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41 Proud Mary - Ike & Tina Turner

One of the few performances that actually belongs on this list. I'm not saying many other covers here aren't good, but they do Not surpass the original even if they are more popular or done by artists who have more fans here. - Billyv

42 Cruel Summer - Ace of Base
43 Holy Diver - Killswitch Engage

The only reason this is not in the top ten is because mainstream music listener are more than metal heads. This is definitely a top ten for any metal head.

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44 Love Hurts - Nazareth
45 Promise This - Adele
46 Pick Up the Pieces - Candy Dulfer
47 Where is the Love? - Paige Hargrove
48 Boys Don't Cry - Grant-Lee Phillips
49 Hound Dog - Elvis Presley

Definitely. this should be higher, but I guess there arnt a lot of elvis fans here - RecklessGreed

50 Rock On - Michael Damian
51 Havana Affair - Red Hot Chili Peppers
52 Whiskey In the Jar - Metallica
53 Brand New Love - Deadsy
54 With or Without You - Jackie Evancho

I wouldn't have believed it possible, but my ears say otherwise. - BobG

55 I Started a Joke - Faith No More
56 Running Up That Hill - Placebo
57 Say Something - Cheyenne Jackson and Jackie Evancho

Their marvelous duet from Jackie's PBS special "Awakening - In Concert".

58 Angel of Death - Gamma Ray

Thin Lizzy cover - just awesome. - Metal_Treasure

59 Don't Stop Believing - Clem Snide
60 Another Brick in the Wall - Korn
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