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41 Mr. Crowley - Cradle of Filth
42 The Beautiful People - The Bosshoss

Originally by Marilyn Manson.

The BossHoss are a popular German country rock band who, next to their original songs, are known to adapt popular songs that are most different to their country style. Their breakthrough was a cover of Outkast's "Hey Ya! ", but I think the biggest genre transformation can be found on their 2015 cover of "The Beautiful People".

I have no idea what Americans would think of The BossHoss. They try to sing with a thick Texas accent, to the Germany it perfectly works, but I wonder if Americans would think that's awkward to hear Germans do that (they sing in English). And their entire gimmick is based on western movies, which is something the Germans love. Country is barely successful over here, there's pretty much only Taylor Swift (who in the meantime switched to pop and is usually seen as a pop star over here), Amy MacDonald and The BossHoss. The BossHoss are arguably the most popular of the genre here (apart from the legend that is Johnny Cash). - Martin_Canine

43 Rock Me Amadeus - Die Toten Hosen

Originally by Falco

You probably know what I think of this song's original version. It would be a great bubblegum pop song but I don't like it as much because non-Austrians judge Falco, an artist who was an intense personality and had equally intense music, simply by this one song that does not authentically reflect him. In fact, when he first appeared, many radio stations refused to play him initially because of his controversial lyrics and his overall strange way of performing. His first single "Ganz Wien" was entirely and explicitly about drug consume.
Now, the punk band Die Toten Hosen are one of the most acclaimed and loved German bands ever, and on their 30 year anniversary they released a cover album to honor artists that inspired them. It also includes a cover of Falco's international hit "Rock Me Amadeus", of course switched to a punk rock style, and may I say even if it would have never become such a cult classic in this version, this cover does more justice to ...more - Martin_Canine

44 Moonlight Shadow - Missing Heart

Originally by Mike Oldfield

I often state the original "Moonlight Shadow" as my favorite song out of all. But in fact it's a tie with Missing Heart's version. Oldfield's song is very folk-ish and sounds very organic, Missing Heart's version sounds mysterious and dream-like, even though more dancable due to the soft techno-ish beat. In fact, I discovered this song through its Missing Heart cover. When I was around 12, I stumbled upon the short lived group's only album through YouTube and immediately fell in love with it (that was in 2008, sound quality wasn't all that great). It shows how techno music needn't be just club anthems, but the feeling's more alike New Age music. I never owned the album though. Since it barely sold at all and the group quickly disbanded, they album's CD is extremely rare and a used copy costs hundreds of euros, and it never was available for download - until in 2017. Yes, it finally arrived at the iTunes store. For the first time in the 9 years I know ...more - Martin_Canine

45 Black Night - Deicide

Deep Purple song sounds very extreme in this rendition. Couldn't recognize it. - Metal_Treasure

46 Seasons in the Abyss - Hellsongs

A Slayer cover than sounds like a completely different song - different genre, tone, instrumentation, vocals, speed, etc. But the cover still sounds like a very good song, in my opinion. - Metal_Treasure

47 The Trooper - Hellsongs

Iron Maiden cover. Again, they changed the genre, tone, instrumentation, vocals, speed, and so on. - Metal_Treasure

48 Thunderstruck - Hellsongs

Unrecognizable AC/DC cover. - Metal_Treasure

49 Gates of Babylon - Flametal

Rainbow instrumental cover on flamenco guitars (Ben Woods). I think it's very unique and beautiful. - Metal_Treasure

50 I Am a Viking - Flametal

Yngwie J. Malmsteen cover on flamenco guitars. - Metal_Treasure

51 Sails of Charon - Flametal

Flamenco style cover of the Scorpions cult song originally released in 1977. Original is my favorite song by the Scorpions because of that long guitar intro with a solo in the intro.
I also like the Flametal cover. - Metal_Treasure

52 Hello - Northern Kings

Lionel Richie cover. The original is a well known ballad of the 80s.
Jarkko Ahola version is a fast rock / metal song. I like both versions. - Metal_Treasure

53 Paranoid - Type O Negative

The original is barley above 2 minutes while this cover is above 7 minutes and it does sound very different it even includes the Iron Man Riff into this song - christangrant

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