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1 King Ramses' Curse


It is the series most memorable episode with it's crowning achievement of scares

Nice one, gave me nightmares for a very long time when I was 6 - 7 years old. This was plain terrifying until I was like 12. When I was 12, I realized it wasn't as scary, because it had terrible computer generated images.

This thing gave me nightmares as a kid. But that's what made it so good.

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2 The Mask

This show was never afraid to tackle topics like the ones shown in this episode. And it always did them very respectfully. Hands-down my personal favourite of the series.

To be honest, the only episode that sticks out in my memory other than Katz' theme. The surreal nature of the plot and the vibe and imagery Bunnys' apartment flat gives off was bitter-sweet. I find myself going back and re-watching this episode time and again. - ByteXavier

This episode was the best because it was the darkest, most realistic episode in the entire series. I felt sorry for Kitty. I think we all would feel the same way if we ever lost our best friend like that.

The realism of this episode is what made it so scary. Surprisingly, this episode actually made it past the censors.

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3 Remembrance of Courage Past

The saddest cartoon episode I've ever seen - Gamefreak23788

A great origin story with intricate artwork.

Oh my God. This episode was so sad! :'( - ModernSpongeBobSucks

A great backstory episode for Courage. Well done Courage, well done.

4 Courage in the Big Stinkin' City

The Violin Girl Scared Me to Death - maloneyscott

This was pretty good it was good as the catchphrase beat up John cDNA (wrestling fans will get it)

Loved this

5 The Last of the Starmakers

One of my favorite Courage episodes. Between the music and the plot of the mother squid going though so much to make sure her babies hatch and continue to make stars after shes gone is way too emotional. There was not a bad moment in this episode and that intro made me tear up.

I always cry, beautiful music, beautiful story, beautiful characters, just well thought out episode

Good episode, quite touching and I like how the monster of the week wasn't bad, just in need for her kids.

Cried like a newborn baby from the feels this episode gave me, that's all.

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6 The Demon in the Mattress

This is with out a doubt the best parody of Exorcist I've ever seen. By far the best episode - Cosmic558

7 A Night at the Katz Motel


8 Freaky Fred Freaky Fred Freaky Fred is a fictional character from the Cartoon Network animated series, Courage the Cowardly Dog.

For some reason I like the singing children part

The singing children part was creepy.

Fred is the best character.

This was a bravo

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9 Perfect

The first time I saw this episode, I didn't like it. ( Mainly because of that blue giygas abomination ) But as I watched it again, ( And skipped the trumpet scene ) this is really an a,aging episode. Courage is insulted by Eustace, and gets all worked up about it, just like many of us in real life. Courage makes himself a teacher to teach him how to be perfect. This monster is courage's insecurity about being perfect. He made this monster. And every time he messes up, even with Eustace not around, he gets stressed out and beats himself up about it. He starts getting nightmares all about it. At the last second of hope though, courage is motivated by... Um, a barracuda swimming in a bathtub? Despite how weird that sounds though, we get this quote. "There is no such thing as perfect, you're as beautiful as you are courage" When courage learns this, he shows his insecurities that he doesn't have to try to be perfect. He can just try as hard as he can to be him. It all ends with all three ...more

Blue guy was weird but it helped the episode. So the sad cgi trumpet creature shows you ain't perfect. In the end of the episode, Courage learns from a fish that it's ok to not be perfect. The teacher was good too, in that she helped Courage realize what the fish said. Of course she's a good villain, giving us freaky stuff and saddening stuff. Courage gets over Eustace putting him down over the series' course and at the very end, we hear Courage laughing at the audience, and the fish giving a thumbs up. The series ends (unless the Fog of Courage counts) on a happy note with Courage mastering probably one of his biggest insecurities.

This episode made me cry because I can relate to Courage. GUYS LOOK PAST THE BLUE TRUMPET THINGY

Terrible episode, except for the blue thing.

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10 Queen of the Black Puddle

This episode is best and sometimes funny in their start them Eustace get scared courage of that wear a Mask Monster's Teeth

This is easily my favourite along with Courage in the Big Stinkin' City and Demon in the Mattress. Creepy, engaging, great for starters.

One of the creepiest ones for sure

This episode is so freaky
Think about it a sea demon that eats men
Scary huh?

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? Courage vs Mecha-Courage

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11 The Tower of Dr. Zalost

Awesome dark tone, excellent music, interesting plot, creative villain, wonderful action, a good resolution, and absolutely hilarious the whole way. This episode is just perfectly made.

12 Squatting Tiger, Hidden Dog

"This not acupuncture; it's de-boning! I taking out your bones! AHAHAAHAHAA! " - Di Lung - xandermartin98

13 The Hunchback of Nowhere

Actually liked this one.

One of the best episodes

Deserves highrr ranking

Teaches that beauty is on the inside more than the outside.

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14 Invisible Muriel
15 Little Muriel

Funniest episode by far

This one was hilarious!

16 Human Habitrail

Although not among the most scary episodes, this is definitely a classic.

17 Windmill Vandals

Spooky episode

18 Shirley the Medium
19 Dome of Doom

Every time I watch I get hungry

20 Hothead

I like how the house explodes.

21 House of Discontent

Scary but awesome!

22 The Quilt Club
23 Cajun Fox Stew

This is one of the most hilarious episodes.

24 The Duck Brothers

This should be higher

25 The Great Fusilli

Put this higher

26 A Beaver's Tale
27 Night of the Weremole
28 The Magic Tree of Nowhere
29 Cabaret Courage
30 Everyone Wants to Direct

Genuinely creepy w/ some pretty terrifying visuals. A classic episode that for some reason, seems like an homage to Quentin Tarantino or someone along the likes of Scorsese. One of the best. needs to go up in the ranks.

31 The Clutching Foot
32 The Chicken From Outer Space
33 King of Flan
34 Car Broke, Phone Yes?
35 Mission to the Sun
36 Angry Nasty People

Put this higher. this are good if funny those video of eustace's react to ruined of courage

37 The Revenge of the Chicken from Outer Space
38 The Curse of Shirley
39 Hard Drive Courage
40 Farmer Hunter, Farmer Hunted
41 Muriel Blows Up
42 The Sandman Sleeps
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