Cover Songs Most People Think are the Originals

Sometimes a cover is so good or so well known that you forget it's a cover.

The Top Ten

1 "Twist and Shout" - The Beatles - written by Phil Medley and Bert Berns
2 "Sailing" - Rod Stewart - written by the Sutherland Brothers
3 "Whole Lotta Love" - Led Zeppelin - written by Hudy Ledbetter
4 "All Along the Watchtower" - Jimi Hendrix - written by Bob Dylan
5 "Come On" - Rolling Stones - written by Chuck Berry
6 "I Will Always Love You" - Whitney Houston - written by Dolly Parton

I had no idea it was a cover. - 3DG20

7 "You Really Got Me" - Van Halen - written by Ray and Dave Davis

Everyone knows the original better. - JoLeKosovo

8 "Proud Mary" - Tina Turner - written by John Fogerty
9 "Where Did You Sleep Last Night" - Nirvana - written by Hudy Ledbetter
10 "Nothing Compares To U" - Sinaid O' Connor - written by Prince

The Contenders

11 "the Ports of Amsterdam" - David Bowie - Written by Jaques Brell
12 "Tainted Love" - Soft Cell - Written by Ed Cobb and Performed by Gloria Jones
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