Best Couples On Emmerdale


The Top Ten

1 Debbie and Pete

I hope that they get back together one day.

2 Ashley and Harriet

They should have been together because they got a lot of things in common but it was sad when they killed Ashley off for good

3 Alicia and David

I hope that Alicia come back for David. they are suited for another.

4 Belle and Lachlan

They are made for another but it confirmed that actor is leaving the show.they might kill him off because he kill his entire family and Gerry.

5 Donna and Ross

They could end up in heaven together like they did with jack / vera on coronation street because it is confirmed that Ross is leaving the show if they kill off Ross of course and if Donna make an appearance on Ross last episode?

6 Aaron and Robert
7 Jimmy and Nicole

Well this couple have been married for very long time more than other characters.

8 Cain and Moira

This is the only couple I didn't like because.Cain is at fault that Moira daughter died.and Cain and charity had more chemistry then cain and Moira.

9 Kirin and Vanessa

It would be great if he returned so that he could end up with Vanessa 😘😍

10 Andy and Kate

They were so adorable together it was sad they kill her off because
They were together when they were in their early teenage it was sad when their baby.I hope we find out soon that their baby still alive somehow.

The Contenders

11 Debbie and Andy
12 Cain and Charity
13 Ryan and Dawn
14 Noah and Gabby
15 Sarah and Dom
16 Moses and Eliza
17 Liv and Noah
18 Ryan Stocks and Victoria
19 Leanne and Noah
20 Debbie and Joe Tate
21 Ryan Stocks and Belle Dingle
22 Ryan Stocks and Tracy
23 Sarah Dingle and Samson Dingle
24 Gabby and Jacob
25 Jacob and Liv
26 Zak and Lisa
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