day allah will save me away from this evil Swedish women that took my face and life

So few years ago when my face was not destroyed this Swedish blond person walked same street at me with her blond friend and she wishper to her friend she scared to approach me and after my face got destroyed nobody was scared of me anymore they just smile and behave like a angel 24 h day and bullied me I know my words will not make any difference and Swedish blond do what they want towards other women but I'm just saying how it is as till this day I'm just suffering and praying to god to kill me or live in peace

I'm a swedish dude and i'll tell you, its so true! we got the hottest chicks on earth! I'm in the states now and the girls at home takes out everyone of them here.

I'm a Swedish/Norwegian American and I could get any guy I want.

I am born in Sweden but I have black hair and brown eyes. Does that make me beautiful or is Sweden blonde and blue eyes...

Your crazy if you say American girls are prettier... Swedish girls are extremely beautiful plus they aren't obese. - Joeyman79