Top 10 Cover Songs that Change the Genre of the Original

This list is about covers that offer interesting crossovers.

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41 Thunderstruck - Hellsongs
42 The Trooper - Scott Lavender

Iron Maiden cover (classical style instrumental, on piano) - Metal_Treasure

43 Hallowed Be Thy Name - Scott Lavender

Iron Maiden cover on piano (classical style instrumental) - Metal_Treasure

44 Aces High - Scott Lavender

Iron Maiden instrumental cover on piano (classical style) - Metal_Treasure

45 Boulevard of Broken Dreams - Gregorian

Green Day in Gregorian chant style. - Metal_Treasure

46 My Immortal - Gregorian
47 Comfortably Numb - Gregorian
48 Losing My Religion - Gregorian
49 Maniac - Firewind

Disco went metal (Maniac was on the Flashdance movie soundrtack) - Metal_Treasure

50 Lay All Your Love on Me - Avantasia

ABBA (gentle) metal cover - Metal_Treasure

51 Larger Than Life - Paragon

Backstreet Boys went metal - Metal_Treasure

52 Saturday Nights Alright - Flotsam and Jetsam

Sir Elton John sounds heavier than ever. - Metal_Treasure

53 Beat It - Raintime
54 Waterloo - Nation

ABBA rock/metal cover - Metal_Treasure

55 You Should Be Dancing - Tragedy

Bee Gees rock/metal cover - Metal_Treasure

56 La Isla Bonita - Twilight Guardians

Madonna metal cover - Metal_Treasure

57 S.O.S. - At Vance

ABBA rock/metal cover - Metal_Treasure

58 It's a Sin - Gamma Ray

Pet Shop Boys metal cover. - Metal_Treasure

59 Ghostbusters - Xentrix

Metal version of the hit song - Metal_Treasure

60 Voulez Vous - Time Requiem

ABBA metal cover - one of my favorite. The cover song sounds like power metal. - Metal_Treasure

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